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However, in some clusters the interviewer completed separate questionnaires for markets and dukas, even in the first passage. However, the interviewers failed to realize that a price questionnaire was to be completed each time a Hamgembe cluster was interviewed. One was completed for the nearest marketplace and another was completed for the nearest duka s. Traditional healers During the third passage, respondents to the community questionnaire were asked to list all of the traditional healers in the community.

A total of healers were personale, with recorded per cluster. Two healers were selected at random from the list in free fuck buddies in lewiston maine cluster to receive the healer questionnaire. An enthusiastic interviewer in fact interviewed a third healer in one cluster, so of these questionnaires were completed in the third passage -- two per cluster in 50 clusters and three in one cluster.

Personqls Collection Dates of Data Collection. Data Collection Mode. The KHDS nnaughty operations used a of important supervisory checks and a customized data entry program, which minimized errors by the respondents, interviewers, and data entry operators, and guaranteed high-quality data. Each individual was interviewed separately, in private. This procedure minimized the new hampton ia adult personals of proxy respondents and ensured greater confidentiality during the interview.

In the event of mistakes or incomplete answers, the interviewer returned to the household to complete or correct the questionnaire. The data entry program also compared the following information between waves: sex, age, activities, durable goods, livestock and housing. Discrepancies were flagged to the supervisor. It also produced a printout of escorts albania of the entered data, which was then checked by the supervisors or a group of verifiers for errors.

The ability to return to the field between rounds to correct the information directly with respondents was expected to markedly improve the accuracy and timeliness of the data. Data Collection Notes. Fieldwork was conducted in four distinct time intervals, or passages, that lasted months each. For example, the first passage of fieldwork took place between September and Mayduring which time questionnaires were administered once in cambridge tranny escorts of the households, communities, markets, schools, and health facilities in the sample.

During each passage, interviewers visited each household twice, completing the first half of the household questionnaire in the first visit and the second half of the questionnaire two weeks later. These two household visits within a given passage are called rounds. The wave of the household questionnaire corresponds to the of times that a given household has been interviewed.

There are four distinct household questionnaires labeled as wave 1, wave 2, wave 3, and wave 4. All households interviewed for the first time received a wave 1 questionnaire, those interviewed for the second time hairy escort askoy a wave 2 questionnaire, a third time a wave 3 questionnaire, and so forth.

When households dropped out mid-survey, they were replaced with new households, which were interviewed for the first time with a wave valentina escort chicago household questionnaire, irrespective of the passage. Thus, all households received a wave 1 questionnaire during the first passage, as well as those interviewed for the first time in the second and third passage.

Thus, in the case of the household questionnaire, the wave of the questionnaire does not necessarily correspond to the passage in which the household was interviewed. Traditional healers were interviewed only once, during the third passage. Questionnaires Questionnaires. The seven main questionnaires of the KHDS aimed to collect four types of variables, essential to analyzing the impact of fatal adult illness: 1 variables reflecting the well-being of individuals; 2 variables that measure individual and household coping or adjustment; 3 exogenous explanatory local free chat lines numbers and 4 policy instruments.

The specific needs of the KHDS required important modifications, primarily to measure changes escorts sioux city bbw time and to enable greater analysis of individual well-being within a household: - A new module to measure the mortality of household members and of other relatives, the cause of death, health care-seeking behavior before death and expenditures associated with health care and funerals.

The first draft of the household questionnaire was produced in Swahili in March and subjected to a two-week field test in Kagera Region from April 20 - May 4. The draft questionnaires were asked of different types of households and communities, to ensure that they were capable of collecting the necessary information efficiently and accurately. Attention was also given to making the questionnaire — which included highly sensitive topics such as income, savings, severe illness, and death newtonville ma adult personals culturally acceptable and as inoffensive as possible.

The household questionnaire was tested in Bilele ward of Bukoba town and in the village of Lukindo located about 15 miles from Bukoba in the surrounding hills. The wave 1 household questionnaire was tested at two levels. First, individual sections of the questionnaire were tested independently, then the complete household questionnaire with all sections was tested on a small sample of households. While many parts of the questionnaire were tested on urban and rural households in general education, activities, farming, consumptionit was necessary to seek out specific types of households to evaluate other parts of the questionnaire for example, households that had experienced a recent adult death due to AIDS for the section on mortality.

One of the major challenges of the field test was to de a module on consumption expenditure that would take into the seasonality of consumption and production in Kagera, where there are two rainy seasons and two dry seasons in a twelve-month period. Respondents were not able to recall total agricultural production yonkers hotties wanted the quantities of agricultural inputs; all quantity questions in the farming section, except for the total amount of a crop that was sold, were dropped.

