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In. The Bermuda Triangle Hide Spoilers. Rene Cardona, Jnr was arguably the most recognisable Latin exploitation film maker in the late edmonton sex personals through mid eighties, and his brand was easily identifiable through his use of fading American character actors and gory special effects. Disappointingly, that brand is conspicuously absent here, with John Huston in a relatively brief supporting role, the only 'marquee' import, and little to none of the gory special effects usually synonymous with a Cardona picture.

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The plot concerns the usual spate of mysterious disappearances converging on the Bermuda Triangle, while research vessel inadvertently sails into a maelstrom indipendent escort el paso intrigue and bizarre occult activity that seems to centre on a creepy-looking doll that is found floating in the ocean. It soon possesses the youngest child and in turn manages to wreak havoc amongst the rest of the crew, until, mysteriously, just a handful of weary survivors remain.

Perennial Cardona leading-men Stiglitz and Garcia make an amiable cinema coupling, and they continue their reliable presence here, with the once-sultry Marina Vlady and former bombshell Claudine Auger largely wasted in shallow supporting roles. Miguel The best escorts as a chiselled, Neanderthal looking mechanic is unintentionally hilarious at times, as he randomly emerges from the small engine room door to taunt the spooked passengers with doomsday prophecies, before returning to the ship's independent ladyboys mandurah to inhale more petrol fumes and envisage even more facile tales of terror for his next appearance.

While not totally inept - some unsettling suspense, good sets, colour and sound in particular - the special effects are profoundly amateurish and the dialogue is at times, painfully puerile. The possessed doll on which the story centres however does convey a certain Argento 'esque feel which is plainly scary watch for ebony escort vancouver unnerving close-ups of the doll's face - creepy.

Not your typical Cardona-style picture, and probably more accessible as a result. Average, but worth a look. Was this review helpful?

It's official - I can't seem to get enough of Rene Cardona, Jr. While The Bermuda Triangle gives you all this, Cardona has stuffed the movie with so prostitutes numbers in greeley more including: a possessed doll, a girl who talks to dead people, sharks, underwater earthquakes, parrot attacks, hurricanes, and more. None of it is fleshed-out very well, but boy is it fun.

The acting is bad, the dubbing is horrible people in normal conversation often have the same tone in their voice usually reserved for a radio announcerthe special effects are weak, and the story is often predictable. To top it off, Cardona feels the need as he does in some of his other movies to show sharks being slaughtered.

But none of this kept me from having a good time with The Bermuda Triangle.

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A family goes off to the Bermuda Triangle to see what the big deal is and guess what happens. Gu film tries to be mysterious and creepy but fails on both levels because the screenplay is all over the place and never really makes a bit of sense. Character enter and exit the film without philipine escorts explanation and the "mystery" of the Bermuda Triangle is never resolved or even talked guh much, although the film tries to play claim to a cursed doll, which causes all the problems.

There's some wonderful underwater photography but this too get hampered by three real sharks being killed housewives personals in fitzgerald ga the screen for no reason. Fro 5 December Before I forget, I'd like to point out how that John Huston's two sons in this film are dubbed in a hilariously camp way that just adds to the general weird atmosphere of this one.

The title says it all - It's a film about the Bermuda Triangle.

Attractive guy looking for bermuda

Kind of. It takes place almost entirely on a boat called The Black Whale III, owned by explorer John Llooking and filled with his relatives - his two daughters one a small child, the other played by definitely not a small child Gloria Guidahis two, campy-voiced sons, his drunken ex-doctor brother-in-law and his put-upon korean escort caringbah Claudine Auger.

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There's also a crew consisting of permanently rough looking Hugo Stiglitz, skipper Andres Garcia, a token black chef, and some others peeps. Huston is out looking for a lost city, but before he finds anything, they fish a creepy doll out of the sea which is adopted by his youngest daughter. The next thing seeking all long hair latin women know the daughter is asking the chef for raw meat for the doll!

I had a look at the running time of this one and at nearly two hours I thought I was going to be does scunthorpe summer escort. It's cheaply guj and all over the place, there's random footage of shark hunting thrown in and the film is full of wooden actors, but aattractive a few times where the creepiness factor in this film is turned all the way up to ten.

The little girl is randomly attacked by parrots and it's implied that the doll bit a few of their throats out. Worse still, some of the cutaway shots to the doll reveal the doll being played by a human. That caught me off guard and is by far the creepiest part of the film.

Attractive guy looking for bermuda

And it's lake geneva escorts 'U'! Did anyone watch this thing? One character gets her legs crushed and we get to see it in glory close-up. Another falls onto broken glass and bleeds out, then there's the bit that had me rewinding in disbelief - a character is under the boat doing a bit of spot-welding when a propellor starts up and the guy explodes! A U, how? This film is cheap, oddly acted at times and overlong, but i'll be damned if it didn't work for me!

Attractive guy looking for bermuda

Rene Cardona Jr. You have to hand it to Rene Cardona Jr. This film seeks to exploit all the publicity surrounding the Bermuda Triangle at the time. A deep sea diver John Huston and his much younger wife and family sail into the Bermuda Triangle to explore some undersea ruins. Along for the ride is his bickering half-brother and sister-in-law and a superstitious crew of Mexican sailors.

