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Welcome to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis tallassee tn adult personals a Black Left perspective. Coming up: The old Year,laid bare the fundamental contradictions of capitalism. And, U. Coalition chairman Omali Yeshitela says the Covid epidemic and economic breakdown have exposed the United States as a power in decline. Four years ago, Ajamu Baraka ran for vice president on the Green Party ticket. He then formed the Black Alliance for Peace, which has taken the lead in demanding the dismantling of the U.

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Welcome to the radio magazine that brings you news, commentary and analysis from a Black Left perspective.

Real gastonia prostitutes

Coming up: The old Year,laid bare the fundamental contradictions of capitalism. And, U. Coalition chairman Omali Yeshitela says the Covid epidemic and economic breakdown have exposed the United States as a power in decline. Four years ago, Rezl Baraka ran for vice president on the Green Party ticket.

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He then formed the Black Alliance for Peace, the west personals has taken the lead in demanding the dismantling of the U. Military Command in Africa and an end to the police occupation of Black communities in the United States. Baraka was recently interviewed by Dr. Military Command escorts in toowoomba Africa that was created by the George Bush administration but vastly expanded under President Obama.

Coming up: hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from Covid, and the U. A new book prostitutfs the vast differences in how the two social systems performed during the contagion. And, major league baseball prostitufes it is embracing the old Negro leagues. Before the end of white minority rule, South Africa was a world leader in mass incarceration, prosritutes with the Soviet Union and the United States.

Clark says South Africa continues to hold that dubious distinction. Sara Flounders says the real loser, is late stage capitalism.

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Major League baseball has finally agreed to recognize the contributions to the so-called national past-time by the Negro baseball leagues, back in the time of segregation. The historically white franchises are now, in a sense, taking ownership of the Black baseball teams that they once excluded. Is that a good thing? Coming up: The post-colonial regime in Zimbabwe was determined to, ts escorts in chicago, keep Gatsonia women in their place.

And, a new book details how sex was a leading item of political discussion among anti-colonial activists in the Dutch West Indies. But first -- Before famed Black Power advocate Stokely Carmichael changed his name to Kwame Ture, he made a big impression on freedom organizations in Africa — some of it good, some not so favorable.

Real gastonia prostitutes

Back inCarmichael proetitutes part in several conferences on the continent, and offered a critique of prrostitutes the Black Liberation movement was going on the continent. Toivi Asheeke is a post-doctoral fellow in the sociology department at Vassar College. Mudiwa is a native of Zimbabwe, reno escorts young is critical of how the Black government that replaced white ik escorts treated Black women.

Coming up: It is now widely accepted that Black Americans are owed a debt for hundreds of years of slavery and racial oppression.

A vibrant cultural scene is taking shape in charlotte's misunderstood neighbor. no, seriously.

But, can Reparations be a distraction from the work of Black liberation that needs to gzstonia done? And, how prostitutes redcliffe you defund the police in a city like Baltimore, unless you can gaastonia assure the Black community that other ways can be found to deal with violence and crime?

Wilcox believes that corporate Democrats are, in some ways, more dangerous than overt white supremacists. Kent-Smith has a particular interest in the question of Reparations new napa latina escorts Black Americans. In the early stages of the Democratic presidential primaries, a of candidates endorsed the principle of Black Reparations.

Prostitutew, does that mean the issue has become mainstreamed? He was a pgostitutes guest on Dr. Coming up: New and updated terms have entered the vocabulary of Black liberation. But first -- A globally important webinar on U. Far-Eye currently lives in Great Britain, a country where, like the United States, most people are not even aware that the greatest genocide since World War Two is still unfolding in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We talked with Prlstitutes. Powell about the relevance of Racial Realism and Afropessimism. Brazil is home to the biggest Black population in the world outside of Nigeria, yet Blacks wield very little institutional power. Most recently, Professor Montero immersed herself in the Quilombos of Brazil, autonomous settlements established to escape slavery and ongoing oppression of Black and indigenous people.

Colin Kaepernick demands freedom for Mumia Abu Fun and everett seeking same.

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And, a forme r political prisoner is briefly jailed for registering to vote. One of those that spoke was Netfa Freeman, an organizer with Pan-African Community Action, which is pushing for community control of the police. Freeman says police are a militarized force of oppression. He told the Bowie State University panel that we need to eeal a national front of organizations, all demanding Community Control of Police.

Former Black Panther Jalil Muntaqim spent 49 years in prison until he was released on parole escorts norfolk county ab October. When Muntaqim returned to his family home in Rochester, New York, he registered prostitutea vote—a mistake for which he was briefly jailed. Coming up: What happened when radical Black protesters found themselves surrounded by mostly white Democrats, in Washington, when the media announced that Donald Trump had lost the election.

But first — the corporate press has labeled virtually all Black protests as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, but the reality is that many organizations have taken to the streets against racism and the rule of the rich. Wherever white supremacy has established itself, mixed race women have been used as symbolic weapons in maintaining racial oppression.

Two of our guests say most emphatically, NO. How can the grassroots Black movement for social justice bring real power for Black people? But first — Laura escort norwich Biden and Kamala Harris pulled off a cliff-hanger victory over Donald Trump, last week, largely on the strength of Black voters.

We spoke with Dr. Lang predicts that a Joe Biden administration will also try to co-opt and confuse the Black movement.

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The Black Lives Matter movement has spawned a of political currents during its brief history. He wrote an article for Black Agenda Report on Black health. The South American nation of Argentina, like the United States, was founded on the dead bodies of native peoples and the labor of Black slaves. But, for centuries Argentinians have pretended social escort jobs in cathedral city its Black population had died off.

Erika Edwards has written a book that explains how Black Argentinians are resisting being written out of history. Coming up: In most nations in Africa, queer sex is against the law. Blackness is seen differently in the United States than in Latin America. But, as our guest explains, Blacks are at the bottom of the hierchy in both cultures. And, Mumia Abu Jamal has some thoughts on the elections.

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But first — ever since the Black rebellion in Ferguson, Missouri, the age-old debate over revolution versus reform has been raging. Dylan Rodriguez is professor of media and cultural studies at prosittutes University of California, at Riverside. Rodrizuez says reformism is just another form of counterinsurgency. Black people are at the bottom of the social and economic prosgitutes in both North and South America. Jo-meera Salas, a doctoral candidate in sociology at Rutgers University, has written an article that argues on the different ways that Blackness is experienced in the Latin America, versus the United Perth storm escort. In terms of the law, Africa may be the continent most hostile to queer folks.

Thirty of its nations have laws against homosexuality.

Coming up: Millions of young people in the United Personal ads cardiff now see themselves as agents prosittutes transformational change, and one of the best places to begin is by studying Malcolm X. And, white nationalist militias seem to feel right at home in western North Carolina. A young activist from Gastonia says the whole country needs to undergo a process of DE-white supremafication.

But first — the world is reeling from the double whammy of Covid pandemic and a global economic depression. gastpnia

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The crisis has created an historic opportunity for the super-rich to massively restructure capitalist economies in ways that spell disaster for poor and working people. The Black Radical Tradition has always emphasized that Black American liberation is part of a global struggle. Desmond Fonseca is a doctoral student of history at the University of California who has lately been immersing himself in the study of Malcolm X.

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