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IPresenteb to Subscribers to tbe. Marrnambool Stanbarb. Drapery our Special Feature. Grocery Replete in all Requirements.

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Dimensions—length, 1 foot ; width, 8 inches, depth, 4 inches. No article liable to Customs Duties can be sent as a sample or pattern. The following fees are charged upon letters posted after the time appointed for closing the mails. Posted at General Post Office If handed to the Mail guards or posted in the Railway. Travelling Post Office By Sydney Express, posted in bag at Spencer-street.

Warrnambool up to 4. By Adelaide Express, posted in bag at Spencer-street. Late fee up to final closing Hours for sweet housewives seeking nsa cary, 10 a. On Saturdays between 10 a. Should it be desired to transmit broken sums of pence, unobliterated stamps, not exceeding in value 5d. Postal Notes may be crossed like chequeswhen they will only be paid through a bank.

Postal Notes are payable for six months after date of issue. After once paying a Postal Note, all liability on the part of the Department ceases. Offices are open daily Saturdays excepted from 10 a. Offices close on Saturdays at noon. Orders Payable in Victoria. For any. Orders by Telegraph will be charged for as a message of ten words in addition to above.

Orders by Telegraph in addition to above rates charged for message of nine words. For every pound or fraction, sixpence. Female escorts newcastle tyne bonds, India, and United States of America only.

Escort service southern warrnambool

For every pound, or fraction sixpence. Office hours—10 a. Deposits of One Shilling and upwards are received. Limit of weight—7 lb. Postage—2 lb. All Parcels must be taken to a Post Office, where they will be received by an officer, who will affix the necessary stamps. Parcels are traceable to destination. Parcels may, before delivery, be re-called by the senders.

For each parcel not exceeding 1 lb. For each additional 1 lb.

All Parcels are traceable to destination. Limit of weight—11 lb. Limit of size of Parcel—maximum, southenr ft. Articles of a dangerous, damaging, or offensive character will not be received or delivered. No current coin or bullion is allowed to be sent through the Parcels Escort fort lauderdale. Ordinary office hours, 8.

Sundays excepted. Telegrams delivered at offices where there are messengers free one mile from office. Where no messengers are employed, telegrams remain at the office until called for. Victoria—A uniform rate of 9d. To Queensland.

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To South Australia Port Darwin line excepted. To Tasmania. New Zealand—Uniform charge of 3s 6d for first ten words, and 6d. Western Australia. United Kingdom. To New Caledonia. Thus a message containing five words would be 9s. Government Cheques. Draft or order drawn upon any other banker in Victoria for settling s only. Draft escorts in chch nz transmission of money between Government departments.

Withdrawing money from any Post Office or other Medway me milf personals Bank. Government or municipal debentures. Cheques drawn by any officer of charitable institutions, building or friendly societies. Government receipts. Deposits in any bank as a currentnot as a fixed deposit. Bill of Lading or copy. Contract Note—For any marketable security, not. For samples only F ree. Certificate, Receipt, servicee Acknowledgment.

Lease, or agreement for lease of lands or tenements. Any mining lease or any agreement for the right to enter. Conveyances or Transfer on Sale of any real Property'—. Application to bring land under the Statute for the'. Consent to an application whereby the consenting. Application to bring land under the Act by any. Every transfer of land Exchange and partition or division of any real. Grant to or from the Crown. Giving land for right-of-way to the use of the public. Warrnamblol settlements, conveyance of property to friendly societies.

First-Class Accommodation and every Comfoit given. Only Best Brands of Wines and Spirits kept. Charges Moderate. Fairy Street, Warrnambool. Auctioneers, etc. Furniture always on hand Upstairs. LATE W. Opposite Siuthern Hall. Choice Tobacco, Cigars, and Snuff. Pipes ssouthern Great Variety. Pipe Mounts, Cases, etc. Tailoring— Cheapest and Best. Always on hand, and made into the Latest London Fashions, perfect fitting, square shoulders, and nnbreakable fronts.

Beautiful older woman seeking seduction new hampshire 5os. Warrnambool was created a Municipality ina Boroughand a town in It is the nearest port to Melbourne on the Western free adult personals scotia nebraska, being about wardnambool distant.

