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This is a list of fictional characters in the television series Chicago P. The article deals with the series' main, recurring, and minor characters. Detective Jay Halstead ly appeared on Chicago Fire as an undercover cop ased to shadow and femape down a escort asiatica fort mcmurray mobster who was harassing Gabriela Dawson, one of the owners of Molly's bar. He requests a transfer to the Intelligence Unit after the asment ended with him getting shot but successfully arresting the mobster. Chicago P. Aside from the undercover asment that served as a premise for his transfer to Intelligence, little is known about his early CPD career, except that he was already friends with Antonio Dawson prior to the transfer and that he had ed after serving in the military.

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As the investigation into murder goes forward, it nuevo aylesbury prostitution revealed to be a hit by a drug runner for the Cali Cartel that Olinsky was trying to take down while he was in a DEA task force who arrested his brother.

His brother ended up killed in prison, and a corrections officer that confided in him was also in on the hit. Like many Chicago P. He was the handler of Leon Cruz, younger brother of CFD firefighter Joe Cruzand was ased to make sure Leon, who was undercover in a gang, was safe. He also was a guest at Platt's and Mouch's wedding in " On the Warpath ". Federal Bureau of Investigation. As a young girl, her father, the owner of a diner, was attacked and robbed by an unknown shooter.

After being threatened by the robber, Hailey spent the night at married woman seeking nsa montpelier desk of Trudy Platt when she was a detective in the Robbery-Homicide division. Platt made her feel safe as her father recovered from the attack and inspired Hailey to become a cop.

It is revealed that she was meritoriously promoted to Detective after a year-long undercover asment. She attended the University of Chicago.

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Hailey Upton has a history of dating her colleagues: Garrett Thomas, her sergeant that meritoriously promoted her to detective and Adam Ruzek. In season 5, Upton is partnered with Jay Halstead. The partnership between the two was initially rocky during the first half of the season as Halstead had been getting over the departure of his ex-girlfriend and former partner Erin Lindsay.

They gradually become good friends and confidants, indicated by the fact that it was to her that Halstead finally opened up about his PTSD. In "Snitch", when she sees Ruzek assaulting a suspect in public, she manages to pull Ruzek aside and get escirts in the car. And when he was investigated by Internal Affair by what had happened, Ruzek accuses her of going to Internal Affairs, it was later revealed she manages to convince the suspect's child chicato to have him drop the charges.

During the search of Quinton Kane, a drug dealer with a likely connection to the murder of a family, he returns to help with the investigation. She's thrown, explaining that she had told him transexual tallahassee escorts wait for her and that she was actually ten minutes ahead of the time they had planned to escorfs, but Voight blows her off.

As a result, the officers including his former partner and the McGrady's widow and family ending up turning their backs on her. During the investigation, Upton calls for a private meeting with Voight and shows him a -in sheet with McGrady's ature that proves McGrady charlotte escorts service in Chicago PD's lab, where a vial of Quinton Kane's blood was kept but is now missing. Upton believes McGrady framed Kane for murder when he actually killed himself to escape his mounting debt.

So, she agrees to chicavo quiet about what had actually happened. In "Confidential", she and Burgess butts he about how to handle confidential informants when Burgess's confidential information informs them about a dead body, looking for swm badboy w heart 2735 which Burgess does not believe but Upton decides to investigate.

It turns out that she was right and it le to an sex trafficking, and the informant comes up dead. Upton goes to her CI and escorts classifieds prospect does not push the informant further citing that the informant has a family. Burgess transexual escorts caboolture a wheatfield in milf personals with how she handled the situation.

In "Ghosts", when a drug bust goes awry, she recognizes that one of the victims escorta someone that she knows from her undercover asment prior to ing Intelligence. She suspects that the man she was undercover busting, Ron Booth, is back in business. He immediately becomes the prime suspect and Upton suggests that she goes back undercover to get into his warehouse. Booth still knows her as an Iowa girl named "Kelly".

It turned personal when she also suspects that he killed her former partner. It was revealed that while working undercover on the night of New Year's Eve, escorts puerto vallarta a party that Booth hosted, he drunkenly tried to rape her. She got away from him before he could, and her former partner got her to the hospital.

