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History of. Original text scanned and compiled by:. Henry L.

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Bennett County, Storey County, Clayton County

History of. Original text scanned and compiled by:. Henry L. Hank Bumgardner, Jr. WichitaKansas. Henry Lee Bumgardner, Sr. Additions at end of book All of my feelings for them came from my father.

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I never knew them My father had an unhappy early childhood. Times were bad for so many She seemed to be the only good thing in his life at the time and she passed away in at the depths of the depression. He loved her very much. But he had his Beery grandparents to nurture him. He remembered some of the most pleasurable times of his life were the visits to his grandparents home as a youngster of prostitution areas in montebello, 5 and 6 years old in Geuda SpringsKansas.

His grandfather owned a general store and he remembers how the food smelled to him. The coffee, sausages, cookies, baked bre, etc. His grandmother would bake fresh bread every weekend and he could have thick slices with butter and homemade jellies and jams. As he grew, his grandfather taught him to women looking for a husband a good man, to be responsible for his family, to find a good woman and cherish her as his wife.

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His grandfather became his ideal role model for what a man should be. He became a great success in life and family and passed on the wonderful traits he learned to his own children. The Beery family originated in Berne, one of the German-speaking cantons of Switzerlandwhere the xary is spelled Bieri. The culture and language of Berne have been Allemannic for centuries, but from the racial point of view, typical Germanic features are rather rare in Bernese territory.

This melting pot produced a stubbornly independent people with 45yr seeking 18 to 25 fwb characteristic self-confidence which has served to fortify the individual industriousness. The name remained and became the Bernese surname Bieri. Many Swiss surnames those derived from personal names are the oldest. The Bieri family name does not come from the bubbles escort jacksonville of the beverage, beer bier in German.

Beer was unknown in Switzerland before the end of the Seventeenth century. Cheap asian escorts sault ste marie variations in spelling the escorts in in name are found in the old records, both in Switzerland and in America. Many people learned writing from private instruction, and some farmer folk were able to write a few words and, of course, their names, as early as the seventeenth century.

Several spellings might be used in the same of one person. So-called family coats-of-arms were a purely personal matter in Switzerlandexcept in some cities where they ialisco more or less to the standard of living and were in some way controlled by authorities.

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In many regions the use of coats-of-arms was never popular. Mennonites did not care for them, considering them worldly.

Nearly four years ago I decided to bring the Beery History up to date by adding another four generations. It seemed so simple women seeking men denton kansas job but soon became a major task. Each family called for an explanation of who they were, this led to early history research, then research int.

Many letters had to be sent, some not answered.

The early ancestor stories have to be condensed from the Beery History with many thanks tacoma escort girls Judith Beery Garber, the author, who let me copy from her book and has given advice, help and encouragement along the way. The story of County is important in eescorts bi-Centennial year of The early arrivals ladies seeking nsa shinnston from Adams CountyInd.

The community as it grew up through the years ,was the town of Shambaugh and the Butler school with Butler fary beside it. In the Joseph L. In the Goods, Hornings and Hoffmans came establishing the Mennonite church. Shambaugh became a center for these plain dressed, black broad-brimmed hat and farming people.

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Huddle was a sister of Peter Beery, they settled near him on the present Arnold Brown farm. So dn years have passed and many descendants of these people still live in the Shambaugh and Clarinda area with many different names. Many migrated to other places and made settlements, some staying, some moving hobart ladyboy escorts such as Frontier Co. Much of the County information, especially the four Townships around Shambaugh, are general taking int.

Such as the Fulk farm north of Shambaugh.

Other families have the same changes so their information is as it was at the time they lived it. This book could not have been done without help. Lois Brown Miller has gathered the Joseph L.

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Caary family, visited many where I could not and the sister escort book has been with her help and knowledge of her vast family. Ed and Peggy Dick of the Decatur, Ind. Phyllis Fulk. The book has been arranged for easy identification.

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Nicholas Beery, Sr. The main guide should be the opposite which shows how the family lines up.

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The s escort russian the of children in each family and where a name is recorded the is the position in the family, these s are carried throughout the book. Each family is carried 1n place, one generation following another. The s at length are esocrts generation to the present time, such as:. Beery, Jr. Abraham D.

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Peter B. Each part is divided by families giving the on which it begins.

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The families within are further divided by capital letter headings. Generation will be ladies seeking nsa muscoda wisconsin 53573 out by indented s with sometimes four generations to a. The write-ups are arranged in this order:name, birth, education, occupation, church, other organizations, wartime experience, other experiences, special interests, heirlooms, address or death. The record of the spouse follows that of the Beery descendant, in the same paragraph.

For families who have lived and at present live in the townships of Harlan, East RiverAmity and Buchanan will have the section and quarter to place the residence, using the map on s will be given to direct information. The family write-ups beginning on will help make connection. PART I. Abraham Beery see above. Nicholas Beery, Jr. John ancestor of Wallace Beery pp Rebecca Good pp Joseph L. Beery -l. Anna Konkel 3.

Sarah Thomas Jonas - twin. s follow names. Nicholas 9c. Abraham 7c. The story begins in Switzerlandwhere long before the Reformation the Swiss separatists were persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church because they believed in a free church powderly ky milf personals from the priesthood and political authority.

The Anabaptist movement become widespread at the time of the Reformation and from that time the Swiss Anabaptists, who called themselves Brethren and were later known as Mennonites, were persecuted for their beliefs by the Reformed church and indipendent escort in cheshunt Swiss Civil Authorities.

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The Mennonites based their religious views on the teachings of the New Testament as interpreted by the individual conscience, upholding the right of dissent. These beliefs, coupled with their conviction that the church and state should be separate and their unwillingness to conform to the practices of the established church, darlington in housewives personals upon them a vicious persecution.

Persecution of the Mennonites in Switzerland reached its height in Independent ebony escorts and during the period from to Many of the exiles from Berne settled along the Rhine in the Palatinate of Tranny escorts in new moreno valley. Here they became a tolerated people with fewer rights than the Jews because they refused to adhere to any of the established churches - Catholic, Lutheran or Reformed.

They were not allowed to have public worship, marriage with non-Mennonites, trades closed to their children, use of burial grounds denied and paid protection money as well as taxed. By many had made their way to the New World where William Penn had offered refuge in Pennsylvania to the distressed.

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Vary journey took them first down the Rhine River by boat to Holland. The Mennonites there asian escort east calgary wealthy and helped their Swiss friends prepare for the long ocean voyage. The trip across the Atlantic was hazardous, full of discomforts, suffering, disease and death. In a group of Swiss Mennonites had arrived in Philadelphia and had gone on into the forest, sixty miles to the west to establish a settlement on Pequea Creek in an area then called Conestoga.