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Edward Moore, 26 Duckworth Street, was run over and instantly killed. Moore and her little girl had just come out of her house, and while the mother was talking to a neighbor, the child ran across the street. The Royal Stores furniture wagon driven by Denis Fitzgerald, was heatr`s at the time, but neither the driver or J. Piercey, who was in the van, saw the tiny mite. The child fell and bi memphis looking for summer fun wheel passed over its face and head fracturing the skull.

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Nevada City, Menoken, Durham County, Gassaway

Within the last six months a of young men of excellent qualifications, have reed from the Police Force. Some had been members for a year and over, others for six months or less. The cause of their reing it is stated, is due to the conditions under which the wages are regulated, viz. At present, the St. A Machinist named Norris, working with the Reid Co. He escorts aurora gfe driving out the Dock Gate in the van, when it struck the post and he was thrown out.

His head was badly cut and his hip escorts in st grand rapids. Hutchinson of the Calypso, first attended him, and later Dr. Paterson was called, who stitched up the head and had him sent home for further treatment. It will be some days before Norris will be able to work. Yesterday was exceptionally fine along the railway, the temperature averaging 50 above.

At Light, fine, 40 above. Dahome reached Halifax at 9 a. Sunbeam, Scanlan, reached Bahia hippach fuck buddy Monday. John City was to leave London, yesterday, for St. Adventure sails for Bell Island, today, to load ore for Sydney, she returns with coal. Silvia reached Halifax at 3 a. Monday, and left again at 3 p.

Hewitt, G. Portia sails Northward at 10 a. Reids: Glencoe arrived at Burgeo at 5. Argyle left Placentia at 9. Hewitt returns to Burin, by the Prospero. Bartlett, of Burin, who has been in the city, on business, returns by the Prospero. Miss L. Dawe, who was in town last few days, returned to Bay Roberts, last evening. They are staying at the Balsam.

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Woodford, of Harbor Main, who as been in the city making spring purchases, left for home, last evening. Sclater Esq. Frazer, of Morgantown, West Virginia, conveying the sad tidings of the death of Mrs. Frazer, on Monday. Her last kind public act was to obtain the current Commander Peary to lecture at Morgantown on behalf of Dr. Darby, B. Owing to the trains and steamers not being able to run according to schedule, the Rev. Gentleman found it impossible to arrive at his home for the funeral obsequies of his beloved mother, whose death has already been chronicled.

A very large congregation of worshippers attended Requiem High Mass at St. His Lordship Bishop March officiated, assisted by Revs. Whelan cheap social escort el paso F. According to well-founded reports, general dissatisfaction prevails among the people of the upper part of the Bay de Verde District as a result of the present arrangements of conveying their mail.

The Couriers themselves, and the people of Freshwater, are loud escort trans santa rosa their murmurings, and threaten to make trouble if the arrangements now in force are not speedily cancelled. They argue in favor of the old mode of conveyance, as it afforded a better service that the one now operating.

Penney, son of W. Penney, Esq. He is gateshead promo models of many successful Newfoundland boys now studying aubrey black escort McGill University. By an explosion that recently occurred there, through the evil propensity of one of the unrighteous l, Ed.

Little heart`s ease, newfoundland sex personals

His visit at this time is principally one of recuperation, ere he s his studies. The appearance of a bedlamer seal abreast of Mr. One or two of Capt. The committee took their bearings for making the canvas from a draft drawn up Rev. Hackett, while on this circuit, and which shows the town divided into eight wards, thus giving two collectors to each ward. The gentlemen of the committee deserve the hearty co-operation of all interested, for the thoroughness manifested in the work to date. Both will bring coal.

A meeting of special interest was held at the S. Barracks, on Thursday night last. En Pitcher presided, assisted by Capt. An interesting event took place at St. Sunday afternoon, when Mr. Thomas Sweeney, of Water St. McCarthy performing the ceremony. The bride was the recipient of many choice presents. It is reported that Dr. Escort service in orlando florida, of Harbor Grace, who is now battling with the scarlet fever germ at Black Head, by order of the Government, has decided to take up his abode at this place, and continue general practice among the people.

A requisition for his stay, humorously ed, influenced the Dr. A Parsons, Agent for R. Moulton, M. Parsons has been ailing for some time and came here to receive treatment and advice from Dr. We learn that the latter has advised him to seek medical assistance at Halifax, where by the aid of two or three Surgeons, his case might be efficiently treated.

Within the past week, two funeral processions have been formed to bear two other souls to the resting place of the dead. The first interment took place on Wednesday, the deceased being a young man, Charles Ingram, aged 17 years, the victim of consumption. The second took place on Sunday 21st, the deceased was the wife of Mr. George Kinslow. Both single housewives seeking orgasm louisville were interred in C.

The schooner H. Fenwick, prostitute aberdeen by W. Matthews, arrived here from Rose Blanche in the afternoon of Saturday 20th. It will be remembered that this vessel was wrecked in the N. At a great expense and by sheer hard work, Mr. Matthews succeeded in refloating the wreck, and now has the hull finished sufficiently well to allow him to take his vessel to St. Pierre where she will be docked for repairs.

The circumstances which presented themselves to Messrs W. The effect of this dangerous work has told seriously upon the condition of Mr. The energy shown by Mr. Mathews in this failure, has shown of what material he is built, and in what spirit he can set about to retrieve a loss. His vessel left for St. Pierre Monday 22nd, to be docked. The S. Portia arrived from St. She brought a large mail local and foreign, but no passengers. From reports by wire, we learn that her trip West will likely fall behind schedule time, owing to the ice barriers she has been meeting on her trip to Sydney.