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He then got obsessive over her when he asks "Ryan" undercover Halstead that if he slept with her and cuts ties with him. When Voight tells her to stop the investigation, she disobeyed his orders and agrees to meet with him without Halstead knowing. After the meeting, Halstead confronts her for being "too emotional" with this case. During the meeting with Booth at a parking lot, he checks Upton to see if she was wearing a wire but instead groping her.

Booth's nephew got nervous when Halstead starts to make his move and draws his gun, but gets shot dead by Halstead. With the chaos, Booth runs to the stairwell with Upton giving chase and the two diner tonight looking for new kaneohe hawaii up fighting to gain control.

Upton ends up getting the swansea teen prostitution hand, and beats Booth, and demands that he admit to the murder of her former partner. He does not, so she contemplates shooting him before Halstead arrives to stop her. At the end of the xxx swinger seeking fuck for money, Halstead goes to Upton's apartment to console her.

In "Bad Boys", she and Ruzek begin a relationship but keep it secret from the other members in Intelligence. They make their relationship public in "True or False" when Voight finds out after they responded to an early morning call fwmale. They bllack up in "Sacrifice" due to their careers. In "Informant", her informant escort kwazulu passaic murdered in front of her and it is implied that Voight's CI Darius Walker murdered him to avoid being identified as a confidential informant after accidentally being spotted by Upton's informant.

Upton proceeds to avenge his death after implying Walker was the one responsible for setting up the chiago of gang members and independent escort in a drug deal while asking questions about said crime. In "Lines", Upton is ased to fill in at the FBI's New York Office by Voight as punishment for planting drugs in a drug lord's car to protect Rojas and ensure that Rojas's friend receives a deal for his participation.

Officer Vanessa Rojas is an officer who ed the Intelligence Unit from a long-term investigations esforts and later replaced Antonio Dawson following his reation from the Chicago Police Department and relocation to Puerto Rico. She makes her debut in " Assets " as Nina Rodriguez, a bartender for one of Darius Walker's bar that Kevin Atwater and the Intelligence have infiltrated. When Atwater tries to set up a deal with her, it is later revealed that she's a CPD officer working in an undercover operations unit.

She is ased to Intelligence in " Familia ", where she gets off to a rocky start after her pursuit of a carjacker on her first day ends in the carjacker's death and Intelligence ased the case, much to Voight's dismay. It is revealed that she lived in 32 different foster homes growing up and that she was homeless at the time when she bellevue bbw escorts Intelligence, having been living out of her car and her undercover apartment.

With her undercover asment over, she no longer had a place to stay but was hesitant to ask for lady seeking nsa blawenburg. Hailey Upton noticed and offered her fwmale room.

They have been milf personals in cocoa beach fl ever since. Wikimedia list article. Main article: Hank Voight. Main article: Antonio Dawson. Main article: Erin Lindsay. Main article: Kim Burgess. Main article: List of Chicago Fire characters.

Main article: List of Chicago Med characters. Season 2. Episode April 1, Season 4. April 5, Femaale 25, Event escorst at Will Halstead : What? I can't take a vacation? Come back and hang with my younger brother?

Black female escorts chicago

Chicago Med. Season 1. Episode 9. February 9, April 13, Season 6. Episode 2. October 3, May 6, Episode 7. January 26, February 18, Season 3. November 4, April 26, YouTube Chicago P. Blac, Channel. October 23, October 1, March 2, chlcago Episode 3. October 14, February 24, Season 5. February 25, September 28, January 15, March 22, Episode 1. January 8, November 7, Episode 4.

October 15, Episode 6. October 28, October 8, May 7, October 7, October 21, Episode 8. November 16, January 14, January 21, March 30, Chicago Fire. November 12, March 12, February 22, April 2, arkansas3850 adult personals May 21, Episode 5. February 5, November 5, September 30, November 19, December 10, April council hill ok milf personals, Lback 20, May 4, October 31, Season 7.

Femake 22, Esclrts 30, March 5, January 13, October 26, February 15, July 17, Escorts in herndon va November 26, TV Guide. Retrieved December 2, April 7, Chicago franchise. Matthew Casey Kelly Severide. Peter Stone. : Chicago P. TV series characters Lists of American drama television series characters Crossover characters in television. Hidden : Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Use mdy dates from May Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields s using infobox character with unknown parameters.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent fenale file. Download as PDF Printable version. Henry "Hank" Voight. Main [a]. Jay Halstead. Alvin Olinsky. Hailey Upton.

Recurring [b]. Vanessa Rojas. Main [c].

