A day out with thomas coloring pages

Oct 07 2019

The prisoners take refuge in the local church for a smoke break, much to Barrowclough’s chagrin. Ives is stung on the bottom by a bee and Fletcher volunteers to go in to the village to buy ointment at a chemist. Barrowclough reluctantly gives him a pound note, which Fletcher uses to buy a pint at the local pub instead. In the pub, Fletcher buys several pints, as well as some packets of crisps. He claims that he is working on the new motorway. The barman speaks ill of the prisoners in nearby Slade Prison, although the priest says to forgive and forget. Just then, Mr Mackay comes in, to Fletcher’s horror. Fletcher narrowly avoids Mr Mackay and steals a man’s bike to escape. The priest tells the same man to go back to the church and lock up, since there are a bunch of criminals out on the loose.

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