Mario party 10 coloring pages

Dec 18 2019

Mario Party 10 received generally mixed reviews from critics, earning aggregate scores of 66/100 from Metacritic. Critics praised the graphics and minigames, but had complaints towards the linear boards and luck-based gameplay. Bowser Party was praised for being fun with friends and making good use of the GamePad, but Amiibo Party was criticized for having dull boards and the requirement for the player to touch their Amiibo to the GamePad every time they needed to make any sort of selection. Samuel Claiborn of IGN gave it a 6. 5 out of 10, saying that it “carries over some bad ideas from Mario Party 9 that continue to deflate the fun. ” Andre Segers of GameXplain gave the game a “Meh” rating, calling the Mario Party mode “completely random and arbitrary” and stating that Bowser Party grows repetitive quickly due to the small amount of minigames and it only being playable on three boards. He compared it unfavorably to previous games in the series. Mark Walton of GameSpot gave Mario Party 10 a score of 6 out of 10 with his main complaint being it is too familiar to past games. He felt the game lacks lasting appeal and wears thin quickly. “Despite the Amiibo additions and GamePad Bowser games, as well as a delightfully bright and colourful aesthetic, it’s hard to ignore just how similar this game is to its predecessors. But even if you could overlook it, the fact remains that even with some fun minigames in tow and a good group of friends to enjoy it with, Mario Party 10 just doesn’t have the depth or the challenge to hold your attention for long. ”

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