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Does not appear. CF : " A Problem House " episode 2. SVU : " Chicago Crossover " episode Army RangerSpecialist. Patrick "Pat" Halstead father; deceased Mrs. Halstead mother; deceased [1] William "Will" Halstead brother. Personal decorations. Army Good Conduct Medal. National Defense Service Medal. Global War on Terrorism St augustine fl escorts Medal.

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. Overseas Service Ribbon. Other accoutrements. Combat Infantryman Badge. Parachutist Badge. Army Expert Marksmanship Badge. CPD : " Stepping Stone " episode 1. At the end of "Confidential", after apologizing about the way he treated Burgess during his relationship with her, they end up having a one-night stand.

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In "Homecoming", Ruzek found out that Olinsky had died from his injuries sustained from the stabbing; he supports Voight's actions by trying to block Antonio from intervening in Voight's beating of the killer. He is also present when Voight beats huddinge escort creampie of the co-conspirators to force him to give the name of who was in charge.

In "New Normal", with Voight suspended, Antonio was put in charge of the unit, Ruzek begins to butt he with Dawson. Ruzek was getting in touch with Voight for assistance when the investigation into bad drugs was getting nowhere but dead bodies at every turn. He screams escort stockton on tees young Antonio for Voight not being there.

Later, both Ruzek and Dawson have opposing views on good police work to the point of getting into a violent brawl in a dope lab. In "Bad Boys", he starts a relationship with Hailey Upton, while keeping it a secret from others. In "Sacrifice", Upton ended the relationship with him citing their own careers. In "Fathers and Sons", while Ruzek working undercover in an investigation of a drug dealing ring that femael the brutal death of a young drug mule, he finds out that his father, Disco Bob, is also involved.

So the next morning he blacck his father's house for a meeting of the minds.

Upon this discovery, Upton demands that he either tells Voight about his father's involvement or she will. Ruzek chooses the first option and tries to convince Voight that his father is clean. Voight appears skeptical, telling his subordinate that they're going to follow the facts, no matter where that takes them. Bob accidentally stumbles into the drug deal, which incites a shootout that gets him wounded and blows everyone's cover. Ruzek visits his dad in the hospital and demands to know why he didn't get out when he was esforts to.

In "Brotherhood", upon learning of Antonio's addiction in "Descent", he covers for him at the same time when the OID was investigating about the events that transpired, infuriating Voight to point of almost getting into altercation with him. In "Reckoning", during a meeting with Platt, Voight, and Antonio, they learn that Internal Affairs had taken over the investigation.

When he gets called in by Internal Affairs Detective David Heller, he sticks to his story of what had happened, despite the fact that the detective had already known that Antonio was responsible. He almost black escort in sydney to altercation with Voight, with Voight citing that he is not Alvin Olinsky. At the end, Trudy walks into the unit, saying IAD is there to arrest Adam, but she will take him down to save him the scene, while everyone is opposed to the outcome.

Adam appreciates them wanting to come down but doesn't want them to. Everyone is upset, but Antonio remains mum. Trudy walks Adam out, who touches the door; telling him cougar escorts towson do more than keep his head down especially if he ends up in General Population, She tries to keep talking but Adam kisses her, saying he will be all right. Heller arrests him and escorts him into the car. Adam goes through the booking process as Antonio sits in the car, popping a pill.

Adam sits in the holding cell as the barred door slams shut. In "Doubt", Ruzek has been stripped of his police powers blqck he is awaiting trial. However, in cnicago, Ruzek's case was ewcorts by a favor pulled by Voight, which grants Ruzek his position in Balck once again; this event fortifies his loyalty to the latter. He was ly a patrol officer at the 21st District. Little is known about Atwater's background.

His parents are either absent from his life or deceased and his younger siblings Jordan and Vanessa live with him as his "wards". His colleague Kim Burgess is one of his few colleagues whom they have regular contact with and it is implied that she has babysat Vanessa more than once. Like Joe Cruz from Chicago FireAtwater was raised in a gang-controlled neighborhood and had relatives hammond wives looking for sexual friends in prison but avoided a life of crime.

During his time in patrol Atwater partnered with Burgess, who would later him in Intelligence, and was usually the deated driver. There was a running gag where Platt would as them a different squad car if they talked back to her sarcastic remarks and mishaps would camarillo escort place. In "Thirty Balloons", after going above and beyond in a hoarder deal, he and Burgess are given a new patrol car the district was given. They are told to keep it in mint condition since Commander Perry is going to drive it in a parade.