The looking for fun at a party of Miss N. Prosser, daughter of Mr. Jabez Prosser, to Mr. Vatcher, Master, the last of the West Coast fishing fleet, returned from Rose Blanche early last week, with saving trips of about quintals each. In consequence, various -boards escorts steamboat springs displayed before public gaze, warning all keepers of the canine breed to affix the necessary summer jewellry to the headquarters of their pets.

Failing escort girls burlington, the dogs, which carry no insurance, or is in no other way protected, runs a great risk of being shot down like a common thief. Mary E. Bishop to Mr. Bulley, Merchant, of Pass Island, F. Canon Saunders. The bride was daintily gowned in a traveling costume of navy blue, with hat to match. She was given away by her brother-in-law, Hon. Milley, while Mr.

Taylor supported the groom. After breakfast at Mr. The News wishes Mr. Bulley every happiness. Second Officer Field, of the Adventure has reed. He was in the employ of A. Bert Cave now occupies his position. A fine bull, owned by Sir Robert Bond, perished at Whitbourne, a few days ago. Janes, Hants Harbor, arrived in town, yesterday, and will remain a few days, on business.

It has been very foggy along the South West Coast the last few days, and as a result the Glencoe has been delayed.

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A message was received from Channel last night, saying that no ice was in sight; wind West; temperature 40 above. Mesdames W. Fraser and J. Ethie left for Carbonear last night, from which point she will connect with passengers and take up the aberdeen escort massage service on Trinity Bay. Walrus finished discharging last evening; her turnout is; 7, young harps, 2, bedlamers, old harps, 1 old hood; total 10, Gross weight tons, 3 cwt, 2 ns, 8 lbs.

The shares have not yet been made up. Last evening, Mrs. West of Alexander St. The child bled badly, and the assistance of a Doctor was called to dress the injured organ. Eros escorts in rochester date the indications are poor for a good fishery at Cape St. Last season, several of the boats were fishing at this time, and some had good catches.

It is early however, to conjecture, as fine weather would soon alter the situation. A Scotch Captain, who indulged in to much strong drink last evening, and became insulting to some ladies, was rounded in by Consts. Stapleton and Walters. He spent the night at the Station and maine adult personals morning will go before the Magistrate.

The rivers are not yet open for driving, but a few more days of mild weather will make the conditions favorable. Charles Spurrell, Painter with Mr. Warricker, while employed at Mr. He was at the top of a 32 foot ladder which was not fastened, and when a gust of wind struck it, it fell. Spurrell, realizing his danger, jumped clear and pregnant escort koping on his feet, but the force was sufficient to break his left leg below the knee.

He fainted several times, but later was conveyed to the Hospital, where the bone was set. Yesterday it was decided not to send the Kite to the Magdalens, and at 2 p. The Portia begins her regular summer service, on Saturday, and will take freight and a large of passengers. It is thought she will be able to make all the ports of call. A telegram from Bell Island states that David Whelan, whose death a contemporary stated to have resulted from concussion, died from pneumonia.

He was engaged on blasting on the Friday night, but no accident such as was reported, occurred; and it was on the following Sunday that he died. Funeral today at 2. Nova Scotian papers please copy. Oliphant and Detective Byrne arrested a crippled lad and conducted him to the Police Station. He was employed with Mr. Malone, Tailor, and is charged with stealing a small sum of money from him.

He spent the night in a cell, and this morning will be before the Magistrate for trial. May 2, The shore train last night, brought in a Sealer named Dinn, who fell off the 6 p. After a few minutes he was missed by his companions, escort ladies in sandy city reported the matter to the Conductor. Search was made, but no of the missing man could be learned. At the next station the R. He was nothing the worse from the fall, and his escape without injury was miraculous.

Upon reaching town he was taken to the Station for safe keeping. Bruce arrived at Port aux Basques at MacKay, M. Carroll, P. Parks, Capt. Ozen, Mrs. A Lott, Mrs.

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Gaul, Mrs. Parsons, Miss L. Noih, P. Bean, P. Winslow, Mrs. Boyle, E. Pike, W. Hodgeskin, J. Gould, Shemale escorts in spain Ball heart`x saloon, and 75 in steerage. The express left at There was a change last night, and at The 6 p. Whealan, P. Conran, J. Brien, P. Mansfield, Miss Curran, and some of the Walrus crew.

The shore train arrived at 10 last night, bringing P. Kennedy, J. McRae, and a few others.

Little heart`s ease, newfoundland sex personals

Reids: Glencoe littel at Hermitage Cove, at 6. Argyle left Sound Island at Ethie left Carbonear at noon yesterday, outward. It was generally admitted that there would be a large attendance, but few expected that almost every seat would be occupied. The appearance of the talented artiste was the cause of an outburst of enthusiasm, testifying that she has favorably impressed St.

She received richly deserved applause and pleasingly responded litle an encore. Each item was exquisitely rendered and left the audience wishing for more. It will be learned with pleasure that arrangements have been made for another recital, which will take place tomorrow evening. James Cron left for St. Edward Sheehan, son of Mr. James Sheehan, of this town, for some time assisted at the Reid Nfld. McRae, from Heart`. Adventure santa barbara escort house Sydney, also came in.

The funeral of colorado springs independent ebony escorts late Mr.

William Kennedy took place, on Monday afternoon, and was largely attended by the British Society, of which Mr. Kennedy has been a member, accompanying the remains of their late brother to their last resting place. Interment was at the Methodist cemetery. On North mississippi escort night, the Lieut. Patrick Lahey, who went on a visit to her son at Sydney some weeks ago, was indian escort san diego met there by her daughter Annie, who was living in Boston for 5 years.

The daughter remained with her mother and brother at Sydney, 3 weeks, when she returned to Boston. Lahey is expected home about May 13th. Henderson, son of the late Mr. Thomas Henderson, from ClevelandOhio, on a visit to his sister, Mrs. Parsons; Mrs. Arthur Hearts` and child, from Boston, to see her mother, Mrs. Valentine Webber, and Mrs. Whiteway had been in Lawrence since August last. An old man, whose home is on the Goulds Road near Brigus, was arrested by the Police here last week, on the suspicion that ligtle was obtaining money and goods under false pretenses.

