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Looking for a good evening

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Looking for a good evening

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Incame eveninng on the hour and in they were just 15 minutes after that. Single housewives seeking nsa vienna is due in part to more differences between states in reporting. In some states, ballots cast in person on election day will be counted first. These counts are expected to favour Mr Trump, as his supporters are expected to be more likely to vote on the day.

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In other places, postal votes cast prior san diego personals 3 November will be reported first or included in early counts are you looking for lonely housewife with day-of votes. Initial from these states may favour Mr Biden, as Democrats are eveninng likely than Republicans to vote by mail this year.

There's also the looming concern of electoral fraud - a common refrain from the Trump campaign. Importantly, instances of electoral fraud are incredibly rareand there is no fot that postal ballots are especially susceptible. Overall, the rate of voting fraud in the US is between 0.

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After the polls close, major US media outlets will be using election models to estimate who will win all the different races. The models draw on a variety of independent incall escorts castle hill such as exit polls interviews with lookkng at polling stations, phone interviews with early voters and actual votes counted by local officials and then fed into a database.

Looking for a good evening

A state will be "projected" you may hear the term "called" as well by these media outlets when they believe a candidate has an unassailable lead. Some describe it as a The watchword from evrning this year is caution - there is no race to be first. If the BBC and its partners don't believe there is enough data to project a winner of any state, evenning won't do so - even if others are.

The same is true when the presidential election is called, or projected, for a candidate. It will take weeks for states to count all evenign ballots and that has always been the case but even more likely this time due to postal voting. Last time around, inHillary Clinton's evennig in the popular vote widened for more than a month after election day as officials counted ballots, many from California, even though Mr Trump had already won enough states to claim the presidency.

Tens escorts rochester mn millions of postal ballots will be cast in this year's election - perhaps double the in Corinth ky milf personals were concerns that the sheer volume of mail-in ballots would overwhelm the country's postal service, delaying delivery and receipt by state officials.

Looking for a good evening

But the postal service has assured that's not the case. Some states will accept ballots that arrive well after election day - as long as hines or housewives personals are postmarked on or before 3 November goos which will further slow down the count. And once they have arrived, postal votes take longer to count than in-person ballots.

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brunson sc milf personals Postal ballots must be manually removed from their envelopes and discreet escorts as valid before they can be tabulated. If there are no clear on 3 November we'll have to wait days - or weeks - for vote counting to finish up.

This is normal - votes are typically tallied late on election night and early into the next day. But we're expecting it to take even longer this year.

Plus, there could be legal disputes which will add to the uncertainty and could escort saint jerome ms the courts play a holly sweet escort. We know that final will be slow, but there are still some states that may give us early clues. The first swing state to report its first tranche could be Georgiawhere polls close at EST midnight GMT and then half an hour later it's North Carolina at EST GMTwhere a large of early in-person voters means projections could come quickly.

Here, the overwhelming majority of are expected by the end of the night. Donald Trump narrowly won this state in and it is a toss-up between parties once again. A win here for Mr Trump or Mr Biden could mean a good night ahead. Ohio is not just a swing state, it is also a presidential fortune-teller: it has backed the winner at every presidential contest bar one since World War Two.

But if it's close in Ohio, don't expect a projected winner on the night. Florida is perhaps one of the night's biggest prizes, and we expect the first set of to be announced shortly after EST GMT. White House races have been won and lost in this battleground state, and the same may be true this year. A note of caution - early in-person and postal ballots will be reported first in Florida and these will likely favour Mr Biden. Another titan of US elections is Texas. Like Georgia, it's rarely considered Democratic territory but demographical trends mean Texas has moved closer in their direction over recent years.

Mail ballots that arrived after 1 November will not be counted until after election day, so if this state is close a projection will be slow. Trump was victorious here inbut national polls albany personals give Mr Biden a razor's-edge lead. Lookingg a of other states, officials will not count a single ballot until 3 November.

So expect a wait.

Eveing candidates' likely path to the White House will run through this battleground state, the place where Efening Biden was born and which Mr Trump won in by a single percentage point. Legal challenges may be likely in this crucial state. Democrats have been hard at work in Wisconsin after Hillary Clinton's narrow loss there in Many polls now give Mr Biden the lead, but the latina escorts in north york is still up for grabs.

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The most populous county Milwaukee is due in the eveningg hours of Wednesday. Neighbouring Michigan - another swing state - will also be closely watched, but a projection there could be days away. Both parties will be paying close attention to elections for the US Senate teen escort los angeles where Republicans currently hold a narrow, evennig advantage.

Trump ally Lindsey Graham is in the fight of his political life in South Carolina, facing a stiff challenge from Democrat Jaime Harrison.

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Mr Lookinh, has held this seat sincebut he has turned away some voters with his staunch loyalty to the president. Final polls give Mr Graham a two-point edge, and he is still favourite to win but the narrow escort trans greve was unexpected and suggests there is plenty anti-Trump sentiment in a typically conservative state.

Looking for a good evening

massage personals torrance In Maine, Republican Susan Collins may soon be out of a job. Evebing Collins is one of the few moderate members of her party in office right now, but she still may be punished for her affiliation to the president in a state where he is deeply unpopular.