Strange things begin to happen. They find a creepy doll floating in the sea and give it to the youngest daughter who feeds it raw meat which, hilariously, no one remarks on and become possessed by it, accurately predicting the demise of mistress alisa cast members. There are freak storms, bizarre accidents, and perhaps most creepy they keep hearing distress calls from the ships and planes that have disappeared over the years, including male escort darwin their own transmissions.

Attractive guy looking for bermuda

This movie is pretty effective and has a surprising amount of character development. Since this was marketed as a low-budget disaster movie, women seeking nsa dungannon is fairly family-friendly although it's probably too violent and scary for little kidsso don't expect the usual sex and nudity from the director of "Tintorera"--in fact, this is the only movie I've seen with Gloria Guida where she does NOT take her clothes off she spends most of bermud movie in bed, literally, after a diving accidentally.

The trunks: an ultra skinny style of swimwear.

It is a testament to the effectiveness of this movie though that I really didn't mind. The only real negative here is the atrocious dubbing: the dubbed dialogue of the black cook, in particular, would be offensive if it wasn't so ridiculous--he comes off like a throw-back to Step'n Fetchit. Still I would definitely recommend this. Even if it's not much of a compliment, this is definitely Rene Cardona's Jr.

Reading the other comments I must say that I'm not surprised. I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't rockville model escorts one's right to like stinky films. I like some z grades myself, but this movie ain't one of 'em.

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John Huston is in it, but doesn't do much other that stand around and talk in that voice of his. The only reason I like Rene Cordona Jr. As for the Bermuda Triangle I know nothing new about it after watching this film, and I'm not afraid of it any more than before. To add insult to injury there's a black character that is dubbed in mushmouth. Truly horrible: a disappointment in exploitation and offensive to boot. Bunuel 2 June I know I've watched some film about the mysterious and notorious titular area in my childhood but I can't, for the life of me, recall if this south sugar land independent escorts the one - hence my considering it as a first viewing!

Stelvio Cipriani's efficient score is utterly wasted attratcive this drivel. Edward John Huston Naturally, they pass into the Bermuda Triangle and strange stuff starts happening can you guess which actor disappears first, paycheck clenched tightly in hand? It is up to Escorts stamford ct. Briggs Hugo Stiglitz to get everyone to safety.

The film is slim on thrills but somehow watchable. He then throws in some other Triangle incidents randomly like some planes that go missing. There is also some nice underwater footage but Cardona ruins it all with some unnecessary real footage of two sharks being killed. On a side attgactive, did something drastically go wrong in John Huston's personal life in ? Health bills?

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Loan sharks? Yes, tales of The Bermuda Triangle terrifies many people, and this movie isn't going to calm their fears. A stunning work by great director Rene Cardona Jr. Eerie music score adds a lot to the chilling atmosphere, and the use of an apparently inofensive doll can drive your kids afraid of their own toys if they dare to watch this flick I certainly do not recommend it to kids, all the people Attractjve know of that saw Il Triangolo Delle Bermuda told me they hade many nightmares, and so do I Rene Cardona don't need any hysterical screams, bloodbath, or giant monsters from the deep, he has this rare talent of being able to bring bemuda such pure psychological horror.

Attrwctive 15 June As it's title boldly implies The Bermuda Triangle, is a film that's based around the lore and mystique surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, which in itself sounds fairly compelling, however Oh and what a charismatic lot they are! And to make things even worse bermufa of the child actors dialog is over-dubbed and by people who sound much older then themwhich has a girls turlock escorts of making them sound unnatural and even ridiculous at times; this is especially true for the little fr girl, her voice sounds about as natural as that of a talking dolls.

And just to mention it, it's always a bad when the quarrelings of a dysfunctional fo couple are the movies most entertaining moments and that's where Claudine Auger comes in. Sadly, these scenes between the two are, for me at least, the movies liveliest scenes. I find that there's something very compelling about their biting mutual disdain fallowfield escort each other, not escorts in nanuet arcadia mention all the great free-flowing sarcasm that these two bitter souls stir up between woman seeking nsa cedar grove north carolina other.

The purpose of hammond wives looking for sexual cruise is to scuba-dive on the site of some ancient underwater ruins that are many miles out to sea this type of ,ooking can make for some absolutely incredible visuals, but don't worry, nothing remotely interesting, let alone incredible comes of itso don your wet-suit and escortes laurentides ready to immerse yourselves in this grand dive of theirs.

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This lengthy dive sequence was clearly fairfax ok hot wife personals to be the movies center-piece, but yet it lasts for far too long and is, like the rest of this movie, a total bore - just underwater this time. You'd think that this sequence would supply some temporary reprieve from all the mundane nothingness that's taking place aboard the decks of the Black Whale III, but that's not the case.

Nermuda 10 minute underwater foray generates all the thrills and excitement of watching a bowl of jello stiffen. In more capable hands this sequence no doubt could've been a surreal underwater odyssey. It's during this dive when bad luck befalls the loveliest of the ships passengers, when an ancient pillar topples over and crushes her legs. Now things tor desperate fast as she needs help Professional adult personal ads, but the mysterious ways of The Bermuda Triangle also known as The Devils Triangle make that impossible and the only doctor on board is a hopeless and bitter drunk.

In contrary to how most movies work, this situation of life and death seems to only slow down the pace of the film, which is certainly unusual and even amazing if you think about it. When it's all said and done there is virtually nothing compelling or entertaining about this lame and forgotten movie from the 70's.

It's biggest failure is it's cast and that's clearly reflected through their lack seeking sugar mama any real chemistry between each other - not that they had anything interesting to say in the first place.