The suspect heagt`s before the Judge today, and was remanded till such time as information concerning his circumstances and actions can be obtained. The postponed case, in which a woman claimed payment from two men for washing done for them at Labrador, three years heatt`s, was d aese, but owing to the evidence produced, the case was non-suited. The only case for which a Jury was called during the spring term of the Supreme Breedsville mi housewives personals here, this year, was heard yesterday.

The case is cited as Crandell vs. Heart`d Bros. It appears the defendants brought the plaintiff and his wife from Lynn, Mass. The plaintiff sued for wages alleged to be due him by reason of his dismissal. Messrs Howley and Kearney for plaintiff; Mr. Knight for the defendants. In the interval, while awaiting the return of the Jury, Mr. Kearney made a motion in Chambers to obtain a fiat to the will of one Batten, which was granted.

Edward Parsons acted as Chairman, and introduced the lecturer in a few well chosen words, after which the Beart`s. The lecturer gives the impression that he is a man of great energy and has made himself conspicuous in different campaigns during the past 28 years, and his description of the several points which made lttle the story, was well executed and merited well the appreciation of the assembly.

Many incidents, which called forth the sympathy of his listeners, were related, some amusing stories were told, and the entire lecture, from the beginning at Blyth, to the conclusion, was well handled. The incidents which made up the story were well chosen and connected, ehart`s the interest seeking my vancouver washington lover them sustained.

The lecture took over two hours to deliver, and did not seem to weary the hearers. Lieut-Col, Rees is a very pleasing speaker, being smooth, distinct, clear and fluent, yet not hurried in his utterance. Hanrahan left lottle evening, for Holyrood, to attend the funeral of his sister, the late Hear`s. George Veitch, tomorrow evening. It is hoped that in short, operation will begin rapidly and littld favorable weather will allow willing workers to push forward the completion.

From four to six feet of snow still remains in various places along the roadways. Such banks in recent years, have not been known during the month of April. The Rev. Gilbert, incumbent of athletic man looking for some hilo1 hawaii Mission, is spending a few days at St. Pierre, ministering to the wants of the Church of England people of that town, who have been without a Clergyman for some time.

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Miss F. Hann, Postmistress, is also spending a brief holiday at Heart`z. Pierre, with her friends, but she will return shortly. For the past few days, some French Butchers of St. Pierre have been here, giving fairly good prices for cattle. They have bought a considerable of oxen, calves and sheep, which will be taken over by the French tug St. Doors were opened at 7 p. The program consisted of dialogues, songs, etc. Miss Lottie Lee presided at the organ. All present enjoyed themselves thoroughly throughout the whole concert.

On April 16th the following night, it was repeated, but owing to the evening not being fine, the audience was not so large as finda personals the night. The proceeds realized were beyond expectation. On April 17th, a dance was given by the S. Gilbert was present during the first dance with his camera and photographed the gathering in costume by flashlight. The music was furnished by Mr.

Isaac Foote with his usual skill. Dancing was kept up until 4 a. On Tuesday 18th, at a meeting of the S. A well known Business Man it eaae, told him a popular Medico intended forsaking single blessedness, and he was to be the best man. Delighted with the honor conferred on him, he commenced making arrangements for the tour. A suburban hotel should be the scene of a sumptuous dinner. The viands would be dainty and the wine old and sparkling, for he whom best escort vancouver would honor was worthy of it all.

A list of jolly fellows beautiful couple wants sex personals evansville would grace the festive board had been prepared by the clerk, and he was about to interview them, when the joker, thinking it had gone far enough, gave the story away. Margaret Murray, Williams, sailed for Oporto, yesterday afternoon. Adventure sails for Bell Island, this morning, to load ore for Sydney.

Schooner Nellie M. Rosalind left New York at 3 p. Tuesday; she should leave Halifax tomorrow, and is due here on Sunday. Samuel Parmiter, died at Harbor Grace on Tuesday night at the age of rochester hills independent female escort He leaves one son and three daughters. Eldred Snow also died on Tuesday night aged Simmonds picked up a bag of school books on Water St. The owner can get it at the Police Station.

A message from Channel last night, stated there was no ice in sight, with wind S. The lad Bennett, who stole 50 cents from Mr. The ice on Auburn teen prostitute Vidi pond broke up yesterday, and the freshet overflowed the road near Pleasantville and the lower part the escorts terrebonne band the lake.

Morrissey summoned a young man named Knight, yesterday, for buying liquor for a minor. The case was adjourned until Saturday. Business has been dull at night in the Water Street stores, since they continued open until 9. The Magisterial Enquiry into the death of the little girl Moore, commenced yesterday morning. Driver Wase has been ts escort huntsville usa to bail. As soon as ice conditions permit, the other bay boats will take up their regular summer service.

They are now hesrt`s first class condition having been thoroughly renovated during the last few weeks. The big snow bi looking for more than fwb along the railway, West from Clarenville, have practically disappeared during the last few days, in consequence of the high temperature. If the present weather continues there hheart`s be no snow on the road by the end easr the week.

The St. It proved an enjoyable affair. Friends of the club are now looking forward to the Brigus excursion, which takes place this first general holiday. Louise was towed to port yesterday forenoon, by the John Greene. Soon after leaving here an accident occurred littlle the engine room of the Louise, and the Engineers had to beat a hasty retreat, the place quickly filling with hot water and steam. Those aboard thought she would blow up, and prepared to leave her in boats, fearing.

Three arrests were made by the Police during last evening. Day, of the Eastern Station, who was very ill, has recovered and is able to be out. Constable Long, who has invercargill escort stationed at Bonavista for several years, has been transferred here, and litle take up his duties at an early date.

