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We are itaoevi to pay capping, closure and post-closure watertown personals costs for all of our landfill sites. Our obligations to pay closure or post-closure costs or other contamination-related costs may exceed the amount we have accrued and reserved and other amounts available from funds or reserves established to pay such costs.

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We estimate capping, closure and post-closure maintenance costs and establishes reserves considering the type of landfill, volumetric capacity and the density of the waste to be disposed at a particular site. Any defect or failure in judgment in connection with such assumptions could lead to substantially higher costs than anticipated.

In addition, according to Brazilian regulations, subsequent to the closure of a landfill site, we must continue to monitor and maintain the underground and surface water, leachate treatment, gas collection system, drainages and capping of closed landfills for so long as the closed site is no longer potentially harmful to the environment or the community. In order to satisfy such obligation, we are required to, among other measures, calculate and provision the expected costs associated with such activities, taking into the particular conditions, the characteristics of each landfill site and the planned future uses of the site, as well as the expected beautiful housewives seeking casual encounter reading pennsylvania of securing the perimeter of such landfill sites and maintaining the necessary on-site structures.

We cannot assure you that we will have established sufficient reserves for all potential liabilities in connection with our landfill closure activities, and we may become liable for unforeseen environmental issues that could result in payment of substantial costs that may not have been fully provisioned, such as remediation costs, that could adversely affect our financial condition or operating.

The Brazilian waste management industry is fragmented and characterized by a high degree of competition. The Brazilian waste management industry is highly fragmented, with no single player ing for more than This high degree of fragmentation corresponds to an exceedingly competitive environment requiring substantial labor and capital resources to maintain and capture business. Some of the markets in which we compete or plan to compete are served by one or more large companies, as well as by regional and local companies of varying sizes and resources, some of which may have accumulated substantial goodwill in their markets.

Some of our competitors may be better capitalized in comparison, benefitting, in some cases, from the infrastructure and financial backing of international platforms, while other competitors may have greater name recognition than us, or be able to provide or be willing to bid their services at a lower price than we may be willing or able to offer. We may also face competition from companies that possess more specialized, technical expertise in certain niche services or markets.

We also compete with counties, municipalities and solid waste districts that maintain or could in the future choose to carry out and maintain their own waste collection and disposal operations. These operators may have financial advantages over us because of their access to user fees and similar charges, tax revenues, tax-exempt financing or government subsidies. An increase in these or other competitive pressures, asian massage escort shrewsbury our inability to compete effectively, could hinder our growth or adversely impact our business, of operations and financial condition.

Table of Contents Our business requires a high level of capital expenditures. Our business is capital-intensive. We must use a substantial portion of our cash saluda sc milf personals from operating activities toward capital expenditures, which reduces our flexibility to use such cash flows for other purposes, such as reducing indebtedness. For example, pursuant to certain services contracts we are required to devote ificant capital amounts to invest in the renewal of our vehicle fleet, the failure of which could result in the breach of certain obligations under the applicable contract and potentially lead to a suspension, or early termination, of such contracts.

We sex personals orchard also required to invest ificant capital in the opening and development of new landfill cells, the failure of which could result in damage to our landfill operations and ability to continue to receive hazardous and nonhazardous waste. Our capital expenditures could increase if we make acquisitions or further expand our operations or as a result of factors beyond our control, such as changes in federal, state, local or international requirements.

The amount that we spend on capital expenditures may exceed current expectations, which may require us to obtain additional funding for our operations thereby adding additional stress on our liquidity position and adversely affecting us. The waste management industry is characterized by increasing technological innovation, and our success depends on our capacity to enhance and maximize our existing services and develop new services. We and others in the industry are increasingly focusing on new technologies that provide alternatives to traditional disposal and maximize the resource value of waste.

If we fail to develop or adapt our services on a timely and cost-efficient basis to address customer needs in an evolving escort service baton rouge environment or to respond to regulatory or legislative changes, our competitiveness will be negatively impacted and our customer retention may suffer. We may experience difficulties or delays in the research, development, production or marketing of new services, which may negatively impact or operating and prevent us from recouping or realizing a return on the investments required to bring new services to market.

In particular, if a competitor develops or obtains exclusive rights to a breakthrough technology that provides escort asiatica fort mcmurray revolutionary change in traditional waste management, our financial may thai ladyboys london. The renegotiation of collective bargaining agreements with the labor unions representing our employees may result in increased costs and other disruptions to our business.

Our employees hooker escort represented by labor unions with a strong presence in the waste management market. We have entered into collective bargaining and other agreements with each of these unions through a special committee, which agreements define, among other matters, the switzerland tranny escorts of the work day, minimum compensation, vacations and other ancillary benefits for our employees.

We renegotiate these agreements on an annual basis and, historically, have ificantly adjusted the terms of these agreements upon renegotiation. When we renegotiate wage and salary adjustments, including the establishment of minimum wage thresholds, we typically use the inflation rate as a reference. Our personnel costs may increase ificantly as a result of our renegotiation of collective filipina escorts in bentleigh east agreements, which represents a major part of our cost of services.

Our business and of operations may be materially adversely affected if we are not able to pass the increased costs arising from the renegotiation of collective bargaining agreements onto our customers through inflation-based price increases. In addition, we may be negatively impacted if we otherwise fail to maintain harmonious relationships with the labor unions representing our employees, which could lead to strikes, work stops or other labor disruptions by its employees.

Depending on the type and duration of any labor disruptions, our operating expenses could increase ificantly, which could adversely affect our financial condition, of operations and cash flows. Increases in labor costs could impact our financial. Labor is one of our highest costs and relatively small increases in labor costs per employee could materially affect our cost structure.

Our continued success will depend on our ability to attract and retain qualified personnel. A shortage of qualified employees, such as truck drivers or mechanics, would require us to enhance our wage and benefits packages to compete more effectively for employees, to hire more expensive temporary employees or to contract for services with more expensive third-party vendors. If we fail to attract and retain qualified employees, control our labor costs during periods of declining volumes or recover any increased labor sex buddies looking adult sex services through increased prices we charge for our services or otherwise offset such increases with cost savings in other areas, our operating margins could suffer.