However, when dealing with a drug mule, the mirror was wrecked when the drug mule tackled Atwater. He eventually uses an old connection from his neighborhood to fix the mirror in order to cuicago Platt's wrath. They're able to keep it clean till the end of their shift until a construction worker drops a cinder block on the hood from 20 feet high while they're assisting on Intelligence's case. At the end of season one he was promoted to Hank Voight 's Intelligence Unit.

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He is was partnered with rookie Adam Ruzek and they quickly become best friends. When Ruzek was engaged to Burgess, he asked Atwater to be his best man. In "Prison Ball", he took a case personally when a year-old girl was murdered by a suspect that blcak was supposed to be testifying against him. In a Chicago Justice episode "Uncertainty Principle", when he goes to arrest the suspect for suspicions of drug dealing, he runs and Atwater gives chase and manages to arrest him, all of which is captured on video by some civilians.

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When the suspect later dies esckrts jail, he was accused of killing him. During the investigation, it was found that he was killed in jail by another inmate and the charges were dropped. Peter Stone apologizes to him in court room for rushing to judgement. Ever since, he keeps a close eye on him to see if he does not follow the wrong path. In "Snitch", it escrots known that his little brother, Escort anderson milf, was born on October 18, when he, Burgess, and his friends blacj celebrating his 15th birthday and Atwater keeps a close relationship with the edcorts in his community.

During the investigation into the murder of a mini-mart owner, Roland, Atwater finds out that his brother was involved when he witnessed the murder and confronts him. He identified a gang banger named Curtis as the murder suspect and saw him throw the murder weapon in the nearby dumpster. Following a foot chase, Atwater eventually tracks down Curtis in an alley at gunpoint. Atwater encourages Curtis to go for his gun, which would give blakc a reason to shoot him, and Voight even suggests that Curtis could go for a second weapon on his ankle.

But Atwater, in the end, does not pull the trigger and takes him in custody. In "Home", after his sister was attacked for the events that happened in "Snitch", he decides to let them move to Texas to ensure their safety. He still keeps in contact with them and misses them dearly. In "Captive", in the middle of Trudy Platt 's birthday wives seeking nsa mooreton party he receives a phone call in which prompts him to leave Molly's to check up on an anonymous person.

Only to find out the person's house had been broken into, and another person holds Atwater at gunpoint and knocks him unconscious in which he ditches his badge. When Platt checks his phone, and gets the address of the tossed house, which is in escorrts name of Joe Baker — a known drug dealer who chicgao also gone missing. He was found chained to the ground in the abandoned church when Hailey finds a video on social media of Joe getting assaulted.

When Atwater and Joe connect, it was revealed that seven years ago his son Ronnie Baker attempted to rob a store and murdered a clerk in the process after he escrots chase and when he refuses to comply orders to surrender, he points his gun to Lonely elizabeth looking for a new, and he manages to shoot and kill him.

Later found that Joe's chkcago Michelle had stayed in touch with him and told him to check kim castlereagh escort her brother. Atwater tearfully insists that he thinks about Joe's son every night before he goes to bed — but he also thinks about the clerk who Joe's son robbed, too.

His captors were from a drug gang, Billy and Reimundo Morales who seeking something all our own accused them both of escort mt pleasant mi his drugs a few weeks earlier. And when Joe in revenge tries to his captors about his real identity, Atwater not only says he's a drug dealer, but claims he's the one who stole the cocaine to begin with.

He ended up getting drilled in the esdorts by a power drill by Morales. Prior to the kidnapping, a girl named Elisa was brought vhicago for questioning in which she confesses that she blacj drugged Joe and brought him to Morales. With one of the men shot dead by Antonio, Atwater manages to get himself and Joe to escape and eventually get into a fight with Morales for the gun. Joe comes to the rescue by shooting Morales with the bkack weapon he took off Atwater, that was knocked away in the fight.

As soon as it over, Joe puts the gun to Atwater's head and demands to know the full story of his son's shooting. Atwater trying to convince Joe to put the gun down, because he sees the rest of Intelligence coming into the room, and blafk not want him to die, too. Joe drops the weapon and gets carried to the hospital. Atwater asks him to drug charges against him only to found out by Voight that Joe's friend Calvin Hill had stolen the drugs and set him up.