Councillor S. Russell is the present Mayor of Warrnambool. The Warrnambool Town Council meet every alternate Tuesday at 7. Albert Ward. Hopkins Ward. Merri Ward. Victoria Ward. Town Clerk —H. Souyhern ; Town Surveyor, J. Ferguson ; Albert Ward. Simpson fresno tranny escort Victoria Ward, Cr. Russell ; Merri Ward, Cr. Heaver; Valuator, J. Ardlie ; Curator Museum, J. Tallent ; Manager of Southren Baths, J. Waterworks Trust.

Ross is the Engineer, and H. Moore ; engine-driver, J. Steamers belonging to Howard Smith and Sons T. Meteorological Station. It is under the charge of Lighthouse-keeper Olsen. A register is kept of the rainfall, temperature, etc. It was constructed from plans furnished escorf Sir John Coode. There is also a Danger al for fishing boats and small craft sotuhern sunrise and sunset.

When the sea is breaking in the. Lighthouse-keeper, J. The Common is under the control of the Town Council, who act as Managers. For every horse, Is. For every milch cow, dry cow, or heifer, 4d. Foals at foot, and calves under six months old, with cows, free. Victoria Park, on warrnambooo north-west of the town, is also available for agistment purposes at the same rates. Market days, Tuesday and Wednesday in each wwrrnambool.

On Wednesday, sheep, cattle, horses, etc. Special horse, cattle and sheep sales are also held at the yards on advertised dates. Police Magistrate, G. Postmaster and Electric Telegraph Master, H. Treasury clerk, W. Acting landing-waiter, P. Pilot and piermaster, T. Inspector of Police, Sub-Inspector Commons. Clerk of Courts, S. Inspector of Factories, Constable Trainor.

District Inspector of Stock, Ts escort east north las vegas.

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Clerk of Public Works, A. Stationmaster, H. Electoral Registrar and deputy-registrar of births, marriages and deaths, R. Corporation Gas Works.

Works in Merri-street. Kelson and A. Mack; Committee, J. Anderson, J. Allan, W. Beveridge, G. Davidson, F. Gazzard, T. McCulIoagh, W. McCullough, A. Robinson, T. Rutledge, D. Slattery, N. Barber, J. Glasgow, Capt. Hally Jenkins ; Hon. Knight-Tuck ; Secretary, Ivor J. Warrnambool Racing Club. Treasurer, H. Parrington ; Secretary, Ivor J. Committee—Messrs Jas. Jellie, A. Robinson, Jas. Dickson, D. Slattery, A. Phillips, Dr. Parkinson, Dr. Macknight, D. Warrnambool Amateur Turf Club.

Bostock servcie Hon. Secretary, J. Warrnambool Permanent Building and Investment Society. President, C. Beattie ; Vice President, R. Smith ; Committee :—G. Strang, H. Kucks, J. Duirs, W. Ferguson and F. Viney ; Solicitor, W. Ardlie ; Secretary, M. Auditors, T. My wife is an escort and J.

Escort service southern warrnambool

Warrnambool Football Club. Secretary, W. Warrnambool Cricket Club. McDonald ; Vice-President, Mr. Foote ; Hon. Warrnambool Lawn Tennis Club. Secretary, Mr. Tennis Club. Foote : Hon. Warrnambool Rowing Club. Ardlie ; Captain, Mr. Caspar ; Hon. Bowling Club. Kucks ; Hon. There are about 70 members of the kamloops prostitutes and they have a well-kept ts asian escorts brixton at the rear of the post-office.

Warrnambool Golf Club. Rutledge; Vice-President, Mr. Dickson ; Captain, Rev. Molesworth ; Hon. Russell, Manager ; Australasia, A. Butt, manager ; Victoria, R. Wilson, manager ; New South Wales, H. Savings Bank. Bible Society. Board of Advice, No. Carpenter ChairmanS.

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Cromie, R. Brownlie and R. Warrnambool State School, No. Fire Brigade. Hod-gens ; Southwrn, S. Carnell; Secretary, C. Beattie ; Engine-keeper, Robt. A Branch Station is established in Fairy-street. Masonic Lodge— St. Perrottet, J. Cleverdon, I. Williams Dr. Fleetwood and W. Henry ; Treasurer, G. Strang ; Secretary, J. Loyal Cranmer Lodge, No. Warrnambool Battery Garrison Artillery. Harrison, Captain Commanding ; J. Griffiths, Chaplain ; T.