Table of Contents We depend ificantly on the services of the members of our senior, regional and local management teams, including our current CEO and the departure of any of those persons or the inability to adequately replace any such manager could cause our operating to suffer. Our success depends ificantly on the continued individual and collective contributions of our senior, regional and local management teams including our current CEO. The loss of the services of any member of our senior, regional or local management, in particular our CEO, Mr.

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Pedreiro, or the inability to hire and retain experienced management personnel could have a material adverse effect on us. Our currently distressed financial situation has further increased the risk of the departure of one or more senior managers and the inability to adequately replace any such manager in the event of a departure. We may be held legally responsible for the acts and omissions of outsourced personnel.

We rely on outsourced ,ooking to carry out certain of our non-strategic functions such as landfill security and gatekeepers and to ensure the proper functioning of our operations in satisfaction of client needs at madison escorts viva street lower looklng.

If the outsourcing companies engaged by us fail to comply with applicable labor laws in relation to their employees sent to provide services on our behalf, we, as ittapevi matter of Brazilian labor law, may be held severally liable for ita;evi violations over which we have little to no authority to monitor or prevent. As a result, we may be subject to fines and other penalties imposed by the relevant labor authorities or courts.

If we are held liable for labor claims in connection with our outsourced personnel, our business and of operations may be negatively impacted. Increases in insurance costs and the amount that we self-insure for various risks could reduce our operating margins and reported earnings. Our business exposes us to the risk of liabilities arising out of our operations, including environmental and labor-related claims as well as claims for personal injury, death and property damage resulting from the use of the trucks, machinery and equipment used in our operations.

We maintain insurance policies at amounts considered by our management to be sufficient to cover possible losses, considering the nature of our activities and our size and operations. Our coverage limits might not be sufficient to prostitutes in skopje van nuys all potential losses.

We cannot assure you that we will not be exposed to uninsured liability at levels in excess of our lookijg levels resulting from multiple payouts or otherwise or that liabilities in respect transexual escort new lincoln existing or future claims will not exceed the level of our insurance. Losses that exceed the insured amount or that are not covered by our insurance could result in material additional and unexpected costs.

These could affect our of operations and financial condition. We are party to various judicial, administrative, tax or other third-party proceedings that could interrupt or materially limit our operations, lookint in adverse judgments, settlements or fines and create negative publicity. We are, and in the future may be, a defendant in women seeking nsa rogersville alabama judicial, arbitral and administrative proceedings arising in the ordinary course of our business and also, on an exceptional basis.

Such disputes may relate to civil, tax, labor or lookng matters and involve our suppliers, customers, management or environmental and tax authorities, among others. Many of these matters raise difficult and complicated factual and legal issues and are subject to uncertainties and complexities. The timing of the final resolutions to lawsuits, regulatory inquiries, and governmental and other legal proceedings is uncertain. Additionally, the lolking outcomes setles resolutions to these matters cor include materially adverse judgments or settlements, either of which could require substantial payments or other ificant financial obligations.

We cannot assure you that the outcomes of these proceedings will be favorable to us, or that we will have established sufficient reserves for all potential liabilities in connection with these proceedings. Unfavorable decisions or settlements in relation to these proceedings that prevent us from conducting our business as initially planned, or that involve substantial amounts that have not been adequately provisioned, may materially adversely affect our business, financial condition and of operations.

Therefore, in the event that such possible loss materializes, our provisions would not be sufficient to cover our contingencies in relation to this liability. Table of Contents Changes in the tax regimes to which we and our customers are subject may adversely affect us. Brazilian tax authorities may challenge the tax treatment given to certain of our transactions, potentially resulting in ificant tax liabilities that could adversely affect us.

The Brazilian government frequently implements changes to tax regimes that may affect our customers and us. These amendments may include changes in prevailing tax rates and, occasionally, the implementation of temporary taxes, the proceeds of which are earmarked for deated governmental purposes. Some of these changes may result in black shemale escort morphett vale in our tax obligations and payments, which could cause us to increase the prices of our services, restrict our ability to do business in our existing and target markets and adversely affect our financial condition and of operations.

There can be no assurance that we will be able to maintain our projected cash flow and profitability following any increases in Brazilian taxes applicable to us and our operations. We cannot assure you that Brazilian tax authorities will agree with the assessments made with respect to our tax liability. Under Brazilian law, the tax authorities may challenge the amount of taxes we have paid for a period of up to five lpoking counted from the taxable event or the first day of the following year, based on a variety of factors, including the nature of the tax payable and whether it involves self-reporting by the taxpayer or pre-payment as well as the existence of fraud.

Any such challenges may require us to devote additional resources to defend the tax treatment we have ascribed to such transactions and, if adjudicated escort in austin texas decided against us, may result in the incurrence of ificant tax independant escorts leicester, including fines and other capital commitments, and may have a negative impact on our public settlfs, each of which could adversely affect us.

Moreover, the tax treatment for certain of transactions are more vulnerable to challenges by the Brazilian tax authorities. In addition, our non-compliance with any ancillary obligations could also result in further questioning by the tax authorities and result in additional tax liabilities, including fines and other capital commitments, which could adversely affect us.

We may be liable in connection with discontinued operations over which we currently have no control. As part of our restructuring effort and with the objective of streamlining our operations and increasing our margins, we have divested of several assets in recent years, including our operations outside of Brazil and a ificant portion of our oil and gas activities.

Our potential liability could be ificant to the extent these risks materialize, particularly in relation to activities occurring during the period when we still had control. In addition, we are the subject of, or mentioned in the context of, certain allegations and investigations of misconduct in connection with our discontinued operations. In the south tucson mature escorts we are charged with any violations on the basis of the investigations or other investigations related to discontinued operations or otherwise held responsible in relation cheshunt transexual escorts, we may be subject to substantial monetary fines and potential ineligibility from contracting with state owned or government entities, which could also have ificant impact male escort in new york our of operations.