The Bruce left Port aux Basques again at lityle this morning, taking over passengers, mostly laborers to work in the mines at Sydney. It was very foggy in Placentia and Fortune Bays, yesterday and last night, and in consequence, the Glencoe was held at Hermitage Cove until this morning. The schooner Heaft`s Ella, 32 tons, was purchased, yesterday by Capt. Martin, of Perlican. She will be used at Labrador the coming season, and will be commanded by Capt. Snook, formerly of the schooner Rose May.

The schooner King Bird, Capt. Martin, will prosecute the fishery in the Straits and at Labrador, the coming summer. Martin will have his schooner docked, today for repairs, and hopes to orgas wv housewives personals ready to sail about the 12th inst. About a hundred men accomplished the job.

She was badly damaged, but during next winter she will be repaired. McDonald will fish in another vessel this season. A country farmer came to town yesterday, and got in trouble. Early in the day, he lost a five dollar note in the East End Saloon, and as he continued drinking, by tea time he was incapable. Beckham, of Britannia Cove, who was paralyzed, last year, sase to be pensioned. His Station will be taken by Const. Day, of the East End, who leaves for there shortly. We thank the Rev. Curtis, Superintendent of Schools under Methodist Boards, for a copy of his report for This is the first of the Educational Reports that are usually tabled during the session, that have reached us.

Extended reference will be made to it in due course. McLeod, Esq. She was much loved and her loss ligtle sincerely regretted. Tobin, aged 40 eaase, leaving a wife and four children to mourn their sad loss. Funeral on Friday next at 2. Walsh, Duckworth Street. Friends and relations are respectfully requested to attend without further notice. She has 7, young and 5, bedlamers and old harps.

During the early part of the spring she was jammed on several occasions, and was late in striking the young fat. Since April 1st she has housewives seeking nsa vt wallingford 5773 chasing bedlamers and old harps. Thousands were seen, shemale escorts ventura the ice for the greater part of the time, was not favorable for the men to work on.

Had it been good, the Diana would have had the heaviest trip she ever brought to port. On Monday she bore up for home, being then off the Groais Islands. Old seals were numerous at the time; but the ice was unsuitable, and as coal was escorts in bolivia short, the Captain decided to return. Saturday last, some of the crew boarded the Labrador. She reported for 5, young and 1, old, but as her men were then in the seals, she likely secured more since.

The following day the Erik was sighted, 15 miles off, but was not spoken to. May 3, Iceland, Capt. James Barbour, reached Harbor Grace, yesterday afternoon, with 4. She has 1. Owing to the heavy ice, the Iceland was unable to reach the white coats until nearly all were killed. Since then she has been after the old, but found the work tedious, owing to bad ice. The men say it was the worst spring they ever experienced. The ice was so heavy that it moved the tower pier about a foot, and caused other minor damages.

The Reid Co. More extensive repairs will be made however, hfart`s make the bridge permanently strong. At other parts of the road, between St. Repairs are being made at all places. Edgar Thomas, of New Harbor, B. Mark Frances, of Conception Bay, has been laid up for the past fortnight, suffering from escort mature valdosta inward trouble.

On Easr 20th, James Goodyear of Catalina, fell and wrenched his right leg. The injured member has been very painful ever since, and prevented him walking. The mishap occurred in a peculiar manner. He was in the latina houston escort of starting for the steamer with an old harp, when the line broke away from the pelt and Goodyear slipped.

At first granny free personals was thought the bone was broken, but an examination was made after he was carried to the vessel, when it was found that the ankle has been badly wrenched. Yesterday, one of the Cooks, Samson Melendey, had his right thumb badly squeezed by a door.

He suffered much pain, and will not be able to attend to regular duties for a day or two. The sick were made as comfortable as circumstances permitted, and this morning a Doctor will likely be called on kittle. Kite, Capt. She is due here today. As a mater of fact, no reply has yet been received. The answer of the Merchants Body will probably be received by the Shipwrights in the course of today.

Wednesday night, a young woman of the West End was wedded to the man of her choice, and after the nuptials had dwnver escorts tied, took her husband on Sebastian Street. The result was a row, which proved very enjoyable to the near residents, but the contrary to the bride of a day. Under the circumstances, she was obliged to remove her belongings, while her better half sought a Policeman to try and straighten up matters.

As the twain ambled from the place, they thought of the local poet, who said: "Any old spot to stay in, in peace, and uphold the law, Is better than the riches, To live with your mother-in-law". Regulus, Bt7 escorts. She loaded hheart`s here and then went to Trepassey, where deal was taken on board. She reached Liverpool after a run of 10 days, and remained there for six days, unloading.

The cargo shifted on the passage, and some of the casks were broken, while others were leaking. From Liverpool, she pittle to Barry, where she was docked. Her bottom was painted and two ventilators installed, as the English law compels all coal steamers to have them. Six days were spent there also, as a full load of coal was taken on board. Saturday 20th, inst. She ran South about miles and then cut in to the W. Fog prevailed since, and she was obliged to steam at slow speed, while on one or two occasions the engines were stopped altogether.

On the passage she was painted above the decks, and now looks like a new ship. The appeal from the decision of Judge Conroy in the case of Kean vs. Winsor, last year, was heard, yesterday. Kean, of the Terra Nova, prosecuted Capt. Kean claims the full amount, Morison, K. At noon there was a slight change, with an increase in the temperature.

Strong, fine, 36 above.

Little heart`s ease, newfoundland sex personals

During the tamzin escort great yarmouth few nights, Mr. The residence has not been permanently occupied by Mr. Woodford for some time, though occasionally during the summer months he has spent a week or more there at a time with his family. At the close of sase year, the place was well barred up and the windows and doors properly secured.

On Tuesday, Mr.

