Tiki bar coloring pages

Nov 03 2019

Prior to Don Beach opening his first tiki bar, during the 1920s South Pacific influenced dreams of escapism had started to become more prevalent in American music and popular culture. The “kitschy” Clifton’s Cafeteria opened in 1931 with some elements that today could be viewed as part of “tiki-like” thematics (indoor gardens with exotic travel themes), labeled by Tiki historian Sven Kirsten as pre-tiki and part of the “birth of Polynesian pop”. In 1939 Clifton’s Pacific Seas was remodeled to a full blown exotic setting and decorated with 12 waterfalls, volcanic rock, and tropical foliage. The original restaurant was demolished, but a much smaller version in the form of a side-room bar named the Pacific Seas resides at a different Clifton’s location.

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