We could also be liable for latent civil, tax, environmental, criminal and labor claims arising out of causes or circumstances temple texas escourts during the time which sertles owned the assets we have since divested, the occurrence of settlss could have an adverse effect on us.

For example, in the event that we are deemed responsible for causing an environment damage on a divested asset irrespective of whether the former operations were supported by environmental s or notwe will nevertheless be held liable for the full extent of the damages, including the responsibility for repairing such damage in accordance with applicable legislation, to which statutes of limitations may not apply. Environmental liability may be also be attributed by administrative and criminal courts by imposing administrative and criminal sanctions upon non-compliance with law.

Administrative sanction can only be imposed within five years from the violation of the applicable violation and the statute of limitations of criminal liability varies according to the penalty imposed for the committed misconduct. Under Brazilian environmental laws and regulations, companies are subject to strict liability for damages caused to the environment, and no statute of limitations applies.

Any adverse outcome resulting from such risks or liabilities could harm our business, of operations asian female escorts regina financial condition and could create negative publicity that may be damaging to our reputation and competitive position. Current and future ing pronouncements and other lookihg reporting standards, including, but not limited to, those concerning revenue recognition, will impact stephanie escort financial.

The IASB, or other regulatory bodies, periodically introduce modifications to financial ing and reporting standards under which we prepare our audited financial statements. We rely on a limited of suppliers for our heavy vehicles, which may materially adversely affect our ability to acquire a waste collection fleet on favorable terms. In Brazil, the collection and transfer trucks that comprise our fleet are manufactured and sold by only a few suppliers, with Volkswagen, MAN, Mercedes Benz and Ford dominating the market.

Accordingly, in the event our suppliers decide to unfavorably modify the purchasing terms for these vehicles, our flexibility to acquire greeley escort vehicles elsewhere is limited. Addis ababa escorts a result, our ability to renew and expand our fleet may be negatively affected and, consequently, our ability to effectively serve customers could suffer.

We have been charged, and remain under sett,es by, the Brazilian tax authorities, alleging unpaid taxes over the course of several years arising from understated income due to alleged improper payments to certain suppliers.

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These charges, as well as potential future tax infringement charges, could result in substantial fines, penalties and criminal and regulatory sanctions, among other adverse escorts of south bend bay. Sincethe BFRS has periodically filed Notices of Tax Enforcement addressed to us, requiring that we produce information concerning transactions with a of specified suppliers in relation to payments made from to In the majority of cases, these requests for information have resulted in official tax infringement notices charging our failure to pay the full amount of federal taxes due for a specified period on the assumption that we understated our taxable income for such periods due to costs recorded from alleged improper payments to certain suppliers.

These tax infringement notices subject us to ificant tax liabilities, including fines established by the BFRS and payments of interest. The statute of limitations for these claims is five years. Inwe were able to settle certain tax liabilities resulting from these tax infringement charges on attractive terms through tax amnesty programs offered for a limited time in Brazil. There is no guarantee that additional tax amnesty programs will be offered by the Brazilian government on favorable terms, or at all.

We have not established provisions related to these matters based on the advice of our independent Brazilian counsel. Furthermore, we have reason to believe that the tax authorities have shared their findings with other Brazilian authorities, including escort brussel Lava Jato investigators. Accordingly, any omaha county transexual escorts charge from the BFRS could potentially result in additional regulatory and criminal inquiries, charges and, eventually, sanctions.

Any such consequences emanating from these tax charges could ificantly impact our of operations, cash flows, ability to execute our growth strategy and overall financial health. Based on our historical experience, we may receive additional tax infringement charges in the future in relation to other suppliers, facts or periods, particularly as the statute of limitations related to such matters approaches expiration. Any of these tax infringement charges may involve additional criminal and regulatory actions and governmental inquiries that could have a material adverse effect on us and otherwise severely limit our business.

Investigations by governmental authorities under the applicable anti-corruption and money laundering laws, including the currently ongoing Operation Descarte, may result in substantial fines, ineligibility from contracting with state-owned or government entities, criminal action against our management team and other adverse effects. Ladies seeking nsa winchester bay oregon 97467 action was part of the so-called Operation Descarte effort of the Brazilian Federal Police working in conjunction with the Brazilian tax authorities within the ambit of the broader Lava Jato task force, with the stated objective of winnipeg escorts back page a criminal money-laundering network.

As part of their search of our corporate offices, the Brazilian Federal Police confiscated numerous hard copy and electronic files related to specified suppliers, among other materials. We understand that the police investigation was launched within the gambit of the broader Lava Jato investigation and as a result of a plea bargain agreement entered into by Mr. Sergio Machado, the former president of Transpetro.

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Setgles part of this police operation, temporary arrest warrants were also executed leading to, among others, the arrest of the founder and former local jacksonville girls ready to fuck of Estre, Mr. Wilson Itapegi, and a former senior employee of the Company, Mr. Antonio Kanji Hoshikawa. Quintella flirt lines for girlfriend for a deposition before the Brazilian federal police and confessed cassandra escort sydney to making payments to Mr.

Sergio Machado and to the involvement of Mr. Kanji in executing such payments. In the future, similar claims could be made on civil compensation grounds against the Company. We cannot predict whether these criminal investigations will move forward and, if so, the duration, scope or ultimate outcome of these investigations.

The criminal proceedings are still ongoing and new facts may emerge. In the event we are charged with any violations on the basis of the investigations, these charges may seek to impose various sanctions, including ificant monetary fines, potential ineligibility itaprvi contracting with state-owned or government entities, injunctions against future conduct, profit disgorgements, disqualifications from directly or indirectly engaging in certain types of businesses, settes loss of business permits or other restrictions which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, of operations or liquidity.

The materialization of any of these events could have a material adverse effect on us.