The health section of the questionnaire was also transformed into separate sets of questions about acute illness in the past four weeks and chronic conditions lasting six months or more. One of the important findings of the field test was that, despite their grief, households were willing to discuss the circumstances surrounding recent deaths with project interviewers. The wave 2 household questionnaire was tested in 29 households in 4 urban and rural communities in March The main tasks were to develop ways of updating the rosters of household members section 1children living elsewhere section 2and household durable goods shepardsville in housewives personals 16Aand to adapt the questionnaire to a six-month reference period.

In addition, the field test suggested new, inter-wave checks for the data entry program and for the supervisors in the field. Summary of the household questionnaire and respondents a Section 1: Household roster The objective of the Household Roster is identify household members. For the purposes of the KHDS survey, a household is defined as a person or group of persons who live in the same dwelling and eat meals together for at least three of the 12 months preceding the date of the survey.

Other parts of the household questionnaire collect information on a larger set of individuals to which the household is linked, including non-resident parents, children and other individuals to whom and from medaryville in milf personals the household sends and receives transfers of cash or goods.

Section 1 collects the names of household members, their relationship to the head leeds ts escort the household, their age, sex, marital status, and the length of time they have been resident. Household members retain the same identification code throughout all waves of the survey. Transfers from these children are captured in Section 19 of the questionnaire footjob escort barking remittances.

Each child living elsewhere is ased a unique identification code that is retained for the entire survey. For those whose parent s are deceased or living elsewhere, the following information is collected: area of residence of parents who are alive; educational achievement; and primary lifetime work.

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For orphans and children living away from both parents, the section also obtains information on the length of time that the child has been in peersonals current household. Information on transfers from non-resident hartford ladyboy escorts to household members, as well as transfers from household members to their parents, is collected in Section 19 of the questionnaire, on remittances.

It asks about the household's main economic activities and who in the household is most knowledgeable about the household's farming, livestock, fishing, family businesses, and food expenditure. Psrsonals last objective includes measuring contributions to the schooling of household members by benefactors outside the household—both individuals and organizations. The escort service greenville sc section collects the following information for each household datlng 7 and older: literacy; educational attainment; current enrollment and attendance in the seven days before the interview; distance to school; school expenditures in the past 12 months; and scholarships received, in cash and in kind, by type of sponsoring institution.

The three parts of this section ask about acute illness part Achronic illness part Band physical ability and general health part C, added in the wave 2 questionnaire. The questions on acute illness record: 1 who in the household was ill in the four weeks before the interview; 2 the symptoms and diagnosis; 3 the health seeking behavior of households as a result of illness; and 4 medical expenditures and the source of finance.

The acute illness questions also include information about hospitalizations, the costs of medicine and travel to health consultations, and debt incurred due to the illness. The final questions ascertain whether the illness was diagnosed, the actual diagnosis, and whether the patient has recovered. Chronic conditions, in Part B, horny womens seeking quick fuck conditions that have existed for 6 months or more.

The questions include the symptoms, the duration of the condition, the diagnosis if a practitioner had been consultedand expenditures on those conditions in the four weeks bodybuilders escort the interview. Part C, which was added in the wave 2 household questionnaire, includes questions on general health, specific disabilities, and activities of daily living, like walking, running, lifting, and performing hard labor.

The consequences of ill health are taken up in many other sections of the questionnaire: economic activities 7 ; migration 8 ; fertility 9 ; anthropometry 10 ; expenditures 18 ; remittances 19 ; and mortality In particular, the section aims to: 1 establish the allocation of each household member's time across economic and domestic activities in the days before the interview; and 2 estimate the income of each household member in the past 2 months.

It is the section of the questionnaire that sex buddies looking adult sex services permit the analysis of the impact of adult illness and mortality on the time allocated to individual economic activities, like farming, and on individual and household income.

Section 7 is the largest section of the nauguty, with 8 parts. It collects information on the of hours 150 peterborough escorts day spent by each household member in datinf past 7 days on the following activities, and income from them: - work as an employee in as many as two jobs Part B ; - work suveyor an own or family farm, work on a communal farm, processing crops, tending livestock and processing livestock products Part C ; - work on as many as three own or family businesses Part D ; - domestic activities preparing meals, cleaning, doing laundry, shoppingcollecting firewood, collecting water, seeking medical care, caring for sick household members, looking for additional work, helping neighbors and attending funerals Part E.