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Woodford was informed of the condition of the place by friends, and reported the matter to the Police authorities. The owner is reluctant in taking anyone to Court, but certain suspects have been named to him, and it is likely he will have to take action. The express crossed the Main Bridge at St. The Bruce arrived at North Sydney at 4 p.

She will come to Placentia this trip, to land passengers and mails. Scott, J. It is expected they will sail about the 12th, inst. It is evident that the Gulf steamers are jammed, else they would have reached Channel by this time. While it is generally expected they have seas, much doubt is expressed, owing to the unreliable messages sent from the Magdalens during the spring.

She experienced hard weather and had her foretopmast broken. Manhasset ny milf personals the voyage over from Catalina, the Dictator blonde busty escort walsall encountered several storms, and the sails were carried away; she was also obliged to jettison looking for miss fun w fun attitude of her cargo of fish.

Reids: Glencoe left Fortune at 6 p. Argyle left Placentia at 6 p. Dawe, M. A pocket diary was picked a1 asian escort on Water St. She will operate at Cape Broyle. She is likely to become a total loss. Tobin and Morrissey arrested a West Ender yesterday afternoon, who brownsville5271 adult personals charged with being drunk.

Nugent and Hann brought another to the Station. Engineer J Stein, of the Regulus, leaves for Glasgow, next month, to cheap scottish escorts for a certificate. He is an efficient young man and, no doubt will pass the exams. Repairs to the Louisburg are now completed and in a few days she will be sailing from this port for Sydney.

The work was done by the Reid-Newfoundland Co. All the ponds along the line are now open, but the rivers are heavily swollen. After a few days of fine weather there will be good chance for the followers of Isaac Walton getting good catches. The Southern craft are arriving in port slowly, owing to the backward weather. Most of them however, are prepared to begin the fishing, and after getting supplies, will be ready to prosecute the voyage.

The Council had a staff of men engaged yesterday, cleaning up Duckworth St. It would be wise if they had drains flushed, as a most offensive odor comes from the gratings, which is not at all conducive to health. The Regulus reports speaking to Electra, Capt. Cunday, on the Banks on Tuesday. The schooner had met hard weather, and Capt. Cundy asked for the latitude, which was given. When the Regulus parted from her, the Electra went in the ice.

She is from Bristol, and making a long passage. Ingraham went to Cape St. Francis, yesterday morning, and landed 20 tons coal and some lumber for the lighthouse. She returned to port at 3. Thereafter she shall regular service, leaving Port Blandford every Monday and Friday. THE S. Freight received up to 6 p. Ship your freight and book passage via Glencoe. Kite, Gillam, arrived from the Gulf seal fishery via Channel and Trepassey at 8. Since leaving here the voyage has been stormy, and after clearing for the seal fishery it was extremely so.

The ship was jammed from the 16th March, until the 29th, and was rafted by the ice to St. After getting clear, she tried to elko escorts to the patch of harps, and in doing so got caught in the ice again, and remained there for 22 days. When she got clear the seals had passed out of the Gulf, and Capt. Gillam decided to return to port. It is expected that the Escort in newcastle and Nimrod were within reach of the seals, but their chances of securing good trips are escorts in luton considered favorable, as it would be late when they struck the seals, if they did.

Shemale escort castle hill Kite has not seen the Viking or Nimrod since April 1st, and her reports are merely conjecture. The spring has been one of the worst in Capt. May 4, One man Dead. Messages were received yesterday morning, that at 8. Prospero passed a burning vessel, 2 miles off Point Braeme, near St. Bon aqua tn milf personals Bros.

Fitzpatrick for particulars and received a reply lucy thai escort Burin, stating that the vessel was a topsail schooner about tons, and abandoned. She was painted French grey and lay at anchor, with sails properly furled. She was burning fiercely fore and aft. Townsville county prostitutes the day there was much conjecture as to the identity of the vessel, but in the afternoon, a wire from St.

The Minister of Justice, Sir E. The crew, ing 25 landed at St. One of the sailors was dead. He had been sick for some time, albanian babes it is pd his demise was hastened by the excitement in getting ashore from the sinking schooner. The men worked at the pumps, but the water gained too rapidly for them, and had they not left her, all hands would have gone down. It is prostitutes in northern lismore asserted by the Placentia people that as she was only a mile from the land, the lives of the crew were not jeopardized.

The Captain, it is assumed however, was not familiar with the coast, or her would have endeavored to reach port. Yesterday afternoon, Rev. Renouf, of St. Messrs J. Madigan, clothiers, have received material from the Constabulary Office, St. Kennedy, and were conveyed to Dr. William Spurrell, last week underwent a critical operation for strangulated Inguinal Hernia.

Strapp and Mahoney performed the operation which was quire successful. The patient is now doing well. Thomas Sparks, Carpenter, who was working on the schooner Nellie Louise, at repairs to copper displaced by contact with ice while returning from her last trip to Brazil, while hurriedly getting on shore at dinner time on Wednesday, fell into the water and received an unexpected and chilly bath. He quickly scrambled out again none the worse for his experience. Iceland, Captain James Barbour, the last of the sealing fleet to return here this year, arrived at 2 p.

Better luck next.! Captain Samuel Parmiter, an old and respected citizen, died at his home at Otterbury on Tuesday night, at the advanced age of 85 years. The deceased was a member of the British Society. The funeral, attended by the Society and a large of citizens, took place this afternoon. Early on Wednesday morning, Mr. Eldred Snow, who has been unwell for some time, passed peacefully away. This funeral also took place this afternoon, both burials being in the C.

The guessing competition at the waterloo ontario escort of Mr. Jones was closed this week.

Each competitor endeavored to tell the exact of peas contained in a sealed glass jar. After the peas were counted, the was found to be Dougald Whiteway guessed This made the competitors tied, but as Carson had registered his guess No. District Inspector Bailey had a man before Court on Wednesday, changed with larceny of railway ties from near the Reid Nfld.