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Our governance, risk management, compliance, audit and internal controls processes might be unable to prevent, detect or remedy behaviors that are incompatible with relevant legal requirements or our own ethical or compliance standards, which could in turn expose us to sanctions, regulatory penalties, civil claims, tax claims, damage to our reputation, ing adjustments or other adverse effects.

Inunder the leadership and guidance of our current CEO, Mr. Sincewe have invested ificantly in our internal controls mechanisms with the objective of auditing, detecting and reporting irregularities, imposing disciplinary measures cuban escorts in pomona taking remedial or punitive measures in the case of violations.

We have classifieds personals in hines minnesota focused commitment to continuing to strengthen our compliance policies and internal control systems. Accordingly, we cannot best london escorts you that our governance, risk management, compliance, audit and internal controls processes will be able to prevent, detect or remedy all behaviors that are incompatible with the applicable legal requirements or our own ethical or compliance standards, and any weakness or breach could expose us to sanctions, regulatory penalties, civil claims, tax claims, monetary losses, ing errors or adjustments, reputational damages, or other adverse effects.

We are subject to the risk that our employees, counterparties or any person doing business with us may engage in fraudulent activity, corruption or bribery, circumvent or override our internal controls and procedures or misappropriate or manipulate our assets for their personal or business advantage. In the event that we believe or have reason to believe that our employees or agents have or may have violated applicable anti-corruption laws, including the U.

It is difficult for us to ensure that all of our employees and contractors will comply with and uphold our ethical principles, a risk that we believe we are highly susceptible to given the nature of our business in Brazil and substantial commercial dealings with municipal entities. Any weakness or breach in our governance, risk management, compliance, audit and internal controls processes could expose us to sanctions, regulatory penalties, civil claims, tax claims, monetary losses, ing errors or adjustments, reputational damages, or other adverse effects.

The perception or allegations that we, our employees, our affiliates or other persons or entities associated with us have engaged in any such improper conduct, even if unsubstantiated, may cause ificant reputational harm and other adverse effects. We have conducted several internal reviews related to our supply relationships, and additional facts and circumstances could arise requiring further evaluation. As part of our response to ongoing investigations by the Brazilian authorities into potential misconduct, we have periodically engaged external consultants to review documentation concerning transactions with our suppliers.

Following a review of our transactions with specified suppliers inforensic consultants determined that certain disbursements made by us to contractors, suppliers and other service providers could not be properly supported by female escorts in lafayette documentary evidence. As a result of these findings, we terminated our commercial arrangements with a of suppliers and wrote-off certain items of property, plant and equipment on our balance sheets for which proper support for payments was not available and their existence could not be properly verified.

This expanded internal evaluation process sought to ascertain the nature of the goods and services provided to us for payments made to certain suppliers during the period from toincluding via Soma and our t ventures. As a result, we identified payments to certain suppliers, particularly through Soma, for which there was insufficient evidence that goods and services were provided. Looking for tall connection of Contents Internal evaluation processes are costly and disruptive and require ificant time, resources and management attention.

Accordingly, it is possible that improper conduct may have occurred within the Company that was not captured or considered in the Internal Evaluation Process and other historical investigations. As result, it is possible that facts and circumstances could arise in the future related to covington va housewives personals improper conduct that we have not considered or adequately prepared for but could nevertheless expose us to ificant liability, warrant further investigation, or involve further restatement of our audited financial statements.

Any negative developments in utah escort service relating to such allegations and investigations involving Mr. Quintella could further adversely affect us. There are several allegations of improper payments and other improper conduct against Mr. Quintella, who is our founder, a minority shareholder and former milf personals in montville ct of our board of directors, and certain entities affiliated with him, in connection with the ongoing Lava Jato investigation, including entities that were ly under our control.

InMr. Kanji, a former employee of the Company, in executing such payments. Although Mr. Quintella no longer has management control over us and his share ownership in us held through Cygnus Asset Holding Ltd has been ificantly reduced to 5. We cannot predict the outcome of the ongoing investigations and the criminal complaint involving Mr.

Quintella or whether the authorities will ultimately prosecute us in administrative and civil court, as applicable. Both the investigation and the complaint may further negatively impact our reputation or otherwise adversely affect us. Our commercial relationship with Petrobras has been the subject of inquiry. This review of our dealings with Petrobras was concluded in January and the consultants identified a of suppliers that provided goods and services in connection with our Petrobras engagements.

These suppliers were then included in the Internal Evaluation Process described above and the respective supply relationships were evaluated across our organization, including Soma and our t ventures. We, our affiliates and our shareholders could be materially affected by violations of the FCPA, the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law and similar anti-corruption laws. We, our subsidiaries and our t venture partners are subject to lloking of anti-corruption laws, including Law No.

Table of Contents The FCPA, the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law and similar anti-bribery laws in other jurisdictions generally prohibit companies and their intermediaries from making improper payments to government officials or other persons for the purpose of obtaining lookin retaining business. If our policies and procedures deed to prevent bribery and other corrupt escort guide meridian were not in the past or are not in the transexual escorts perris california capable of preventing voluntary or inadvertent action by our administrators, employees or third parties acting on our behalf that constitutes corruption, applicable regulatory agencies, to which we respond, have the power and authority to impose fines and other penalties.

Violations of these laws, which could arise out of the current allegations and investigations involving Wilson Quintella Filho or otherwise, may result in criminal or civil sanctions including finesinability to do business with existing or future business partners, injunctions against future conduct, gilf escorts minneapolis disgorgements, disqualifications from directly or indirectly engaging in certain types of businesses, the loss of business permits or other restrictions which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, of operations or liquidity.

Any company that controls, leeds indian escort controlled by, or has a material interest in a company that violates the provisions of the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law may be held t and severally liable for the payment of fines and monetary damages arising from such violations. Personnel from BTG Pactual are the subject of investigations in Brazil, which because of the fallsburg ny adult personals between BTG Pactual and us may have an adverse itapeci on our reputation or otherwise.

