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In. Shag I Hide Spoilers. Starring Phoebe Cates Mrs. Kevin Kline, who knew? I saw a trailer for this on another DVD and added to my list of "must haves.

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In. Shag I Hide Spoilers. Starring Phoebe Cates Mrs. Kevin Kline, who knew? I saw a trailer for new haven older woman seeking men on another DVD and added to my list of "must haves. Cates is funny enough, but Bridget simply overpowers the other female le with her boundless charisma. They meet a couple of local boys who change their lives and have one heck of good time in the process.

Speaking of "what ever happened to," Scott Coffey's Chip was the most enjoyable male character in the film, cute as a bug and delightfully innocent and whatever happened to him? Too many films of this genre are souless, heartless and mindless.

This one is the rare exception, and gives you angels tamworth escort chance to remember the discovery and adventure of coming of age. Was this review helpful? I watched this movie only to get a look at Tyrone Power, Jr.

Set lookin before the assassination of JFK, four young southern women go to Myrtle Beach for a last hurrah before college and, in one way or another, their lives change. Phoebe Cates is a virginal brunette engaged to uptight Tyrone Power, Jr. The movie culminates with a shagging some kind of dancing contest. I suspect that some of us old-timers fro like this sweet women seeking nsa black woman even more than the teens and twenty-somethings - it sure brings you back to a time when kids talked about getting to second base, going all the way, and asked questions like, Have you ever put your tongue loooking anyone's ear?

Shag captures the atmosphere of fun and hilarity one only gets at an early age and away from one's parents. The sound track is fabulous. Highly recommended if you want to feel young again.

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I saw at the bottom of thethat "if you like this title we also recommend American Graffiti". So true, so true. Of course, it can't be compared to "graffiti", but it's a movie with many laughs and adorable characters. I saw this movie last night, maybe for the tenth time or something. I had a good time as always. Then of course, Escorte prive am a very nostalgic person and if your favorite movie is "Matrix" or "Minority dayton east end escorts you might not like it.

The title is a little confusing since there aren't that many dance scenes, but I honestly don't care. I'm just looking for a temporary time machine with the course aimed for Besides, the dancing moments of the movie are quite enough.

Looking for a shag

Shag takes off with four friends going away to Myrtle beach for a weekend of total fun. Luanne is fot proper one who is almost always upset or embarrassed, and she kind of takes the "leader" role, since they are all going in her car and staying at her fathers the senator's house, where you can't sit on the furniture's, escorts norwich the phone or drink the senator's bourbon.

Looking for a shag

Pudge is a nice girl who has held everything back all her life, but no more! She is also the one who is responsible for the most ac escorts in the movie. Melaina Fonda is the wild one who dreams of a career in Hollywood since she is "neither marrying Harvey nor going to college". Carson Cates is the sweet and unexperienced girl who IS marrying Harvey. Also, when the movie begins, she thinks crenshaw ms milf personals they are going someplace else.

But the girls have other plans and they are determined to take Carson for a weekend that she will never forget. One last fling together. A plot like this CAN'T go wrong. Anyway, by the end of the movie they are all different people, and they have learned that things are not always as sjag seem. Lookinh have control of your own destiny. Carson meets Buzz the lines that these two people have are unbeatableLuanne gives the audience a real "necking-surprise" and Melaina finally meets Jimmy Valentine who she considers to be her key to a life of luxury in Hollywood.

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Adult sex personals ludham az laugh every time Jimmy does his "move". The story which I like the best though, is the love that develops between Pudge and the "navy" boy Chip. They are just so good people and the conversations between them so sweet and innocent. You really feel happy for them.

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It would be a crime not making them a couple. This movie has shaag great ending. The kind which makes you wonder what happens to the people in the film. You actually care about them. The acting is terrific.

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Bridget Fonda gets a lot of room and maybe it's because her character is the most interesting one. This was before she became a star. I think Phoebe Cates is one of the most underrated actresses ever. Just think about it, how she effects an audience. When she backroom escort her mouth you can't look away. It's lopking she is born to make these parts. She isn't acting. She IS her characters.

I guess I've been wild all of my life, without even knowing it". One of many great lines milf personals in pine hill al this movie. The one thing that always impresses me in these movies is the setting. They actually make it look like in The cars, the clothes, the colors, fof buildings. It's incredible.

If you like these kind of movies, and haven't seen this one, you should be ashamed of yourself! First saw this film around 8yrs ago on Channel 4 UK Excellent, Fantastic - Lookjng cates - Sexy women seeking nsa arispe luv the sixties look the cars and the shag music of course shag means something else here in Engalnd So I wondered what the film was about when I heard it was coming on t.

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I want them to bring a follow up maybe with the same stars - See how they got scarlett escort ferntree gully life. Have tried Ebay but no luck, but I will keep on watching the film until foe tape gives up. If you have never seen this film - You have missed an excellent film - better than Dirty Dancing - Wonderful and the cast Excellent.

It takes place in the cheap escort tranny with 4 traralgon escort service high school graduates just wanting to have a final hoo-rah before one of their best buds enters wedlock. The story follows the four girls through their very different weekends at the beach. All the while mingling the title of the movie with the actual dance that was and is all the craze on the Grand Strand.

This movie is only rated PG but deals lookiing a few stronger elements. It involves bad language, teen drinking and loss of virginity. Most will skim over children's he, but parents still use caution. I watched the film a million times as and continue as an adult too. The movie is a perfect mix of scandal, gardner ma milf personals, young love, and music.

Highly recommended as an all time favorite film. Four friends head to Myrtle Beach, SC after high school graduation. There they meet boys, have a party hellacious rorand enter a fabulous dancing contest. This movie is fun, keeps your attention, and is wonderful to be able to see the period early s cars, hotels, dancing pavilion, etc.

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I would recommend this movie for a nice evening to just feel good. Beware of this version. The new DVD version is intact. The original music is ladies looking for men and adds to the era in which this movie takes place. Young and old alike will like this movie. Carefree 80s Girl Movie.

What is a shag haircut?

Shag is a pretty laid back, Saturday afternoon variety of 80s movies. Set in South Carolina in the s, it is the story of a group of girls who take a road trip out to Myrtle Beach kinna escorts net the week before their friend goes off to get married.

Consider it, a bachelorette weekend. Only, bad girl Melanie Buller Bridget Lokingsoft-spoken Caroline 'Pudge' Anabeth Gishand exceedingly proper Luann Hannah have more in mind for their conservative engaged friend, Carson Cates than lying escort service beaufort oakville the beach and catching a tan.

The girls try lopking get Carson to break out of her conservative, timid shell and let loose and have some fun while she's still legally single. But, fog fact, there is more in store for everyone during their wild stay at the summer house, not independent ladyboys brisbane Carson. Specifically, all this happens when the girls arrive at the summer home and meet two rambunctious guys. Robert Russler plays the suave romantic, Buzz who pursues hard-to-get Carson who keeps insisting that, despite whatever feelings and attractions she can't help but to feel for Buzz, she's going to be married to some boring stiff named Harley Power.

Basically, she is all rules, and he isn't. Is Harley who she really wants to be with? The other guy is Milf personals in marcella ar Coffey, with his typical red-headed ror cut who becomes 'Pudges' new friend in a very young puppy love kind of relationship as well as her dance partner in a Shag contest in which she's up against Melanie's rival, two vicious local babes who don't like the group.