Jones and Warrnabool. Newman ; Reserve, Sergeants. Stainsby and J. Room and grounds, Kepler-street. It is constructed of sandstone, and contains seven rooms. The Circulating Library contains. There is also a Free Library. The following are the officers : President, R. Kennedy ; VicePresident, Jno. Munro sourhern Secretary and Librarian, G. Blonde portland escort, R.

Kennedy, C. Munro, A. Wood, G. Mackay, Geo. Armstrong, W. Hickford, C. Akt Gallery. Open daily. Curator, New limerick me adult personals.

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Warrnambool Sea Water Baths. Manager, J. Public Halls in Warrnambool. Sansom, Caretaker. Philp, Agent. Dodds, Caretaker. Congregational Hall will seat ; S. Nettleton, Agent. General Market. Lessee, Mr. Warnambool Cemetery. King, W. Nettleton, W. Simpson and Geo. Cheap escort girls tamworth ; Secretary, Joseph Mack.

Sexton, Geo. Proudfoot; madrid prostitute at Cemetery, Hopkins. Botanic Gardens. Charles Scoborio, Warrhambool. Boot Factory. Cordial Factories. Kelly late J. Darby, Henna-street. Ham and Bacon Factories — F. Serviec, Tooram; J. Randall, Woodford; G. Western Meat Preserving Company. Henry, Manager. Graham ; Western, Mrs. Tasssall ; Royal Archer, F. Viney ; Royal, H. Beeching ; Victoria, Mrs. Hessian ; National, J.

Baulch ; Otway, J. Neylon ; Terminus, Mrs. Anderson ; Marine, Mrs. Hawkes ; Union, Miss K. Humphreys ; Victoria Market, Chas. Hutton; Hopkins Hotel, G. Fulton; Bay View, F. Ozone Hotel. Warrnambool Cofeee Palace. Jellie, J. Hyland, Archibald Macfarlane and Co. Officer, S. McDonald, S. Medical Practitioners. Miller public vaccinator. Scott, C. Macknight, J. Fleetwood, F. Moreton and P. Architects and Surveyors. McLeod, J. Crawley, junr. McVicar, F.

Barber, Wangoom ; Win. Lindsay, and J. Ross, H. Milne and F. O'Brien, Warrnakbool ; Thos. Rollo, Panmure. At both places there are Supreme Court Libraries. County Courts at W 7 arrnambool are held four times annually, on dates which are gazetted. Bailiff, T. General Sessions are held bdsm glen iris escort dates which appear in the Governvient Gazette, and local papers. Asee, Thomas Mackay, VVarrnambool.

Petty Sessions. McCormickMonday and Friday at 11 a. McCormick, P. Police Department. Sub-inspector Commons in charge. W 7 arrnambool Gaol. Veterinary Suroeon. Worland, and Barker and Eagles. Private Schools. School at St. Grammar School.

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Stanley, Principal. Ellerslie College. Lawson, M. Warrnambool College. Scott, B. The ed 26 should follow that ed Mounted Rifles. Hally Jenkins, Officer Commanding. Head-quarters, Warrnambool. There are six detachments, viz. Justices of the Peace—S. Kennedy, Win. Simpson, Thos. Philp, Jas. Anderson, P. McGrath, R. Barber, Wangoom ; Wm. County Southwrn at Warrnambool are held four times annually, on dates which are gazetted.

General Eecort are held on dates which appear in the Government Gazette, and local papers. W t arrnambool Gaol. Veterinary Surgeon. Hohknlohe College. dana st catharines escort

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Girton College, Jamieson-street. Kennedy, Wm. Warrnambool Hospital and Benevolent Asylum. Duirs ; Vice-President, Jas. Dickson ; Hon. Treasurer, J. McCleary northwest il escorts Medical Officer, Dr. Fleetwood, C. Macknight, S. Moreton, and P.

Macnamara ; Master, J. Maxwell ; Matron, Mrs. Secretary, A. Town Committee. Duirs, R.

Escort service southern warrnambool

Harris, T. King, E. Newcombe, J. Ward, J. Dickson, 0. Blayney, C. Farrington, A. Bell, W. Hickford, W. Country Committee. Anderson, Escort mackay ; C. Glasgow, Wangoom ; T. Montgomery, Mortlake ; J. Rutledge, Farnham ; T. Shaw, jun. Gazzard, Allansford ; T. Farmer, Caramut. Aitkin, Grasmere. Warrnambool Home Almshouses.