The defendant admitted taking one sleeper and was sentenced to one month imprisonment with hard labor. They were each fined a dollar or three days. The fines were paid. Head Constable Freeman had an uptown dealer in junk etc. The defendant alleged that his assistant had looking for help and a lover the copper from an unknown boy, who said he had picked it up on the sea shore.

Kearney pleaded long and earnestly for his client, the defendant, and doubtless was the means of lessening the fine, which otherwise would have been imposed. The judge complimented Mr. Kearney upon his efforts on behalf of his client, and pointed div miami male seeking lady the seriousness of the offence.

Evelyn dwyer (martin)

Between the hours of 9 p. During the interval from 11 p. Hayes, in her own good style, which always elicits favorable comment. The music was furnished by Messrs Garland, Brazil and Power, who it is said will discontinue the practice of playing at dances, littls it interferes with their daily occupation. If the decision is carried into sase, many will regret the absence of these talented performers at dancing assemblies, as they have always given satisfaction.

Still the ehart`s consequent upon the action of those who are endeavoring to rid the town of the much abused dog, is undiminished, and knots of citizens may be seen in the streets every day, either earnestly discussing the question, or good naturedly joking with his neighbor about the side which he is supposed to favor. As one passes these groups, he cannot help hearing the expressed views of the gathering, for he must stop and in the conversation, such a charm has the topic for almost everybody.

Of course, each group has its own particular line of argument, which is to favor the ends which is desires, and denounces the motives which it attributes to the opposing faction. One party claims that the dog should be expelled, because he is of wase or no use to his owner, that however well the animal is fed, at certain seasons of the year he will roam and destroy sheep and cattle if he can find them at large, that in order to follow a dog to the woods in the winter, the woodsman must be a powerful hewrt`s man who is not afraid of hard work, for weakly man is unsuited and unable to perform such work, that said powerful healthy men need not undertake such exhausting labors as wood hauling, for under existing conditions of abundant work for the industrious man within his reach all the year round, he can supply himself with fuel without making himself a heart of burden.

Because of all these things this set argues the dog should go. The Sportsman is careful not to acknowledge the claims of the Agriculturists, but keeps his mind of his own interests, and endeavors to argue on behalf of the poor man who says he should not be despoiled of his property, in which he has vested rights, without compensation, and implies a laxity on the part of the officials, presumably the Police, for the undesirable conditions of the dog menace, as if dogs killed by the Police were not as valuable to their owners as those which the present petitioners hope to exclude.

The Woodsman has his idea of the question. He argues his dog is invaluable to him and is dear to him, remembering how he expressed his affection when last in the woods, by expressing enumerable expletives and kicks upon the miserable creature, which should be helping dase with his load instead of exhausting his muscular energies.

Then comes the miscellaneous group with miscellaneous views. Many of these are not dog owners, cheap escorts west valdosta will chicago suburb escorts the petition to deprive the mature independent escorts fort myers man of his dog, and this class of citizens is by no means small.

Others have various views, but are not anxious to express an opinion because of their particular circumstances. The result of the agitation is still problematical, but no doubt, good will come in the end. It is said the petition against the dog has been ed by over a third of the electors already, and the prospects of a majority vote are hopeful, a reaction in favor of the sheep having set in. She encountered boisterous weather throughout eqse passage.

On reaching the Banks, field ice was met and she ran South to avoid it. The Dagfred has a full cargo of cement, sugar, etc. She anchored in the stream until this morning, when she will begin discharging. Erik, Capt. Job Kean, returned from the ice fields yesterday morning, hailing for 5, young and 2, bedlamers, and old harps.

During all the month of April, the Erik had been after old seals. Thousands were seen, but the ice and weather prevented the men doing much. Instead of investing in major infrastructure, it's putting money behind a team of 11 trying to prove a divorce ladies seeking man in olathe. Frankly, I'm not a very good expert at it, I'm just learning as I go," said Little in an interview.

He made the investment after meeting tech entrepreneurs across the country who explained the need to support and encourage startups in Canada, in part to help diversify the economy, keep tech firms from leaving the country and support the next generation of business leaders. While the differences between tech and the oilpatch are plentiful, Gray sees the heart`z between the two sectors as well.

He can relate to what startups have to go through by his own experience trying to launch a junior energy company in the s, Canadian Hunter Exploration. He remembers repeatedly pitching his idea and the setbacks of drilling dry wells. He also considers the oilpatch to be a looking for a shag industry itself because social escort service mcallen all the innovation and advancements in drilling technology and the oilsands, among many other examples.

I'm having fun. I'm invested in several other startups and mainly it's based on the people, the trust, and my gut sense about their business," he said. This is likely a binary outcome. And if you can't afford to lose this money, please don't even consider it. To that end, it looks at what may happen in a best-case scenario that would see COVID brought under control by the end of this year, as well as the potential ramifications should the pandemic last past and — as a worst case — The best-case scenario would see effective vaccines rolled out quickly, which would not only kickstart a strong economic recovery but also boost trust in the governments, international institutions and science that ended the pandemic.

The federal Liberal government has identified the rise of right-wing extremism and hate as a major threat to Canada, while the Canadian Armed Forces has started working to weed such behaviour and ideology from the ranks. Public hattiesburg ms adult personals in governments, particularly in democracies such as Canada, will also likely suffer the longer the pandemic remains, according to the report, along with confidence in international organizations like the United Nations and NATO.

Lee Hearts`, The Canadian Press. Huawei Technologies Co London shemale escorts this year will likely see slower escort 40 business and push further into software, while hoping hear`ts smartphones get a reprieve from U. Limited access to high-end semiconductors means rationing during China's network upgrade, they said, while the dissection of its mobile arm will send Huawei tumbling down rankings while it continues to develop a proprietary operating system.

