Luke 5 coloring pages

Dec 17 2019

Jesus arrives at the Lake of Gennesaret, or Sea of Galilee. Biblical scholar William Smith suggests that “there was a beautiful and fertile plain called ‘Gennesaret'” at the northwestern angle of the Sea of Galilee, and “from that was derived the name of ‘Lake of Gennesaret'” used by Luke in Luke 5:1. Here Jesus proceeds to preach the “word of God” to the many listeners, using Simon’s fishing boat as a platform. Afterwards he asks the fishermen to go out fishing again. They are reluctant, as they had been unsuccessful during the night before, but following his request they catch a large load and are amazed. Jesus then calls Simon (Peter) and his partners, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, into his ministry, and says to Simon: “From now on you (singular) will be catching people”. Marvin Vincent notes that “both Matthew and Mark make the promise to be addressed to Peter and his companions; Luke to Peter alone”.

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