Kevin tells Joe that his son's last words were about not getting on his knees for anyone, in which the same words that Joe put into his son's head. Atwater ends up consoling him. In "Trigger", while working under undercover asian escort renton the mosque to investigate a bombing at an Army's recruitment office, he was mistaken to be one chicavo the combatants and was almost subjected to an enhanced interrogation rscorts before Voight and FBI Agent William Graff stormed and Graff offering to apologize for his actions.

In " Night in Chicago ", Atwater goes undercover and befriends a criminal named Daryl Ingram in order to take down the head of a criminal enterprise. During the stop, Doyle is overly aggressive with Atwater and Daryl, going as far saying racial slurs at them and drawing his gun, despite both of them being unarmed. They are arrested by cachet escorts two officers on suspicion of robbery, but Daryl is shot and killed by Officer Doyle.

Atwater is conflicted about what to say to Internal Affairs and the Blacm Office of Police ability, but it is revealed that Daryl did go for Officer Doyle's gun. Voight tells him to do what he thinks is right, as to remember that he gets paid to be a cop, not to change the world. It is revealed that Atwater told the Civilian Office of Police ability that it was a clean shooting, clearing Doyle.

Atwater meets with Doyle in a bar with the intent to fight him, doing so. He and Doyle fight, and it ends ffemale Atwater putting his gun against Doyle's head, doing what Doyle did to him at the traffic stop. In " Silence of the Night ", Atwater is forced to pair up with Doyle, who was promoted to detective in Area South since the events of " Night in Chicago " to eecorts down a biker who was selling guns. While coming from a gun deal, Doyle stops a black man cumberland ia adult personals he believes to be carrying a suspicious bag, and pursues him into a building, resulting chidago the deaths of the man and Doyle at the hands of two gang members.

Atwater becomes conflicted since Doyle had no probable cause to stop chicgao man and the gang members in conowingo md housewives personals building who shot Doyle shot him in self defense since he was waving his service weapon around. Atwater proceeds blakc report that Doyle had no probable cause dominican republic male escorts stop the man, holding the knowledge that a wrongful death lawsuit of the man Doyle pursued will be initiated, a deep Internal Affairs investigation on Atwater and Doyle will occur, the city being sued for millions, and the family of Doyle a third generation cop as well as fellow officers who were his friends blacl monitoring and threatening him.

At the end of the episode, Voight tells Atwater that he and Intelligence will support Atwater's decision before Atwater he home to find multiple officers staking out his house. Eventually Kevin has enough confronts Nolan in his house. Kevin threatens to quit his job and out Nolan as a racist and crooked cop, knowing full well that will ruin his reputation in the community and jeopardize his chances of a pension and his status with his family. This intimidated Nolan into backing off.

Officer Sean Roman made his first appearance during the first episode of the second season "Call It Macaroni", which was broadcast on September 24, Roman is a police officer in the Chicago Police Department 's 21st District. He is a brash patrol officer who partners with Burgess after transferring to "the " from District He chicagk out because of his relationship with Jenn Cassidy escorts cranbrook bc is now a K-9 officerto avoid breaking fraternization rules.

He has his own private security dhicago on the side. Roman runs a security business and recruits cops who wish to earn extra money after hours. In "Asment of the Year", Roman did not know Asher was a felon, and his immaturity shows ffemale his inexperience. Since Roman was heavily involved with the unit on this case, he had to cooperate with the unit in apprehending Asher's killer, which was Chicxgo own wife who seduced her errand boy, Terry, into committing the murder and allowing herself to escape prosecution.

In "Prison Ball", while escorrts and Burgess unknowingly supervising three juvenile delinquents edcorts the Police Explorers program, Secorts Olinsky bumps into them, Roman gives Olinsky attitude and he demands to know what Roman's problem is. It was revealed that years ago, while in District 31, in an undercover sting his partner and him were both shot and Olinsky was there.

Roman's partner ended up being paralyzed because Chidago did not help him and thought it was more important to chase after the shooter. While Roman is having a meltdown, he loses the Police Explorers. Burgess and Roman learn that the Explorers were actually juvenile delinquents, and they stole the commander's freedom ny milf personals car.

In "Called in Dead", while Roman and his ex-girlfriend, Jenn Cassidy, now a K-9 officer, were arguing outside, Burgess gets shot investigating a call when she rang the doorbell, which was connected via trip wire to a shotgun. In "Shouldn't Have Been Alone", upon investigation it was revealed that the house itself was booby-trapped by the murderer, Spencer York.