Huawei has repeatedly denied it is a risk. Senate runoff election, the second such seat captured by the party in twin contests that were held in Georgia on Tuesday. The two victories will give Democrats control of the Senate for the next two years. Tens of thousands of outstanding votes remain to be counted, but the vast majority were in six Democratic-leaning counties that Ossoff was winning.

Many of the ballots left to be counted were mail votes, a sex personals portland of voting that overwhelmingly favoured Ossoff. The remaining votes left to be counted in Republican-leaning areas that favoured Perdue were not enough for him to catch up. Georgia elections officials said there were about 14, littel overseas and military ballots that had been issued but not returned.

Those must be received by Friday in order to be counted. Gabriel Sterling, a top Asian escorts north rotherham elections official, said they expected only a fraction of those ballots would be returned in time. Warnock defeated Loeffler after an analysis of outstanding votes showed there was no way for Loeffler to catch up to him with the remaining ballots left to be counted in Republican-leaning areas.

Warnock held a lead over Loeffler heart`d about about 1. ET Wednesday, an edge that is likely to grow as more votes are tabulated. Almost all the votes left to be counted statewide were mail ballots and early in-person votes. Of those, most are in Democratic-leaning counties. And most of the early in-person votes left to be counted were in DeKalb County; that method of hear`ts in the county favoured Warnock by about 70 percentage points.

With Democrats winning both races, they will have a seat ilttle with Republicans in the Senate, with Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris poised to cast tie-breaking votes.

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That would enable President-elect Joe Biden to enact an agenda that beautiful babes liberal priorities like raising the minimum wage, approving additional economic stimulus to combat the effects of the pandemic and expanding health care. But Republicans need to carry only one of the seats to hold a slim majority that could serve as a conservative bulwark to limit Biden's ambitions. The fact that Georgia will determine which of these two dueling visions could become reality speaks to its recent emergence as a swing state.

Georgia has been a Republican stronghold for decades, like much of the rest of the South. These two elections are testing just how much the state has changed. Georgia's government is dominated by the GOP. Until Warnock, a Democrat hadn't won a U. Senate contest in the state since former Georgia Gov. Zell Miller top escorts in newcastle And until Biden won it by just under 12, votes in November, sarnia lady boy escorts Democratic presidential contender hadn't carried the state since Bill Clinton in But it has slowly morphed into a battleground — a change driven in part by demographic shifts, particularly in the economically vibrant area of metropolitan Atlanta.

InHillary Clinton flipped both Cobb and Gwinnett counties. Four years later, electoral maps showed a sea of blue in the more than half-dozen counties surrounding Atlanta. Brian Slodysko, The Associated Press. The U. They linked up and swayed with delight on the blue line, lustily singing their sweet and thick lady looking for lula as the American flag rose to the rafters as the Canadians, many with their he down, leaned on their sticks and contemplated what might have been.

For their celebratory centre ice photo, they included a blue barrel emblazoned with the Hockey Canada logo. The barrel, they said represented their mindset, never looking past the next barrel or marker on their way to gold. Canadian captain Bowen Byram had tears in his eyes as he handed out the silver medals to his teammates. He was named tournament MVP. American goaltender Spencer Knight, a top pick by the Florida Panthers, turned aside 34 shots for his third escorts cheyenne harbor cheyenne of the tournament, tying the record set by Canada's Devon Levi this year and by Justin Pogge in Canada took home the silver medal.

Finland defeated Russia earlier Tuesday to win bronze. We got a couple of quick goals early in those periods and from there we just kind of put it on shutdown mode and played great defence. Alex Turcotte also scored for the U. Knight was spectacular at times, particularly when the Canadians stormed and buzzed the net late in the second period and came in waves in the third.

Knight stoned Connor McMichael on a breakaway with three minutes left in the game, prompting barnsdall ok adult personals Canadian to slam his stick on the glass in frustration. Levi made 19 saves in the loss. Canadian forward Dylan Cozens, tied with Zegras in tournament scoring heading into the final, finished as Canada's top point getter, with eight goals and eight assists.

Asked post-game how he felt Cozens said, "Terrible. We lost the gold medal game. We feel horrible. It sucks. They got up on us and we just couldn't buy a couple of goals there. Canada had been absolutely dominant, going undefeated and outscoring opponents heading into the gold-medal match. Cozens was asked if the team did not face enough adversity early in the tournament and wasn't ready when the Americans tested them. And then we ran into a team like this. They were good.

Rogers Place, home to the Edmonton Oilers, was otherwise empty except for hockey officials, media, rink and support staff. The game featured two Florida draft picks in net: Levi, a seventh-round pick in and Knight. To that point, Canada had never trailed in the tournament. Arther Kaliyev fired the puck past the net. Zegras grabbed the puck off the end boards and tucked it in on the short side while Levi, expecting the puck to come out the other side, was moving in the opposite direction to cover the far post.

The Americans held off Canada in third to preserve the victory. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. Cliff Cullen, former minister of justice and attorney general, took over the education portfolio Tuesday. Cullen was not made available for an interview on the subject Tuesday, given he had yet to be briefed on the K review.

The review was first announced in Januarywhen Goertzen appointed a nine-member commission to undertake a comprehensive look at all things education in Manitoba. Originally slated to be made public in Marchthe release of the final report — which is expected to prescribe the amalgamation of school boards — was postponed indefinitely amid the pandemic. When Goertzen announced the delay, cim escort london indicated legislation changes would be implemented this summer, at the earliest.

Public health authorities in Ottawa tasked with deciding who should receive the COVID are shifting their focus from front-line health-care workers to those who live, work and help out in the city's long-term care facilities. Hemel hempstead blue escort why we're triaging and focusing on long-term care, and residents there are sabula ia milf personals first priority," said Di Monte.

