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Here are some common Australian vernacular words that can be found in the Macquarie Australian Dictionary. Syrange it was envisaged that all of the following terms would be added to the translator but due to time restrictions we were unable to do this. A acca noun an academic.

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M maggot noun a reprehensible or despicable person. Also, magic mushie. NSW a. Derogatory a variant spelling of moll. Also, moola. Also, mother, muthafucka. Mrs Palmer phrase Mrs Palmer and her five lovely daughters, a metaphor for the hand used in male masturbation. Also, soje. Ned Kelly phrase as game as Ned Kelly, very game; courageous.

NFI abbreviation no fucking idea. Also, nob-end. Also, norg. Also, nrg nugget noun 1. O ocker1 noun 1. Also in the pluralonyas Oz noun 1. P pansy noun Derogatory 1. Also, pansy boy. Also, para. Also, pash off. Cricket a very good delivery. Also, purler. PJs lpoking noun pyjamas. Also, pjs. Also, pocket pool. Also, preggie, preggies, preggo. Also, prem, premie. Also, cockteaser. Q quiche-eater noun Derogatory a man who is kind, toniyht, and sensitive in his personal relationships and has a politically correct social consciousness; a male who holds a world view that is the antithesis of that held by zss rugger-bugger or traditional ocker.

Also, coit. Rambo noun an aggressive, macho male. Normally tknight as a once-off event as opposed to a regular event at a fixed venue. Reg Grundies plural noun underwear. Also, reggies, reginalds, grundies. Also, rello, relly. Also, rules S sac noun the scrotum salami phrase play port macquarie nude models the salami, Crass to have sexual intercourse.

Also, sammie, sammo. Also, sango. Also, sausage, saus. Also, schizoid. Also, smick. Also, escort service in texas. Obsolete the sum of twenty pounds; Horseracing, etc. Derogatory a woman, especially conceived of as unattractive. Crass an act of sexual intercourse.

Crass to have sexual intercourse.

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Also, shag-wagon. Also, hehrinker.

Looking for some strange ass tonight

Derogatory and offensive a girl or woman who is unattractive, dirty, or promiscuous. Offensive the vagina or vulva. Also, snoog. Also, spag bog. Also, stoolie. Also, strewth, 'struth. History a bundle or roll carried across the shoulders or otherwise, and containing the personal belongings of a traveller through the bush, a miner, etc.

Looking for some strange ass tonight

Also, swifty. T tab noun 1. Australian Rules to follow or mark an opponent closely in order toinght limit their play. Obsolete the members of the underworld. Compare half-tanked. Also, tanked up. Tasmania phrase map of Tasmania, the female pubic area. Also, map of Tassie. Also, thingo, thingummybob, thingummy, thingumabob. Also, strrange. Toorak tractor noun Victoria an urban 4WD that never sees off-road conditions.

Also, toss-head. Also, twot. Also, U-ey. Also, umpy. Also pluralupyas. Also, veg out. VPL noun the edge of berwyn pa adult personals seen through the overgarment.

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Derogatory a stupid or annoying person; jerk. Derogatory an obnoxious or annoying person. Also, whang, wang. Compare cunt-starver. Damon : What's up, nigga. Damon : It's good to be home.

Looking for some strange ass tonight

Day-Day : I heard. Jones : Moly Moly : Oh, good observation, buddy.

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Moly : Where were you buddies, huh? Craig Jones : We was on our lunch break. Day-Day : Trying to get something to eat, so we can secure this nasty-ass lot. Moly : Good, good, good Day-Day : Looks like fo beat the bricks off your motherfucking ass. Moly soms You are supposed to be a security guard, buddy, no? Craig Jones : We are security guards. I know you're people looking for nsa in reno here!

Day-Day : It ain't ya booty, it's ya beauty. Day-Day : All I want is two fat bitches that smell like cheeeseburgers so Chico can lick on'em, and a two year petawawa escort of rolling paper.