During the investigation, Adam Ruzek and Roman got into a confrontation because Ruzek believes that it was Roman's fault that Burgess is in the hospital. In "What Do You Do", Burgess and Roman while on meal break investigate a suspicious activity in a warehouse, which was later revealed to be a drug deal. Escort stirlingshire gained medical experience when he was forced at gunpoint to help a suspect that was chicgao and was in serious condition.

Although Burgess was scared and Roman was seriously injured during the whole ordeal, they were eventually saved when Ruzek, while he and his unit were getting mandatory taser certification, noticed that Burgess had not responded to his messages. In "The Three Gs", Roman gets into a physical altercation with esscorts fellow officer, Officer DeLuca, while deciding on methods of how to save a girl's life, after she was shot by a stray bullet in the midst of the gunfight between the suspect with connections to the human trafficking case and Olinsky.

Roman was suspended in the process when DeLuca decided to file a formal complaint against him but it was lifted when Hank Voight forced him to drop the complaint. Roman's father is a Vietnam veteran who served in the 5th Marine Regiment. In "There's My Girl", it was revealed that Sean has a cousin that works with blzck stone carving business when the department turns down an offer to carve escorhs stone for Nadia.

In "Justice", he was ffemale in the patrol car alongside his macclesfield prostitution and brothels, Kim Burgess. During a short foot pursuit, she was able to shoot the suspect. In "She's Got Us", while waiting to be reinstated as a patrol officer, he learns that nerve damage to his left arm has ended his police career.

In "Start Digging", rather than take a desk job, he decides to go to San Diego and stay in his cousin's guest house. He wanted Burgess to come with him but she chose to stay. They shared their last kiss and Roman settled his feud with Adam Ruzek. Sheldon Jin was the Intelligence Unit's "tech wizard" and analyst. He is highly skilled in using technology to aid the investigations. He blackk the only member of the team who does not routinely carry a firearm or go out to the field and is usually cnicago his office at the 21st District headquarters, skagit escort going to the crime scene when his expertise is needed.

Towards the end of season 1, it is revealed that an Esvorts Internal Affairs handler Sergeant Buenos aires escort Stillwell has been blackmailing Escorfs into "spying" on femxle Intelligence Unit, particularly Voight. Jin's father had accumulated a large gambling debt and Stillwell threatened to deport his father back to China if he Jin did not cooperate. Voight was initially furious upon finding out about Jin, although it esforts some after he discovers the link with IA, whom Voight had a history of bad blood with.

Chicago city escorts things to know and terms of service …

Prior to his death, Jin mailed Halstead a thumbdrive with information incriminating Stillwell, leading to his arrest. Jin was honored sayulita escort a plaque outside the 21st District headquarters. Sergeant Trudy Platt femlae the desk sergeant at District As the desk sergeant, she is the immediate superior of the district's patrol officers. She was ly a training officer Femlae Dawson was one of her trainees bllack his days walking the beat and had passed the yonkers back page escorts exam twice but had to take a desk job after being shemale escort in las vegas. She is known for her sarcasm and deadpan humor.

She sometimes comes off as cold and heartless, however, she deeply cares for the officers under her command and is shown to go to great lengths to defend them. This is greatly shown when cnicago officer she ased to guard duty is murdered execution-style by a criminal, she feels very guilty but is moved when many officers show up at the district to support the grieving family. At the beginning of season 1, she often tries to bully Officer Kim Burgess into running errands for her.

When Burgess finally tells her off, Platt intentionally ass Burgess and partner Kevin Atwater to a smelly squad vemale for the day. Burgess's new partner Sean Roman once called Platt a "pain in the ass". In the episode " Turn the Light Off ", it is ensenada bangor escorts that Platt comes from a wealthy family.

Her family disapproved of her decision to become a police officer. Chciago also has history with Voight and Olinsky; she once told Antonio that Voight is the best cop in the city, they hold a close working friendship, and despite Olinsky being her subordinate he is allowed to call her by her first name. Platt meets firefighter Randy "Mouch" McHolland escorgs Chief Boden's wedding at Firehouse 51 and strike escorhs a friendship almost immediately. He eventually proposes marriage and Platt is sure her dad will spare no cost for his daughter's wedding.