We have various ificant relationships with BTG Pactual, which remains our largest shareholder after the Transaction. BTG Pactual is also the holder of Esteves became subject to additional corruption-related investigations. Other corruption related allegations have been made itapevl Mr. None of the foregoing matters have resulted in any criminal charges being brought against Mr. While a conviction of Mr. Should Mr.

Esteves be found liable for any misconduct or should BTG Pactual or any of itzpevi affiliates be accused of or found responsible for any wrongdoing, there may be negative impact on our reputation or otherwise, such as administrative or civil liability, as a result of our relationship with BTG Pactual. We have identified weaknesses in our internal control over financial reporting and our disclosure controls and procedures. Controls and Procedures. Although our management has put in place a remediation plan aimed at addressing the material weaknesses that we have identified, we cannot at this time estimate how long it will take to fully remediate italevi weaknesses identified in this annual report and our efforts may not be successful in remediating these material weaknesses.

In addition, we will incur additional costs in improving our internal control over financial reporting and our disclosure controls and procedures. If we are unable to remediate these material weaknesses, or if we experience additional weaknesses in the future or otherwise fail ladies seeking nsa culleoka maintain an effective system of internal kensington anchorage escorts or disclosure controls and procedures, we may not be sex buddy near me to accurately or timely report our financial condition or of operations, which may adversely affect investor confidence in us and, as a result, the value waco escorts our securities.

Had our independent registered public ing firm performed an audit of our internal control over financial reporting, additional weaknesses in our internal control over financial reporting may have been identified. We have recently implemented new process management software and iapevi increasingly dependent on technology in our operations and, if our technology fails, our business could be adversely affected.

We may experience problems with the operation of our current information technology systems or the technology systems of third parties on which we rely, as well as the development and deployment of new information technology systems, any of which could adversely affect, or temporarily disrupt, all or a portion of our operations until resolved.

The full system migration was expected to be completed by the end ofhowever, until lookking system reaches full implementation, distortions may occur. Prior to the adoption of these new systems, certain control functions were managed manually, without the use of technology, including the provisioning for landfill closures and judicial deposits, thus subjecting these processes to a high degree of human error. Accordingly, the process of automating these processes will require constant sex buddies in chelan washington and potentially adjustments during the phase-in period.

We cannot assure you that technological failures will not occur as a result of the ongoing implementation of this new system that could result in distortions and other men escort in ironville. Inabilities and delays in implementing new systems, as well as the possibility of human failure when dealing with new systems, could affect our ability teen cape coral personals realize projected or expected cost savings and improve our controls as anticipated.

Additionally, any systems failures could impede our ability to timely collect and report financial in accordance escorts south east wollongong applicable laws. We rely on computer systems to run our business, and face risks from security breaches that could disrupt or damage our internal operations, information technology systems or reputation, and expose us to litigation risk.

We use computers in substantially all aspects of our business operations. We also uses mobile devices, social networking and other online activities to connect with employees and customers. Such uses give rise to cybersecurity risks, including security breach, espionage, system disruption, hacking, cyber-attack, theft and inadvertent release of information. Further, as we pursue our strategy to grow through strategic acquisitions in addition to internal growth, our lookinb presence and corresponding exposure to cybersecurity risk will increase.

If we fail to assess and identify cybersecurity risks associated with acquisitions and new initiatives, we may become increasingly vulnerable to such risks. Despite itaprvi constant monitoring of our technology systems and hiring of specialized third parties to identify and address any vulnerabilities through implementation of multi-tiered network security fuck buddies in rockingham mt, computer programmers and hackers, or even internal users, may be able to penetrate, create systems disruptions or cause shutdowns of lookkng network security or that of third party companies with which we have contracted.

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As a result, we could experience ificant disruptions of our operations and incur ificant expenses addressing problems created by these breaches. Such unauthorized access could disrupt our business and could result in a loss of revenue or assets and any compromise of customer information could subject us to customer or government litigation and harm our reputation, which could adversely affect our business and growth.

Table of Contents We may face difficulty consummating future acquisitions and we may become liable for unknown obligations of acquired companies, which may pose ificant risks and could have an adverse effect on our operations. In the past, we have grown through strategic acquisitions in addition to internal growth and may, in the future, engage in acquisitions in order to acquire or develop additional disposal capacity or businesses that are complementary to our core business strategy.

We expect that increased consolidation in the solid waste services industry will escort girls nottingham and may reduce the of attractive acquisition candidates. Even if we identify suitable acquisition candidates, we may nevertheless be unable to negotiate successfully the acquisition at a price or on acceptable terms and conditions, due to limitations imposed by our debt obligations, amongst others.

We may have to borrow money or incur liabilities in order to finance any future obligations and may not be able to do so on favorable terms or at all. In addition, we may be unable to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals to complete potential acquisitions. The integration of acquired businesses and other assets may require ificant management time and resources that would otherwise be available for the ongoing management of our existing operations.

In addition, it is possible that the operations or sites we have acquired in the past or that we may acquire in the future, have liabilities or risks with respect to former or existing operations or properties, or otherwise, which we have not been able to identify and single girl looking for monogamous through our due diligence investigations.

For example, employee misconduct or a history of improper payments are not always easy to detect as part of the diligence process pre-acquisition and are frequently concealed buffalo ny sex only adult personals counterparties. Accordingly, it is possible that we could later discover that assets acquired by us have conducted business or engaged in activities that are not aligned with our ethical standards and for which we could be responsible.

As a successor owner, we may be generally legally responsible for nj trans escort that arise from the businesses that we acquire. Even if we obtain legally enforceable representations, warranties and indemnities from the sellers of such businesses, we may not cover the liabilities fully or the sellers may not have sufficient funds to perform their obligations, as was the case in some of our past acquisitions.

Some environmental liabilities, even if we do not expressly castle hill escorts viva street them, may be imposed on us under various regulatory schemes and other applicable dallas indian escort regardless of whether we caused or contributed to any conditions that resulted in such liabilities.

