Johnny tremain coloring pages

Oct 26 2019

The story begins on July 23, 1773, in the Boston silversmith shop of elderly Ephraim Lapham, where Johnny is a promising 14-year-old apprentice. It is understood that someday he will marry Mr. Lapham’s granddaughter Cilla to keep the shop within the Lapham family. The shop soon receives a challenging and urgent order from wealthy merchant John Hancock to make a silver dish to replace one that Mr. Lapham fashioned decades before. While preparing Hancock’s order, Johnny’s hand is badly burned when Dove, an older apprentice resentful of Johnny, deliberately gives him a cracked crucible that leaks molten silver. Johnny’s hand is crippled beyond use, and he can no longer be a silversmith. Johnny’s youthful pride is crushed by the injury, which has made him useful only as an unskilled errand boy. He goes off to find a new job that will accept his crippled hand.

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