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It's AAC, a compressed format. But converting it properly not decompressing is impossible I guess if you want to edit it with Audacity or whatever.

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It's AAC, a compressed format. But converting it properly not decompressing is impossible I guess if you want to edit it with Audacity or whatever.

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The way I'm doing it currently is running a line out of my ipod headphone jack into my computers joliet illinois ca sex personals jack in the back then re-recording it with Audacity. Getting iTunes to offer the option of converting to.

If you click that and set "Import using" to "WAV encoder" you will then be able to right-click the recording and say "Convert to wav". Wasn't that fun? But that can get you stealth compression problems later. We had one poster delivering reasonable quality music shows to a radio station from MP3 music downlo.

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Everything was more or less OK until the station tried to post the show as a compressed podcast. His posting was: "How to I prevent that?

M4a looking for a little fun

Surprisingly high given that the feature is labeled "Voice Memo" I would have expected no more than "telephone quality". That works out to compression.

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I suspect that there will be more flaws in the recording due to the tiny MEMS microphones in the IPOD assuming you have one of the newer ones than from the compression, and certainly converting the file directly to wav in iTunes will have fewer issues than converting to analog and then back to digital as Black Dog is doing ts seeking men. I did a quick search and did turn up a fum iOS apps that claim to do uncompressed recordings so it is possible.

I was planning on an external higher quality microphone, not the built-in one my retarded iPod doesn't have a built-in one. It may even be too old to accept sound APPs.

Many people bump into 32 as the lowest possible quality for mono recording. I do know about the iTunes ability to convert but as Koz states--still not good idea--but as 'fly' states possibily better than re-recording line-in?

M4a looking for a little fun

Will post if so. And yes there are apps!

M4a looking for a little fun

I started this thinking after korean escort in sydney my cassette deck up--line-in and recording with Audacity a little of a cassette--and it sounded pretty good--but I guess there is loss going on there as well--but with a good cassette and player to start with Pooking assume the end result although lessened in quality is not so bad--compared to the already lookking sounding 64k voice memo recordings lessened per re-recording.

Or as 'fly' mentioned, it's the digital to mono to digital[?

Mine has a "heet" connection which is stereo headphones and a desire escorts amsterdam mono microphone. Microphone sound level is stunningly lower than the output of a cassette machine and you little likely to create overload damage.

There is a street prostitutes hull problem with Windows laptops. There is bit-rate reduction -- the thing inherent in the AAC files that involves throwing away ror of the information about the sound waves that your ears generally don't notice Then there is dynamic-range compression -- what the various "compressor" filters in audacity do -- examine the waveform and ride the gain so that there is less difference between the quiet bits and the loud ones.

Since the "Voice Memo" feature is intended for just that I wouldn't be at all surprised if there was bengali escort stavanger dynamic range compression happening as m4s.

In any event, all the damage is done in the creation of the AAC. The reason everyone recommends NOT using a data-compressed format like AAC or MP3 for production is that repeated application of the data-compression will result in the errors introduced by the data compression accumulating and becoming more and more audible. There are also errors introduced anytime you convert back and forth between digital and analog.

M4a looking for a little fun

The gain will always be slightly off, analog vun will be added, unneeded anti-aliasing filtering will be applied, and likely small amounts of distortion. Repeat that process enough times and the errors will become audible as well.