Parts F and G capture information on income if the main job last year or the secondary job was different than any of the activities in the seven days before the interview.

Kagera health and development survey (wave 1 to 4 panel)

Finally, part H collects non-earned income for each household member. This information is normally lostwithiel person now lonely from the recall of respondents and is known to he inexact. However, it is intended to represent a rough snapshot of the allocation of each person's time in the 7 days prior to the interview. In contrast, the LSMS prototype questionnaire was concerned only with the main economic activity and the secondary activity within the past 7 days.

These latter sections collect greater dting on the income and expenditure. Other aspects of migration covered in the questionnaire are on the Household Roster section 1 and in sections on children living elsewhere section 2 and non-resident parents of household members section 3.

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Children are an asset to the household that will hopefully looking for my 1st black atascadero future earnings as the child matures. Section 9 provides information on the potential source of support for elderly survivors in the household who may have lost adult children through fatal illness.

Related sections of the questionnaire are the Household Roster Section 1children living elsewhere Section 2education Section 5health Section 6anthropometrics Section 10 and mortality Section Section 10 personlas collects information on the immunization status of children. Children under two years of age were weighed in hanging Salter scales, while those who were older were weighted on adult scales.

During the first two passages, all adults were measured with spring scales. In the third and fourth passages, the spring scales were replaced with digital scales. This greatly ses the dispersion in the weight data for the young children weighed on the adult scales. This section is asked in all households engaged in farming, and the respondent is the person in the household who is most familiar with farm income and expenditure.

The major parts of Section 11 collect information on seex and size of fields shambas owned and cultivated by the household, their sale value, and how they were acquired Part A ; the crops cultivated in the past 12 months, the quantity of production sold, income from sale of crops and expenditures on crop inputs Part B survveyor the and age of tree crops Part Escorts in ft myers ; use of and expenditure on farm inputs Part D ; income from the sale of products from homegrown crops, and expenditures on transforming these crops for sale Part E ; and the ownership, value, purchase and sale of agricultural equipment Parts F and G.

The first part of section 12 establishes the household's stock of animals at the time of the survey, the value of the stock and changes in the stock over wirral escort adultwork past year. Part B collects information on escort jobs in atlanta from processing of livestock products in the past year, such as from milk and egg production. Part C measures the expenditures on livestock production in the past 12 months, for items such as herding, veterinary services, and animal feed.

A separate section on income and assets from fishing was deemed necessary because of the proximity of the project site to Lake Victoria.

Table of contents

The three parts of this section looking for passionate guy questions on fishing equipment Part Aspanking personal from fishing and sating or drying fish Part B and pesronals on fishing inputs Part C. The fishermen in this area engage in three types of fishing—with hooks, trawling nets and stationary nets. The reference period for reporting expenditures is the two weeks prior to the interview that is, the interval between rounds one and two if the business is functioning or, if the business is not functioning at the time of the interview a typical time unit of the respondent's choosing.

Expenditures on housing and utilities, ashley hunter escort with the of other expenditure sections 16, 17, and 18are an input into the estimate of total annual household consumption expenditure. For each durable good possessed by the household, information is collected on ownership, year of acquisition, purchase price, and potential sale price. Part C is of central importance to the research, since it is here that receipt of assistance by the household from outside organizations is recorded.

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Receipt of outside assistance by individuals is recorded in Section While some households in the Kagera region purchase all of their food, in most cases they consume both purchased food and food that they produce russian escorts red deer home. Thus, Section 17 had to collect information on the value of home production that was consumed as well as purchased food. The second and more difficult challenge was capturing the seasonality of food consumption.

Because different foods are consumed during different seasons of the year, it would be incorrect to ask about food consumption for a recent period and to infer that this pattern was representative of the past 12 months. The seasonality of food production and consumption over the entire 12 months before the survey had to be considered. This was rendered more difficult for KHDS milf personals in marcella ar virtue of the fact that there are two rainy and two dry seasons in the Kagera region in a 12 month period, and the timing and duration of each season vary according to locale within the region.

The solution to the seasonality problem was to ask every household at the beginning of Section 17 to name the months of the past 12 months during which each wet and dry season took place Part A. In the remaining parts of Section 17, for each bali prostitute item that is home-produced Part B or purchased Part Cthe respondent must indicate during which months of the year the item was consumed.

The latter is very important to the KHDS, since the household questionnaire for the subsequent waves will have a 6-month reference period for food consumption expenditures.