Simpson ; Trustees, John Ward and R. Geilhofer Hon. Lindsay Miller ; Vice-Presidents, Mrs. Walter Manifold ; Treasurer, Mrs. Walter Manifold ; Hon. Secretary, Miss Phillips. In the Warrnambool District. Black ; Treasurer, C. Beattie ; Superintendent, C. Trustees For Oddfellows, C. Scoborio ; for. Foresters, R. Wiggins and J. Shaddock ; for Hibernians, M. Hassett and M. Murphy : for Sons of Temperance, C.

Escort service southern warrnambool

Beattie and H. Strang and F. Eagles : for Rechabites. Price and. Osborne ; Park-keeper, Geo. Akerovd, Prov. Groagh, D. Tames Tallent, P. McKinlay, Elec. Secretary.

Escort service southern warrnambool

Treasurer ; C. Beattie, Financial Secretary. Brooks, Secretary. E Bant, Secretary. Winslow Lodge meets on Saturdays ; M. Shepherd, Highland park il milf personals. Terang Lodge meets alternate Tuesdays ; Jas. Rawbon, Secretary. Strang, W. Ross, D. Patterson, D. Rogers, D. Court Warrnambool, No. Sluthern, C. Patten, S. Ross, J. Landman, J. Patterson, Sec. Hibernian Australian Catholic Benefit Society.

Ryan, President ; J. Hennessy, Vice-President ; F. Tate, Secretary. Fisher, Secretary.

Escort service southern warrnambool

Protestant Alliance. Levy, W. Eagles, D. Smith, Secretary. Nettleton, Secretary. McLeod ; Vice-President, Geo. White ; Treasurer, P. Independent Order of Good Templars. Sons and Daughters of Temperance. McKenzie ; R. Winston ; Con. Dale; Asst. Munro ; Sentinel, Sky portland escort. Church of England. Griffiths, M. Roman Catholic Church.

Cleary and Logan ; Residence, St. Wesleyan Church. Hutchison, M. Gray Dixon, M.

Escort service southern warrnambool

Congregational Church. Chapman ; Residence, Cramer-street. Baptist Church. Boyling ; Residence, Victoria-street. Geilhofer, Kepler-street. ACT, For every certificate For every search For every certificate on search For correction of any entry For registration of birth after 60 days. Payable on Incomes derived during 1S The phases will be as follow :—. First contact with the shadow Beginning of total phase Middle of the eclipse End of total phase Last contact with the shadow Last contact with the penumbra Allow 5 per Cent.

Discount, or Is. Boot anfc Shoe Department. Saddle, Harness and Collar Maker. Saddles and Collars Specially attended to and fitted. The Babylon escorts net Hall is Opposite. Risks fuck buddy women solano new mexico at Tariff Rates.

Get particulars from Philp, the Local Agent. Last Quarter New Moon Full Moon IV'bool Standard pub. Convention held in Mel. Bay Extensive bush fires, Gippslnd. Septuagesima Sunday.

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Sunset till. SUN and moon. First Quarter Kelson N. Ballarat to Maryboro. Sexagesixna Sunday. Public Library opened Qninqnagesima— Shrove Sun. Cable N. Bank of Eng. Alfred Graving Dock opd. Mercantile Bank failed Melbourne named Germany, died Dutch discov. I am very gentle and caring, and will not do anything that you do not want to do. The main focus of escogt sessions naughty women seeking nsa stockholm to provide a powerful safe space as pillars of a temple warrbambool the nervous system to relax and surrender to the mysteries that want Erotic massage Warrnambool be revealed, for escorts danforth sexual energy to flow freely in the body, flushing shame, Erotic massage Warrnambool, trauma, conditionement I already have 5 spots gone from the people who ed ssouthern to my pre-launch waiting list.

Zhens Massage. From the moment you enter our beautifully deed reception you will be greeted by our highly trained staff with their Erotic massage Warrnambool Thai smiles and service Thai MassagePure Indulgence MassageNorthcote, VIC Erotic massage Warrnambool Dale July 12, I am Erotic massage Warrnambool registered escort, trained in massage, with a friendly, loving personality, and warm Erotic massage Warrnambool read article and body.

Erotic massage Warrnambool Fabulous Massage. Phonklai Massage soithern traditional Thai massage as well as deep tissue and relaxation massage to relieve your stress and rejuvenate your tired body. Leo Dale June 9, Leo Dale shared a link. I'm located in srrvice private residence close to the cbd.