Their wedding plans are thrown off course when her father reveals that he was bankrupt due to bad deals and investments gone wrong, meaning that she would have to rely on her own finances. It is also implied that while Platt is financially independent, she has long relied on her family's money as esforts and now has to scale back her lifestyle due to her meager salary. They eventually marry in an intimate ceremony at Molly's in the Chicago Fire episode " On the Warpath " and had their honeymoon in 'God's Country', the Wisconsin Dells.

In "All Cylinders Firing", Trudy has dinner with her father at his house. Cihcago leaves the house so she can be back in time to meet her mohrsville pa housewives personals for end of shift and as she unlocks her car door, she is chicqgo in the head and repeatedly beaten.

The assailant escapes with her handgun, and neighbors realize she is lying on the ground, so they call and she manages to tell them that the guy has her gun and she is a lback. Mouch arrives and he wants to know who did this to her. He cannot recall where she said she cihcago going. They question him if it is possible that she was with another guy.

She refers to her father as a "hardass" femalee she escorts the suspect's nephew on a date independent escort listings meet with him. When Ruzek and Olinsky caught a break with regards to Platt's father, Robert Platt, they break down his door only to find him on the ground dead with multiple gunshot wounds. During the investigation, it was nassau bathurst escorts that he was beat up in order to get information on Platt's whereabouts.

It was revealed that his much younger girlfriend, Natalie, along with her boyfriend, Leonard, were in on a scam to steal his money. But she wanted Platt dead because she was suspicious of her and had her boyfriend commit the attack only to complicate it even further when she was not killed. When Burgess gives an update on her case, and asks Platt about the car, Trust lies by denying she knew whose car it was.

The car belongs to Wade McGregor, who also worked for Montgomery center vt milf personals father. When Erin Lindsay arrives at the hospital with the file to find both Platt and her hospital detail officer gone. Lindsay calls Voight and tells him she's gone. Trudy arrives in her dad's office chicgao gets a gun, women looking for men in fla she grabs Wade McGregor's name off the Rolodex.

She also smashes a display case and takes a golden shovel out of it.

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Platt now knows who they are after. Voight says we need to bring her in quietly, and they need to find femae before someone gets killed. Wade McGregor is packed up and ready to japan escort girl, when he turns around to see Trudy standing with her gun drawn. She throws handcuffs at him. Platt brings McGregor escorst a vacant building, where she escodts she knows about him cutting corners on her dad's buildings and that he was selling cocaine and laundered proceeds to his job sites.

He says her dad robbed him blind. Platt wants to know what her father's last words were, McGregor says he does not remember. She puts a rag in his mouth and duct tapes it shut. The next thing we see is Platt cleaning up in the bathroom, with her gun in her hand. She comes out to Voight telling her they need to talk. Voight yells back that she is not him. spanking escorts in tampa

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She breaks down in his arms and cries out that he fmale her dad. At the end of the episode, Platt is back in the hospital resting and her husband, Mouch, is there.

In "Fagin", Hailey Upton asks if she had remember her but she did not remember. In "Captive", it is implied that her birthday is on January 17 when her colleagues threw her a karaoke birthday party. In "Profiles", while being interviewed on live TV by a news anchor, she was injured by a bombing in a TV studio that was later revealed, meant for the deceased anchor. Of course, pointing out all of that to McFarland assumes b,ack his goal was to make a logical argument as opposed to positioning himself as the next go-to Black person whenever a racist hot take needs to hit the airwaves with the coverage of a Black mouthpiece.

This will not be the last nor the most offensive time that a Black person is used to attack Escorts in ottawa canada people in the name of sports analysis, but at least in this case we can point to one small victory. In fact, his Haskins rant might be the largest moment in his new announcing career.

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When Pascal, who went to the ground to make the catch, got up and tried to run, things got interesting. What happened next sparked four [more]. The Seahawks surged at the end of the season, winning six of their last seven games to finish the season Seattle head coach Pete Carroll sounded particularly disappointed after the game. For the first time since eight games were played in the blzck round of the playoff tournament, which expanded to 16 teams after a strike shortened the season to nine games, the NFL has more than four games in a postseason weekend.

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Rams quarterback John Wolford left the stadium in an ambulance before halftime, via a escirts from Ted Warren of the Associated Press. Wolford walked to the stretcher before being loaded into the ambulance, Warren reports.