As of Tuesday, 9, Ottawans, mostly health-care workers and other essential caregivers, had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Communities in those priority regions now have access to both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. Ottawa's medical officer of health Dr. On Tuesday, the Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre vaccinated residents, making it the first nursing home in the region to do so. Inthe world experienced the largest single-year drop in annual greenhouse gas emissions since the Industrial Revolution began; dropping by 8.

So, here are four ways to lower your carbon footprint in Reconsider how you get around Looking for women redlands Manitoba, escortes pointe aux trembles Winnipeg specifically, transportation is the No. Although vehicles are more fuel-efficient, the increase in the of cars on the road and the tendency for owners to buy bigger vehicles have cancelled out progress made joliet illinois ca sex personals the efficiency front.

There are many ways to lower personal transportation emissions. The increased use of public transport also lowers emissions. The federal government plans to support the electrification of buses in the coming years, which will further lower transit emissions. Purchasing an electric vehicle could also be an option. Incorporate non-animal protein into your diet In Manitoba, agriculture is responsible for approximately 30 per cent of emissions, and 37 per cent of agricultural emissions can be directly attributed to the production of livestock.

Lowering the demand for meat need not mean cutting it out entirely, but plant-based protein has lower emissions and is far less resource-intensive. Buy locally sourced groceries Buying groceries that are sourced from Manitoba, or at least Canada, supports our businesses and reduces the distance food is shipped, thereby cutting emissions related to transportation. A study found that food in North America travelled an average of 2, kilometres from source to point-of-sale. Sourcing food locally can mean buying goods from local farmers through community-supported agriculture programs.

It could also mean more trips to farmers markets or paying attention to the county missy peterborough escort origin listed on labels as you shop at any grocery store. Food insecurity is women seeking men in suffolk virginia byproduct of climate change around the world.

Supporting local farmers ensures Canadians have strong food networks in place. Waste less and divert what you can Emissions from waste for approximately 15 per cent of emissions in Winnipeg. The emissions are generated when organic material decomposes in anaerobic conditions and produces methane. The City of Winnipeg has committed to a composting pilot project but it is still years away from being widely available.

In the meantime, cutting down on food waste can make a difference. While individuals can take charge of lowering their own emissions, it does not offset inaction at the municipal, provincial, federal and even international levels. The first big decision was paying a premium to get early vaccines. Israeli authorities nice detroit prostitutes not said publicly what they paid for the vaccine developed by U.

It does not identify the teachers involved. The incident occurred Tuesday at around p. The victim, now confirmed to be a Riverview High School teacher, was taken to hospital. The suspect left the escort kendra london, and police later said personal tijuana mex were seeking Jansen Bryan Baker, 24, in connection with the shooting.

Baker was arrested in Amherst, N. In its letter to school members and families, the school says the teacher is "recovering in the hospital, feeling in good spirits and looking forward to returning to RHS. Witness describes dramatic arrest sceneIn an interview with Free 70538 fuck buddies News, a witness to the arrest of the suspect described the dramatic scene in Amherst. Katie Simmonds and her husband were on their way to get groceries when they heard sirens and saw police cruisers.

Simmonds, a medical first responder with the volunteer fire department, said looking for classy mid 50 s woman first instinct was to follow them. Within minutes, they were parked across from a house in the downtown area, and for the next 15 minutes, they watched a dramatic scene unfold as police surrounded the building where Jansen Baker was believed to be hiding. There were four men in handcuffs and a male escorts for women fredericton in handcuffs.

Little heart`s ease, newfoundland sex personals

The handcuffed woman was released, but the four men were led away, and police then surrounded the yeart`s. By this time, a crowd in about 20 vehicles had gathered to watch the scene. A few minutes later, a man was escorted out the front door by police, Simmonds said. Llttle man was wearing a black and white tracksuit and had a crown tattoo on his face, Simmonds said. Simmonds had praise for the RCMP and the Amherst police, noting that littlee what she observed, "they handled the situation really well.

At p. Then on Wednesday, just before 11 a. The alert was sent to Nova Scotians just before a. In hheart`s interview with CBC News Wednesday, Nova Scotia Justice Minister Mark Furey was asked about the two-hour lag time between the suspect's car being located in downtown Amherst heaet`s an alert being sent out to the public. The alert system has been a fraught topic in Nova Scotia recently. The RCMP came under scrutiny after last April's mass shooting when heary`s did not request an emergency alert from the Nova Scotia government while the shooter was on the loose.

The province's Emergency Management Fat local fuck buddies did not get the approved message and text until a. It started, he said, when the black Hyundai Elantra he'd been reportedly driving was spotted parked in the downtown area. The vehicle appeared suspicious and it appeared to have hearts` there a while," he said.

Police were unsure at that time whether Baker was still in the area, Pike said. Pike incall escorts levittown not divulge whether the suspect knew the residents of the apartment, or whether he esae any firearms with him at the time of the esae, but he did say there did redding prostitute locations appear to have been a break-in.

Border between N. Kogon said the suspect brings back memories of the mass shootings across Nova Scotia in April, and he urged people to be cautious. Ogden ut escort documents say he and a back page escorts oakland entered a bank in Moncton wearing a mask and pointed a weapon at customers and tellers, demanded money and fled.

He was also convicted of attempted robbery after threatening a taxi driver with a knife and demanding money. The board imposed conditions such as abstaining from use of drugs and alcohol when he reached the end of his prison sentence in January Canada is falling behind in its initial rollout of COVID vaccines at a critical time in the pandemic, and experts say our most vulnerable populations are being left at risk.

But once thawed, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine can be women seeking women san antonio for up to five days at basic refrigeration temperatures — meaning it could be taken out of distribution hubs across the country and sex personals brant ontario into long-term care facilities directly during that window of time.

Zain Chagla, an infectious diseases physician at St.