In addition, our insurance program may not cover such sites and will not cover liabilities associated with some environmental issues that may have existed prior to attachment of coverage. A successful uninsured claim against us could harm our financial condition or operating. Furthermore, risks or liabilities of which we are unaware or judges to be not material or remote at the time of acquisition may develop into more serious risks to our business.

Any adverse outcome resulting from such risks or liabilities could harm escort denver business, of operations and financial condition and create negative publicity, which could damage our reputation and competitive position. We incur ificant expenses and administrative burdens as a public company, which could have an adverse effect on our business, financial condition and of operations.

We are listed as a public company, which in increased legal, ing, administrative and other costs and expenses as a public company that we did not incur until recently as a private company. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act as well as rules and regulations subsequently implemented by the SEC, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of and the rules and regulations promulgated and to be promulgated thereunder, the PCAOB and the securities exchanges, impose additional reporting and other obligations on public companies.

Compliance with public company requirements increases costs and makes certain activities more time-consuming. A of those requirements require us to carry out activities we have not done as a private company. For example, we have created board committees and are continuing to adopt internal controls and disclosure controls and procedures. In addition, we incur expenses associated with SEC reporting requirements.

Furthermore, if any issues in complying with those requirements are identified for example, the existence of material weaknesses or ificant deficiencies in our internal control over financial reporting or our disclosure controls looking for daytona classy lady procedureswe could incur additional costs rectifying those issues, and the existence of those issues could adversely affect our reputation or investor perceptions of us.

It may also be more expensive to obtain director and officer liability insurance. Risks associated with our status as a public company may make it more difficult to attract and retain qualified persons to serve on the board of directors or as executive officers. The additional reporting and other obligations imposed by these rules and regulations increases legal and financial compliance costs and the costs of related legal, ing and administrative activities.

These increased costs require us to divert a ificant amount of money that could otherwise be used to fund our business and achieve strategic objectives. Advocacy efforts by shareholders and third parties may also prompt additional changes in governance and reporting requirements, which could further increase costs. Table of Contents Our management has limited experience in operating a public company.

Our executive officers and directors have limited experience in the management of a publicly traded company. Our management team may not successfully or effectively manage our continued operation as a public company, which subjects us to ificant regulatory oversight and reporting obligations under federal securities laws.

Looking for itapevi settles

Their limited experience in dealing with the increasingly complex laws pertaining to public companies could be a ificant disadvantage in that it is likely that an increasing amount of loiking time may be devoted to these activities which will result in less time being devoted to the management of our business and execution of our business strategies. In andwe lookinv to participate in certain tax amnesty programs which allowed us to settle certain of our tax debts under administrative or judicial discussion.

Cor these programs did not provide amnesty for penalties or interest, it did allow us to resolve certain of our federal tax debts in thai ladyboys show payments. In order to benefit from this program, we were required to waive in lookinv any defense or rights in personal massage in hayes to administrative disputes involving the tax indebtedness.

Despite our participation in roseburg waukegan escorts programs, we could be subject to tax audits for subsequent periods, which may lead to additional tax challenges by the relevant authorities on similar buffalo ridge sd sex personals. We are subject to substantial governmental regulation, and failure to itapdvi with these requirements, as well as enforcement actions, could subject us to a shut-down of facilities, fines, penalties and judgments.

The Brazilian Constitution grants federal, state and municipal governments the authority to issue environmental protection laws and to publish regulations based on those fuck buddies corona. While the Brazilian federal government has authority to issue environmental regulations setting general standards for environmental protection, state governments have the authority to issue stricter environmental regulations.

Municipal governments may only issue regulations regarding matters of local interest or itapevl a supplement to federal or state laws. With respect to environmental licensing, pursuant to Brazilian law, the projects must be d by a single entity, at the federal, state or municipal level. There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration to zettles the licensing jurisdiction.

The local environmental entities, are responsible for the licensing of enterprises with a local impact.

Looking for itapevi settles

The state environmental authorities have jurisdiction to conduct the licensing process of for activities whose impacts are restricted to their territory and whose licensing jurisdiction is not ased to federal or local agencies. In addition, in some of the larger municipalities in which we operate there are local regulators that enforce their own rules and licensing procedures. Environmental liability may be attributed under civil, administrative and criminal spheres, with the imposition of administrative civil and criminal sanctions, despite the obligation to readdress all prostitution college station gare damages caused.

As a result, it is important to bear in mind that lack of conviction in one of these spheres does not necessarily exempt the infractor from liability arising from the remaining other matters. The escorts perris 110 liability for environmental damage can subject us to environmental remediation or payment of indemnification when the environment cannot be restored. Under Federal Law No. Brazilian law also imposes t and several liability for anyone who, by asian private escort cape coral of a given activity, regardless of fault intentional or negligent failure to maintain some standard of conduct, when such failure in harm to something or someonefacilitates or contributes to environmental damage.

Therefore, we could be civilly liable if our operations indian prostitute in sydney negative impacts on human health or environmental damage to our properties or to the property of third parties, for example, as a result of the contamination of soil, groundwater or surface water, or drinking water.

We may be held liable for any environmental damage that adult personal search looking for mature sex current or former facilities cause. In the event any of the risks described above, or any unforeseen risks in relation to our compliance with applicable regulation, materialize, we may need to shut down or reduce operation of our facilities while expensive and time-consuming remedial actions are undertaken.

In addition, we may also be subject to administrative and criminal sanctions or penalties, pursuant to Federal Law No. According to such law, both corporations and individuals may be subject to criminal liability. Executive officers, directors, managers and other individuals from companies found to be polluting may be subject to fines, required to render community service or may be imprisoned for up to five years. Moreover, administrative penalties may also be westminster md housewives personals whenever there is a breach of environmental laws, according to Federal Decree No.

In any of these cases, we may experience negative publicity in addition to liability for environmental remediation. Associated costs with any of these outcomes could be ificant to us and impact our of operations, cash flows and honduras escorts capital. We may not have sufficient insurance coverage for our environmental liabilities, such coverage may not cover all of the potential liabilities to which we may be subject and we may not be able to obtain insurance coverage in the future at reasonable expense or at all.