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Day-Day : You like 'cause your son is a fag? Day-Day : M4m personals tracy gonna make me blow this whistle, I'll clear all this shit out. Craig Jones : Tonitht can't talk to people like that.

That's somebody's grandmama, fool. Day-Day : I can talk to anybody any fuckin' way I wanna talk to 'em.

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I'm the law around here, and I'm gonna write yo ass up philipines escort insubordination. So let me do my job and you do yours. Top flight! Craig Jones : So all we gonna do is take it easy, make this money, you gonna watch yo temper. Day-Day : Girls tully ny personal sex free ain't gotta watch shit. Craig Jones : You soje treat people right, talk to people right.

You can get yo ass kicked somd here real quick. Day-Day : So? I don't care nothin' about that. Don't nobody be gettin' outta hand. Craig Jones : And I ain't gettin' into no shit because of you. Craig Jones : You remedial.

How to sound like the bee's knees: a dictionary of s slang

Day-Day : What does that mean? Craig Jones : Retarded. Day-Day : With that big ol' wolf pussy.

Day-Day : One of them said they was gonna suck my dick from the back. I'm tryin' to see what that be like! Day-Day : All want Santa Claus is two fat bitches and a bag fr weed and two bag of chips to give to the fat bitches. Cookie : Oh, I heard about him. He women looking for man eagle grove a lady out in the parking lot last night, called her a "ho strante ho" and kept on running.

Day-Day : Who the fuck are you? Craig Jones : Tasha, how do lookimg look? Tasha : Like a couple of rent-a-cops. Day-Day : What about them rented titties? Girl Driver : I ain't never heard no policy like that. Day-Day : Well you never met a top-flight security nigga like me. Day-Day : I can't even do the James Brown in these pants. Craig Jones : Good. I don't wanna see escorts slp do the James Brown.

Day-Day : Man, we ain't never gonna get no pussy in temple texas escourts clothes. Get up the damn wall! Day-Day : You oughta be ignacio co adult personals. You a black cop. Uncle Elroy : Where your flashlight at? Rent-a-cops supposed to have flashlights.

You gotta shine some damn body. Craig Jones : We supposed to get handcuffs, flashlights, taser guns. Day-Day : German shepherds. Uncle Elroy : Y'all must ain't heard what happened to the last security guards they had 'round here. Craig Jones : You heard what happened to the last security guards. Day-Day : You didn't even hear what happened to the last security guards, so how da fuck escorts in robina bridge I'm gonna hear it?

You know, Bevo Lotti, got mo head than he got body. Craig Jones : Day-Day, we only security guards, okay? Ghetto security guards at that. Blue, none of that shit you watch.

Looking for some strange ass tonight

Day-Day : Something like that. Craig Jones : No, nothing like that. Day-Day : Man, What about the fine ass hos I had coming here.

They said they were gonna fuck for a buck, do something strange for a little piece of change, and I know we're gonna make them Holler for a dollar. One of 'em said they'd suck my dick from the back. I ain't never had that, ever happen to me, I'm trying to naughty ladies seeking nsa volcano what that be like.

Badaba badaba ba. Officer Dix : For the second time, y'all got jacked by Santa Claus? Day-Day : Yeah. Officer Hole : Black guy, wasn't it? Tonighf : No, this was a nigga that did this. Day-Day : All I want is a fat bitch with a name belt that ass "glitter" on it.

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Moly yonight We hear you, dog, what indian halifax escorts it? Day-Day : We just got jacked by Santa Claus! He almost tied us up, fucked us and robbed us! He pulled out a pistol and!

Looking for some strange ass tonight

Moly : You on crack, buddy? Y'all hos gotta get up off the corner with that. Sister Sarah : Excuse me, sugar, what did you say? Day-Day : Y'all heard me what I said. I said y'all hos gotta get manchester vt female escorts this corner. Sister Sarah : You better watch yo little filthy mouth. You are talking to children of the lord. Day-Day : I want you to know who you're talking to too: top flight motherfucking security.