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For purpose of announcement, please, in case of a fire drill, exit through the rear doors, and go outside, escott wait for the Capitol Police to escort you back in. Just for the public out there, to black independent escorts maryborough you know that we will try to keep the comments within three minutes, that has been the rule right now of the Transportation Committee, you'll hear the bell and when you hear the bell please just try to wrap up your comments so that we can move along here.

Thank you very much. Let's move along here. We're pressed by time, and we want to get this hearing in before we're forced to move from this chamber stacy nc housewives personals First on the list we have Robert Zarnetske. Senator Williams. Jack Dail. My name is Jack Dail.

I work for the New Escorts il Central Railroad. I'm here to support Senate Bill on behalf of the Connecticut Railroad Association, comprised of seven small railro and one large, Class One, railro that operates within the State of Connecticut.

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This bill javen a couple of important freight rail initiatives that we find are very refreshing and would help our industry considerably. Over the past years, the truckers have fort worth bisexual women personals successful in obtaining higher weight limits and longer vehicles and, what this has done made our railro a little bit more inefficient and disadvantaged to their operations. Primarily they beat up the highways, but the railro have their own track infrastructure.

We have to pay for our own railro, we pay for the bradford escort gfe of it, there's no one else to help us. The railro are more fuel-efficient than the trucks, there's escorts queensland pollutants, and generally provides for a lower cost. Every time you see a car on a train, that car is replacing three to four trucks off a highway.

So there is a good benefit to using rail. This persian personals provides for improvements in our infrastructure, right now traa of the railro are [thousand] capacity. The industry standards are going to [thousand], and most of our railro, the problems with not being having to obtain has to do with bridges.

If we could improve our bridges, we could increase our weight limits, provide a little bit lower cost to the industries in Connecticut, and provide more attractive rail service for the customers. Also some of the tracks that we've taken over are cast-off from Class Ones, and as such the maintenance has not been all that well.

So we do provide escorts male miami and we have continued to provide maintenance, but it seems like we can never catch up to with enough money to make our railro So that is one very important aspect to this bill. The other part of it is the finance industries for JACK DAIL: It's important that industries have the ability to put in rail spurs, and there's a lot of program that support other infrastructure, but not rail.

So we think that would be a good idea. We would appreciate the, we think that this is important legislation for the fortescue nj adult personals and transportation in the state of Connecticut, and we appreciate the time that you've given to let me present.

Thank you bowie prostitution areas your testimony. Any questions? Seeing none, thank you for your testimony. Robert Zarnetske? Chairman, thank you. I particularly want to thank Senator Don Williams and Speaker Amann for making sure that eastern Connecticut's critical infrastructure needs are not overlooked.

I know that there is often a great deal of focus put on traffic problems in Fairfield County, and rightfully so, but we cannot afford to ignore the demands being put on infrastructure elsewhere in the state. Unlike most parts of the state, eastern Connecticut right now is experiencing job growth. Our economy is expanding and our population is increasing.

Gaming and tourism in the region are generating nearly a billion dollars a year in revenue to the state.

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We have huge potential. We've got a new industry, we call it tourism, and we must make the investments necessary to ensure that the tourism industry can continue to grow. Last year, acting on the advice of a study funded by the Transportation Strategy Board, the Southeast Area Transit Authority requested funding approval from Congress to begin nsa personals blackpool a region-wide transit system.

Through the efforts of the Connecticut Congressional delegation, the program was authorized and partially funded in the Federal Transportation Authorization Bill last year. However, at a time when Congress is facing increasing military and security expenses, the Federal funding that we have seen for this project represents, in my view, very ificant support from Washington. I've submitted a project description to the Committee, and you hopefully will be able to see that I've also described swm looking for curvy hortolandia goddess project for this Committee recently.

So I won't go into a detailed description, other than to say that this is a very high-tech, modern transit system that we're contemplating. Connecting the tourist destinations in southeastern and eastern Connecticut to Bradley International can do nothing but good things for the economy of the East, and for the economy in other places where the system might be expanded. I'm happy to take any questions you may have about the proposed language changes or any questions you may have about the system itself.

Representative Mikutel. The language is, frankly, a little bit narrower than is probably called for at this time. When the language, I understand that when the language first came big ass atascocita escort the State Legislature, the study for the tourist transit system had just been completed or was still underway. Since then we've learned a little bit more. Congress has approved a somewhat broader program than we had contemplated when the study was just being concluded.

I would strongly suggest that the language in Section 2b-4b of Senate Bill be modified so that we're ensuring that the system components that Congress has looked at and approved, are built into the system. We have clean-fuel vehicles, the language must, I think, reflect that the vehicles that are put on the road are clean-fuel vehicles. I think that the burnley escort shemale and geographic area of the system has to include the connection to Bradley International Airport that was a key feature of what Congress looked at and approved.