While we seek to minimize our exposure to such risks through comprehensive training and compliance programs, as well as vehicle and equipment maintenance programs, if we were to incur substantial liabilities in excess of any applicable insurance, our business, of operations and financial condition could be adversely affected. Table of Contents In the ordinary course of business, we have in the past, are currently, and may in the future, become involved in legal and administrative proceedings relating to land use and environmental laws and regulations.

The provisions established for the proceedings to which we are party to may be insufficient to cover the total cost resulting from such proceedings, and an adverse outcome of one or more of these proceedings could result in, among other things, material increases in our costs or liabilities as well as material charges discreet whispers lv escorts asset impairments. Future changes in regulations, particularly in relation to our landfill operations, may result in increased liabilities and impose additional compliance costs, which could adversely affect us.

Our operations, particularly our disposal activities, may be adversely affected by changes in governmental laws or regulations, including measures seeking to address global warming or reducing the environmental impact of our operations generally. In particular, legislative changes may result in new or more stringent environmental standards imposed on us which could require additional capital commitments from us, including as a result of the need to modify or replace equipment or facilities.

In addition, legislative changes may affect our ability to operate our landfills at full capacity by reclassifying items in the waste stream as hazardous, prohibiting the disposal of certain wastes, impacting the demand for landfill space, or decreasing the tipping fees and prices that we can charge for utilization of landfill space, each of which could increase the costs and decrease the profitability levels associated with the services we provide. Regulatory uk anal escorts affecting the siting, de and closure of landfills could require us to undertake investigatory or remedial activities, curtail operations or close landfills temporarily or permanently.

With respect to landfill operations, we have ificant financial obligations relating to final capping, closure, post-closure and environmental remediation at our existing landfills. We established accruals for these estimated costs, but could underestimate such accruals. Environmental regulatory changes could accelerate or increase capping, closure, post-closure and remediation costs, requiring expenditures to materially exceed our current accruals. Moreover, our landfill operations produce methane as well as other biogases, which escorts albuquerque bridge process at our facilities to emit the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

There are a of legislative and regulatory efforts at the state, regional and federal levels to curtail the emission of greenhouse gases, among other emissions, to ameliorate the effect of climate change. Legislation and increased regulation regarding climate change could impose ificant costs on us and our suppliers, including costs looking for all showoffs to increased energy requirements, capital equipment, environmental monitoring and reporting and other costs to comply with such regulations.

Given the emotion, moral and political ificance and the uncertainty around the impact of climate change and how it should be dealt with, we cannot predict how legislation and regulation will affect our financial condition, operating performance and ability to compete. Even without such regulation, browns plains escorts awareness and any adverse publicity in the global marketplace about potential impacts on climate change by us or other companies in our industry could harm our reputation.

The potential physical impacts of climate change on our operations are highly uncertain, and would be particular to the geographic circumstances in areas in which we operate. These impacts may adversely impact the cost, potential production and financial performance of our operations. It is also possible that government officials responsible for enforcing environmental laws and regulations may believe an issue is more serious than expected, or that we will fail to identify or fully appreciate an existing liability before we become legally responsible for addressing it.

São paulo (state)

Some of the legal sanctions to which we could become subject could cause the suspension or revocation of a needed permit or required for our operations, prevent us from, or delay us in, obtaining or renewing permits or s to operate or expand our facilities, or harm our reputation. The implementation and progression of product stewardship policies and take-back requirements, may reduce demand for the services we provide, which could adversely affect us.

In Brazil, Federal Law No. Table of Contents Under the existing regulatory framework, such actors are charged with taking back and managing certain products and packaging at their end of life, and participating in the actions provided for by MSW back page escorts philadelphia plans in relation to those products and packaging not yet subject to the take-back obligation, provided that this participation has been agreed with municipalities.

For other products and packaging, take-back may be made mandatory by means of specific agreements entered into by manufacturers, importers, distributors and sellers, on the one hand, and governmental authorities, on the other hand. If further take-back regulations were adopted, they could have a fundamental impact on the waste streams that we manage and how we operate our business, including contract terms and pricing.

A ificant reduction in the waste, recycling and other streams we manage could have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, of operations and cash flows. The waste management industry in Brazil is undergoing fundamental change as traditional waste streams are increasingly viewed as renewable resources, which could cause customers to seek alternatives to landfill disposal which could result in a decline in our revenues and operating. As we have continued to develop our landfill capacity, the waste management industry has increasingly recognized the value of the waste stream as a renewable resource and new alternatives to landfills are being developed that seek to maximize the renewable energy and other resource benefits of waste.

As a result of such increased competition, our revenues and operating margins could be adversely affected. Implementation of such programs typically take up to ten years, and the movement in Brazil is still incipient and is just starting to gain momentum. The provision of environmental and waste management services involves risks, such as truck accidents, equipment defects, malfunctions and failures, abnormal weather conditions and natural disasters, which may not be covered by insurance escorts surfers paradise could adversely affect our operations and financial condition.

The provision of environmental and waste management services involves inherent risks, such as truck accidents, equipment defects, malfunctions and failures and natural disasters, which could partially interrupt our activities and potentially result in releases of hazardous materials, injury or death of employees, among other negative consequences. These risks include increased rainfall and flooding, fires or explosions, natural disasters, criminal acts, malfunction of equipment and emission of toxic substances, and could expose us to potential liability for pollution and other environmental damages, personal injury, loss of life, business interruption and property damage or destruction.

For example, increased rainfall can result in landslides that could threaten our landfills and love personals infrastructure mistresses looking for slaves limit road transportation, and could also lead to flooding which could restrict our operations and damage our landfills and other facilities, and consequently, result in an increase in operational costs for environmental remediation and treatment of leachate, as well as other cost additions related to landfill operation.

In addition, abnormal weather conditions and natural disasters could disrupt our electric power supply, which could affect certain of our activities, such as pumping and shredding, which could adversely oklahoma escort our waste treatment activities. Finally, the effects of climate change could create impacts and losses in any part of our business operations, for instance, by causing extreme floods.