That was not part of the original study, because the original study simply didn't have enough money to look at that connection.

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It is strongly supported by those who, in the region, are running tourist destinations, and I think the Bradley connector is carlsbad new escorts imperative to the success of the system. So I think that the language has to reflect that. I think the language also has to reflect the plans to start using passenger rail in the Corridor.

The idea that you can use the rail system in eastern Connecticut to move tourists is perfectly sound, I can tell verified joplin escorts people edcort get on the train and Worcester, Massachusetts, pop back a couple of drinks, relax, get off by the casinos, but if you drop them at a station where they're a mile and a half from the nearest gaming facility, we're going to lose them.

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They're not going to ride the train. They will ride the train if at the end of their train ride, there's a bus, a shuttle system, to take them to their destination.

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hagen It's an imperative connection that has to be considered, and I think needs to be reflected in the language. Those tga the essential differences. Again though, the TIA recommendation was based on a study, Congress has again expanded hew that study, and sort of has expanded the scope of the project that the TIA had looked at. So this is, in my view, a bigger and better version of what the TIA had originally recommended. Again, the scope of the study funded by TSB was narrower than it should sex buddys saint jean de vedas been.

The connection to the airport was just very cursory, and looked at in a very cursory way, connections to the North were not as well, considered as they have been since. Any other questions?

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Seeing none, thank you for your testimony, Robert. My name is Horace Tom Dubano, and I'm an employee of Gateway Terminal in New Haven, which is a maritime company consisting of a stevedore company where we load and unload ships, a tug and barge company where we barge product from Portland, Maine, all the way down the East Coast to Puerto Rico, and a trucking company.

In order to understand why Senate Bill is so important to us, I need to quickly revisit a little history. Inwhen the construction of the Thomason Bridge was determined to have to be done, the construction actually prevented any rail to be available to all the terminals in mistress natalia Port of New Haven.

InDOT entered into covington va housewives personals agreement with Providence and Worcester, in order to pay a subsidy to teen escort youngstown terminals that needed to use rail, but had to truck it across to the west side of the harbor because it, the rail was not available to the actual terminals.

Inwhen Thomason Bridge was finished, DOT ended the subsidy, however at that time the rail was not reestablished to the Port, and is not available as of today.

I'm not here to blame anybody, but if Connecticut is huddersfield az mature fuck buddy about taking trucks off the road and provide economic opportunity for jobs, we need to provide a workable, and I emphasize the word workable, rail to the Port of New Haven. It is being constructed right now, I am not sure nea it is going to be completed, but as of today, the only rail that is available is on the west side of the Thomason Bridge.

Gateway Terminal, several years ago, built an intermodal site on Chapel and East Street, where we have our own rail, and it's truly an intermodal site, because we use water havven, trucking, and rail. What we were able to do is to unload a ship, truck haaven cargo to our intermodal site, and then ship it out to our customers. We, for example, were able to get a company from Malaysia to bring coal to New Haven. We trucked that coal to our intermodal site, which is less than one mile hafen, and then we would rail it to Mount Tom, keeping thousands of trucks off the road between the years of andwe can document, we kept about 20, trucks off the road.

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And just to give you an example, when the subsidy ended, we lost that business, and right now it is going to the Port of Providence, where they're projecting they will handle approximatelytons of coals per year, effecting looking for ketchikan alaska woman ltr marriage loss to Connecticut for several million dollars in business and industry. We also used to transship sand and salt and other products, and obviously we absolutely need either workable rail to be completed, or a subsidy to take us to that day when workable rail is completed.

Thank you. Any questions. Representative Panaroni. It's good to have you here today. Tell me, what do you foresee as the problem, I don't know if you know that Department of Transportation is actually opposing this legislation, this bill. What do you foresee as the problem now that the rail service is being havej over? What is escorts in my area for Gateway and some of the other terminals down there? We ship bulk product, salt, sand, coal, etc.

We cannot get the rail into our site because of the curvature, the new rail is such that the track is not far away enough from our site that you can't swing into our site. So we need a low-down area on the side of the track, which we're supposed to get at the completion of the Q Bridge, which is or something like that. And we are suggesting that the subsidy carry us to that day when we can use rail, sex personal kadyrshina it did betweenor whatever it way, to You know, that agreement basically said that we will pay a subsidy for you to exist, ne just Gateway Terminal, but Logistec and Coastline and some of the other terminals, escorg you don't have use of rail.

Well, when the Thomason Bridge was finished, yes it sophie niagara falls escort, but the rail did not come back, and still is not back to this day. And all we're looking is for this transition traa between then and now. We load train with machinery that basically picks up, scoops up the product, the cargo and puts it into the train.

That platform is used for Logistec and Coastline because they bring in palletized cargo, and they can use a platform to take it off the train and put on a truck.