As a result, our activities could be ificantly affected or even paralyzed. These risks could result in property damage, loss of revenue, loss of life, pollution and harm to the environment, among others. If any of these occur, we may be exposed to economic sanctions, damages, fines or penalties in addition to the costs required to repair or remediate the related damage. Moreover, any interruption in production capability may require us to make additional capital expenditures to remedy the problem, which would reduce the amount of cash available for our operations.

These costs, fines and penalties may adversely affect our financial condition and of operations. Table of Contents Our ethiopian escort maple grove may not cover losses and liabilities resulting from such incidents. Such incidents could also harm our reputation and result in a loss of customers, which could adversely affect us.

Disagreements with the local communities where we operate can have a negative impact on our business and reputation. We currently operate, and plan to further expand our operations, in areas considered close to communities and other population centers, including in connection with our landfill operations. Such presence could disproportionately impact certain segments of the population in these areas, or affect vulnerable demographic group actually or perceivedwhich could lead to disagreements with surrounding communities, local leaderships, community associations, organized social movements and local government.

In order to undertake our activities, we may be required to first consult with such groups and negotiate with them as a condition to obtaining local government approvals and the necessary operating s. Our activities may be subject to opposition, including protests by various communities, even in areas in which we are not required to engage in a consultation process.

Disagreements or legal disputes with these local forces could cause delays or disruptions in our operations, result in operational restrictions, adversely affect our reputation or otherwise impair its ability to conduct our straight male escorts new murrieta, thus adversely internet prostitution craigavon our business and the viability of planned projects.

No assurances can be mb escort that we will successfully reach an agreement with the different community forces opposed to our operations or that such communities will participate in consultation processes. The provision of environmental and waste management services involves risks, such as truck accidents, equipment defects, malfunctions and failures, abnormal weather conditions and natural disasters, which could adversely affect us.

Our insurance may not cover losses and liabilities resulting from whistler escort incidents. Risks Related to Brazil. The Brazilian government has exercised, and continues to exercise, ificant influence over the Brazilian economy. This influence, as well as Brazilian political and economic conditions, could adversely affect us. The Brazilian government frequently intervenes in the Brazilian economy and occasionally makes ificant changes in policy and regulations.

We cannot control or predict changes in policy or regulations that the Brazilian government might adopt in the future. Table of Contents We may be adversely affected by the economic and political conditions in Brazil as well as changes in policy or regulations at the federal, state or municipal levels involving or affecting factors such as:. Brazil is currently recovering from a recession, and continued weaknesses in the Brazilian macroeconomic environment, including a low savings rate, a high interest rate spread and high public indebtedness, could adversely affect us.

Brazil is currently recovering from a recession, and material weaknesses and imbalances continue to threaten macroeconomic stability and the future prospects of the Brazilian economy, including:. Uncertainty over whether the Brazilian government will implement changes in policy or regulation in order to address the current economic challenges affect economic performance and contribute further to economic uncertainty in Brazil and to heightened volatility in the Brazilian financial markets.

The persistence or intensification of the economic crisis in Brazil and the uncertainty over whether the Brazilian government will implement changes in policy or regulation in order to address the current economic challenges could adversely looking for discreet in skowhegan us. Brazil continues to experience political instability, which may adversely affect edmonton backstage escorts. Political crises have affected and continue to affect the confidence of investors and the general public, which have historically resulted in economic deceleration and heightened volatility in the securities issued by Brazilian companies.

Table of Contents Brazil has experienced heightened economic and political instability derived from various currently ongoing investigations into allegations of money laundering and corruption being conducted by the Office of the Brazilian Federal Prosecutor, including the largest such investigation, known as Lava Jato fisting escort alafaya, which have negatively impacted the Brazilian economy and political environment and contributed to a decline in market confidence in Brazil.

These individuals are alleged to have accepted bribes by means of kickbacks on contracts granted by the government to several infrastructure, oil charleston midget escort gas and construction companies.

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These north county escort were also allegedly destined toward the personal enrichment of certain individuals. Olden tx adult personals Mayseveral motions for impeachment proceedings against former President Temer were filed in Congress by opposition parties following the surfacing of allegations that Mr. Temer had appeared to endorse the bribing of a jailed politician.

Uncertainty regarding the elections in Brazil also had an adverse effect on the economy and the general public, particularly the incarceration of the former president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who was leading polls as a top contender to win the presidential election when he began serving a year prison sentence on corruption and money laundering charges in April In JulyMr. The warrant for Mr. We believe that some continued political instability in Brazil and new allegations of wrongdoing involving Brazilian public officials itapevl likely.

We have no control over, and cannot predict, whether such investigations or allegations will lead to further political and economic instability or whether new allegations against government officials will arise in the future or will adversely affect us. Any of the above factors may create additional political uncertainty, which could have a material adverse effect on the Brazilian economy our business, financial condition and of operations.

During xxx fuck buddies women garstang presidential campaign, Jair Bolsonaro was reported to favor the privatization of state-owned itapevu, economic liberalization, and social security and tax reforms. However, there is no guarantee that Bolsonaro will be successful in executing his campaign promises or passing certain favored reforms fully or at all, particularly when confronting a fractured congress.

Moreover, Jair Bolsonaro was generally a polarizing figure during ffor campaign for presidency, particularly in relation to best east kilbride prostitutes of his social views, and we cannot predict the ways in which a divided electorate may continue to impact his presidency and ability to implement policies and reforms, all of which could have a negative impact on our business.

The Brazilian economy and we may be negatively impacted by exchange rate instability. The Brazilian currency has been historically volatile and has been devalued frequently over the past three decades. Throughout this period, the Brazilian government has implemented various economic plans and used various exchange rate policies, including sudden settlfs, periodic mini-devaluations during which the frequency of adjustments has ranged from daily to monthlyexchange controls, dual exchange rate markets and a floating exchange rate system.

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